Youtube water sucks

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#1 Youtube water sucks

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Youtube water sucks

In this article, I want to discuss the most mind-blowing scientific video I have ever seen. On Veritasium, Derek Muller explored the mystery of tree height:. The first time I saw this video, I was speechless… and confused! There is an awful lot of information in this video, as it mentions plenty of physical phenomena. This vertical pressure is the cumulated weight of the layers of fluids above. Imagine you were pressing vertically some volume of water. For the surface of the water to be horizontal, we need an equal vertical pressure on every point of the surface. The following figure displays the pressure on two point of a horizontal surface of the water when a straw sucks. The soil is filled with water. The surface of soil is under atmospheric pressure, while the tree is like shcks straw which sucks water. When you suck in a straw, you are actually increasing the volume of Goserelin acetate implant breast cancer lungs. The air pressure of your mouth and lungs Youhube decreases, which enables water to go up. But this air pressure cannot be negative. Thus, at equilibrium, the water column pressure in blue cannot exceed the atmospheric pressure in black. This water column pressure exceeds the atmospheric pressure if the water column height Youube 10 meters. With this setting, water can first be sucked through the first column, then poured in the second one, then sucked again… and so on to the top floor. But as Derek said, researchers have Youtube water sucks that this was not what happened. Osmosis is a phenomenon which occurs when two solutions are separated by a semi-permeable membrane through which only water goes. Then, there is a natural tendency of water to go to from the less concentrated Youtub to the more concentrated...

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Gay wedish sex movies

Updated November 10, Spider-Man is sitting in an empty bathtub, squeezing large water balloons until they explode in slow motion. No, it's not a scene from a Marvel Comics blockbuster, this is what I saw when looking over to see what my three-year-old son was watching on a tablet. He'd started watching nursery rhyme videos on YouTube, but somehow, it set him on a path to discovering creepy videos starring off-brand Spider-Men, and to my shock, thousands of these videos exist. YouTube has a dark underbelly when it comes to kid's content, as highlighted by an article on Medium written by writer and artist, James Birdle: Something is Wrong on the Internet. Reading James' article was affirming because it proved I wasn't crazy in thinking YouTube was rotten. The set-up of the modern living room may have changed with more devices replacing the traditional one television in the room, but the rules of watching things with your kids is more important than ever. An entire industry has grown within YouTube aimed at trying to capture views in the multimillions as parents around the world use a tablet to keep their kids entertained. It works because there's a huge demand for content. You can finish a coffee while it's still hot, unstack a dishwasher or eat a meal with two hands. Some parents might try more extreme activities like reading the chapter of a book! We try to limit our son's screen time to an hour a day, if he's lucky, but we need the spare minutes a tablet provides to get things done. When I see people frowning at the parents of kids in cafes on tablets and phones, I think, "If you only knew". There are versions of Wheels on the Bus that have as many views as...

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First tme sex stories

The woman appeared to raise her chances of getting salmonella considerably as she licked the uncooked poultry. This madcap 'food porn' cook is seen taking her love for food to bizarre levels in a vomit-inducing video that's so revolting it could curdle milk. In the footage, the Korean comic, dressed in a French maid's costume and cat ears, initially attempts to make an omelette, aided by a rubber chicken. But before long the woman, known as Showry, showing her cleavage, takes things to a repugnant level, deciding to suck on a raw chicken. Bizarrely, the woman has garnered quite the following thanks to her unusual kitchen habits , clocking up 5. The video shows the woman licking the chicken's raw plucked skin , before she makes it dance using its wings and then plays with it in a pan of undercooked eggs. While the caper may have people talking, the vlogger is certainly dicing with danger with her peculiar attempts at playing around with uncooked poultry. In fact, she has probably increased her chances of ingesting the Campylobacter foodborne bacteria that is known to cause the killer salmonella poison, ten fold. The sickness infects millions of people and is one of the top causes of foodborne illness - killing hundreds of people worldwide each year. The bacteria can live in the intestinal tract of even healthy birds , passing from bird to bird through common water sources or contact with feces. In humans, Campylobacter infection causes symptoms such as diarrhea, cramping, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and fever within days of exposure. Video Loading Video Unavailable. Click to play Tap to play. The video will start in 8 Cancel Play now. Subscribe to our Daily newsletter Enter email Subscribe. News all Most Read Most Recent. Met Eireann Irish weather forecast: Met...

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Vanessa huggins sex tape

Ha, I was dying to use that pun for a while now, and here I had the chance. It can really impress anyone, and from now on — you are going to know what makes this happen. This experiment is incomplete, and unclear. There were several attempts to correctly state the situation, but at the moment, a new re-make is planned to explain exactly and thoroughly what is happening to create this phenomenon. Air is a fascinating thing, but sometimes it can be an obstacle. We will see that in future experiments, where the existence of air or, more precisely, of oxygen can hinder an experiment and render it unexperimentable. I think I need a dictionary replacement. Thanks to RedShiftScience for pointing out people might not find this obvious. Before I go on to corrections, let me say a word about getting things wrong: Human beings are usually emotional entities, and as such, we tend to take things personally. Science is supposed to be empirical, void from emotions. How do you connect the two? Using the scientific method. There is no shame in getting things wrong. We are only humans. The best thing about science and experimentation is to have other people think about things, analyze them, and criticize your work. In my video, I explained a few things incompletely, and some even seemed to have come across bluntly wrong aaa! So, I am hereby correcting, adding and subtracting to what I said. I tried to do that well in this post — and then Shane Killian — who noticed this error first — posted a video reply. So now I can just post it here instead of doing it all over again. A vacuum is a volume of space with no matter in it, and a zero atmospheric pressure....

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Worlds best sex game

Three lizard species on three different continents have evolved similar networks of "drinking straws" between their scales, to make the most of rare rainfall. In the late s, Wade Sherbrooke was watching lizards out of his window. He had collected some spiny Texas horned lizards and placed them in a wire mesh enclosure next to his home. Then it started raining. As he watched, the lizards arched their backs upwards, lowered their tails, and rhythmically opened and closed their mouths. Living in the Chihuahuan Desert on the border between the US and Mexico, these spiny lizards have evolved ways to make the most of rare rainfall. In between their scales are microscopic channels that catch and carry water. By opening and closing their mouth, they drink through their scales like sipping through a series of straws. View image of Thorny devil lizards Moloch horridus drink rain Credit: Sherbrooke wasn't the first to observe this sort of behaviour. About 50 years earlier something similar had been seen, half the world away. The Australian thorny devil was described as a "repulsive animal" by PA Buxton in But Buxton also noticed that the devil "bears tubercles and circles has the ability to absorb water through its skin after raining". Another researcher likened the lizard's skin to "blotting paper" in its ability to spread water. In , after years of observations, Sherbrooke coined the term "rain harvesting" for the behaviour. About 15 years later he worked out how the harvesting happened: The two species have both evolved a similar strategy — and the same channels haven't been documented in any other species. Until now, that is. Earlier this year a study revealed a third lizard species that harvests rain through microchannels. View image of Horvath's toad-headed agama Phrynocephalus horvathi Credit: Covered in a...

Youtube water sucks

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I made this video over a year ago BUT the stats keep getting worse -- check out this NY Times Quiz: http://www. Our wet & dry vac has handled everything we have thrown at it so far, but how will it handle sucking up water. There was an odd sight on Florida's west coast as Baywaters temporarily receded as Irma pulled them out of.

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