Yellow goldish sperm

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#1 Yellow goldish sperm

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Yellow goldish sperm

Guest over a year ago. Radman over a year ago. Couldn't find what you looking for? New Reply Follow New Topic. Guest over a Yellow goldish sperm ago what is it? Guest over a year ago I've had the same happen. Figured out that it was because I wasn't "cumming" as Americna ssociation for nude recreation as I was. It's stored in the body and if it's there too long, it looks "lumpy" when you do cum, voldish as you Yellow goldish sperm. Beat off a Yellos more often! It should go away. Guest over a year ago yeah man its as the previous guy said, it happend to me, when i don't cum as usual as i used toits aperm same: Guest over a year ago Yeah I have the same thing too. I have the little lumpy stuff. Especially if Iever try and don't cannot complete Radman over a Yellow goldish sperm ago Glldish thing, except I get off all the time and I still have the little like clearish like jelly things in my cum. It doesn't really bother me and my girlfriend doesn't seem to care so I don't know it seems wierd to me that those little jellies are in there but I would like to hear from a doctor exactly what it is but it seems harmless so, keep on gettin it! Guest over a year ago Not a dr but i do work in health care, found this, just a natural occurrence which maybe more noticeable if its been a long time between drinks The seminal vesicles Yellow goldish sperm contribute more than half of the seminal volume. Their secretions are particularly rich in a sugar called fructose, which is an essential nutrient for the spermatozoa. They also Yellow goldish sperm a...

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Guest over a year ago. Couldn't find what you looking for? New Reply Follow New Topic. Guest over a year ago The causes of jelly-like sperm is the massive concentration of protein compound of your sperm in your "testicular sperm bank".. Because during the time youre still active in masturbation your testicles produces more sperm so it needs sugar and protein to produce a liquid substances wherein your sperm swam. Consequently, to the certain point of time you did not masturbate for along period, the sperm and protein base liquid in your testicles may over reproduce and the tendency of this if you were unable to let it ejaculate, it will accumulate in your testicles and becomes highly concentrated. Guest over a year ago Well i know im a little to young for this but im 13 and when i masterbate no semen would come out just this clear jellly and i dont know what it is and inside the little jelly thing is little white things which i think is semen but im not sure. Guest over a year ago Guys im not a doctor or anything but i've been having urinary problems for a while and done a ton of research. Also if you notice the clumps in your semen to be yellow or gold or green then it is probalby a sign of prostate infection. Tell your doctor about this ASAP. Guest over a year ago I cant believe this post goes back as far as I too have had this problem for many years and only recently found out the cause. There are part of your semen that his high in sugar called fructose. This allows the semen to clot or become gel-like. This was originally thought to be a good thing as it would...

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Department of General Surgery, C. Hence, a study was planned to estimate gold in whole semen by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Whole semen from 11 healthy males of proved fertility from Lucknow India was analyzed for gold content by Atomic Absorption spectrophotometry at wavelength Prior to analysis, all the samples were subjected to digestion procedure, achieved by treating them with mixture of concentrated Nitric acid and concentrated Perchloric acid in 6: On analysis all semen samples were found to contain gold ranging from 0. In the present study, gold was estimated after complete digestion oxidation of organic matters; hence, whatever amount of gold detected, denotes the levels in seminal plasma as well as the sperm itself in whole semen seminal plasma and sperm. It seems that the hypothesis made for presence of gold in sperm might be true. However, the literature available in this connection is very scanty and further studies are needed for scientific documentation of gold in male infertility. The mileu surrounding sperm plays an important role in its vital activities. The cause for the presence of gold in those two samples was thought to be leakage from sperms. With this background, a study was planned to estimate gold in whole semen by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Eleven healthy male volunteers from Lucknow of age 26—40 years, with proven fertility having at least two offspring , were selected for the present study after having written informed consent. None of them had ever been admitted in hospital for any disease and none had ever received gold therapy in any form. Manual semen analysis was used using World Health Organization reference values. We had not used Computer-Assisted Sperm Analysis CASA refers to a semi-automated technique used to individualize and digitalize static and dynamic sperm images because when used clinically, CASA has...

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Learn something new every day More Info Semen, or ejaculate, is typically a cloudy white, gray, or yellow color, but temporary discoloration or changes in consistency are often harmless. A consistent change in color, odor, or consistency that persists for at least three weeks should be brought to the attention of a medical professional. Human semen is an organic fluid that typically contains spermatozoa, enzymes, and fructose. The seminal vesicle produces semen that is secreted by the gonads. Semen is normally cloudy or translucent with a white, gray, or slightly yellow tint. For example, fruit, celery, and cinnamon are all sources of mild-tasting ejaculate, while coffee and red meat can make ejaculate taste bitter. If such a change persists for at least three weeks, it could be an indication of an underlying health problem. Green semen is often an indicator of a prostate infection, or prostatitis. Thick or lumpy semen may be a sign of a hormone deficiency. Red, brown, or orange semen can be a symptom of several different conditions. The color may be the result of blood in the ejaculate from hematospermia. Red or pink semen indicates the presence of fresh blood, while venous or old blood will make a color closer to brown. In some cases, the amount of blood is small, giving the semen an orange tint. Hematospermia can be caused by prostate cancer or adenocarcinpma as well as infections. Bladder cancer, a cystoscopy, or a prostatic biopsy are other possible causes. Some men with ultricular cysts or malignant hypertension may also develop hematospermia. In most cases, the blood in the semen comes from the seminal vesicles or the prostate gland. A rarer cause of orange semen is the presence of bilirubin in the ejaculate. Bilirubin is a product of the normal breakdown of old blood...

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Healthy semen is usually white or whitish gray in color. If your semen changes color, you may wonder if something is wrong with your health. Yellow semen may be nothing to worry about, but it may also be a sign of an underlying medical condition. Read on to learn more about what can cause a change in semen color and when you should see a doctor. Sometimes urine can get left behind in the urethra. The urethra is the tube that carries urine and sperm out of your body. When this happens, urine and semen can combine as semen passes out of your penis. The mixture of urine and semen may make your semen look yellow. If you have jaundice , your skin and the whites of your eyes may appear yellow. This condition can also affect the color of your semen. Jaundice is the result of high levels of a yellow-orange bile pigment, known as bilirubin, in your body. It can be caused by:. This condition is characterized by an unusually high number of white blood cells in the semen. Leukocytospermia, which is also called pyospermia, can cause your semen to appear yellow in color. The condition can weaken and damage your sperm, which could lead to reduced fertility. Semen that appears yellowish-green in color could be a symptom of a possible prostate infection. A prostate infection can happen when bacteria in your urine leak into your prostate. Alcohol and tobacco may affect the color of your semen and cause it to temporarily turn yellow. Some men also anecdotally report a change in semen color when they eat specific foods, such as those high in sulfur, including garlic, onions, and chives. Certain medications may also be the culprit of yellow semen. Some sexually transmitted diseases STDs , such as...

Yellow goldish sperm


May 20, - yeah man its as the previous guy said, it happend to me, when i don't cum as usual as i used to, its the same: slightly whitish yellowish jelly. Apr 4, - Hi, I'm 17 years old and recently noticed a decrease in semen and a yellow, goldish gew in my semen what could be the cause of this gew? i. Jul 1, - I have seen many posts inquiring about yellow, jelly-like substance in the Also if you notice the clumps in your semen to be yellow or gold or.

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