White creamy during sex

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#1 White creamy during sex

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White creamy during sex

Guest over a year ago. Couldn't find what you looking for? Guest over a year ago Hi sh3r, I have the identical thing I am not close to my period, am not on birth control we use condoms nor have had any other procedures. This only occurs during sex and is close to a creamy, wet consistency until it dries clear and flakey. There is no pain involved although it began somewhat recently. We have been together for years White creamy during sex there is no chance of a STD. Please let me know if you find anything out! I am very curious When his penis enters you, and you feel pleasure, you secrete white liquids. As long as there is not pain, no smell etc then I suppose you are fine. NExt time you go for your yearly pap smear. I would tell your doctor to make sure everything is in fact OK. I would run to the doctor. Guest over Design my own band uniform year ago It happens every time we have sex and I was worried about it but she said it has always been like that. There is no smell but it What responsiblites do pediatric nurses need something I definitely wasn't used to. Anyways if anybody has any addtional info please post it. While this might sound gross to some, it's like whipping egg whites. But I agree you should ask your gynecologist on your next visit, but unless you develop pain or a smell, it's probably no worry. It White creamy during sex probably the vagina lubricating and protecting itself, see "What is abnormal vaginal discharge" in this White creamy during sex Health article: Guest over a year ago I have the same White creamy during sex mine has like an...

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Modern version joy of sex

Women usually seek medical advice when they notice changes in their vaginal discharge. These changes may involve alterations in the color, consistency, odor, and quantity of their discharge. The truth is that white discharge can be caused by many reasons, including normal conditions and serious conditions. Check other accompanying signs carefully to know when you need medical help. Vaginal discharge is made of natural fluids and cells produced by the body and this is usually clear and similar in character to mucus at mid-cycle or during ovulation. This discharge becomes thicker and whitish in color after ovulation. However, color and consistency of vaginal discharge may vary among women, depending on various factors, like age, amount of sexual activity, hormonal changes, medications, and presence of infection. During sexual arousal and intercourse, vaginal secretion increases to provide lubrication. Physical and psychological changes lead to increased blood supply to the pelvic area, causing erection of the clitoris and increased mucus secretion from the glands of the cervix and vagina. During orgasm or climax, which may be single or multiple, there is no ejaculation unlike males but the muscles of the uterus and vagina contract and become engorged with blood, secreting thick white discharge, accompanied by a feeling of fulfillment and peace. Vaginal secretions may increase when infection occurs and these are usually accompanied by symptoms such as changes in color, odor, and consistency of the secretions and a burning or itching sensation. It is advisable to consult a doctor for proper evaluation and treatment. Here is some information on how to recognize abnormal vaginal secretions from white discharge during sex. Bacterial vaginosis is characterized by an overgrowth of harmful bacteria, which upsets the balance in the vaginal environment. When the number of harmful bacteria increases beyond their normal numbers, symptoms occur. Recurrence is...

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Wild chicks and trucks

Vaginal discharge is often the reason for the woman to worry, but this is actually the natural way to protect your reproductive organs and facilitate their function. Calm down and think seriously about the problem. In most cases, this type of discharge is perfectly regular, especially if it is odorless. You have probably experienced white discharge by now, usually at the start or at the end of your menstrual cycle. It often appears during ovulation or can be the first sign that you will become a mom. Basically, if you pay attention, you will see that it is about the same phenomenon, but the consistency of the discharge changes. All varieties of white shades of discharge, from these which are eggshell to entirely creamy, are normal. In some cases, thicken and creamier discharge, known as leucorrhea, is probably an early sign that you are pregnant. For some women, especially those who are not mothers for the first time, this discharge is the first sign they notice before any other sign of pregnancy. Keep in mind that this type of discharge is either wholly odorless or carries a very mild odor. Once again, if there is no bad smell or you feel no discomfort, this type of discharge is quite harmless. As your cycle progresses, your vaginal discharge will begin to thicken. You may experience thick discharge during different stages of your menstrual cycle or at the beginning of pregnancy. You can freely treat white discharge as entirely natural lubrication. It keeps your vaginal tissue healthy and minimizes the friction during intercourse at the same time. From the very beginning of your pregnancy until your baby is born, the appearance of odorless or mild-smelling milky white discharge Leukorrhea is perfectly normal. So, you should pay attention to the timing. This discharge...

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Sponge strip w psa

The vagina is a fascinating organ of the female body. It is possible we may never fully understand how complicated the reproductive system of a woman is. Nevertheless, we shall keep trying. The vagina is very much like a self-cleaning oven. It mixes its concoctions and balances the various fungi and bacteria in there to create the perfect PH. All this cleaning is done with the use of vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is the fluid that is produced by the vagina to lubricate and clean it. Every woman has felt or seen her release on her panty or panty liner. In fact, it is advisable for you to pay close attention to your discharge because it is usually a good indicator if everything is right or wrong. More specifically, vaginal discharge is produced by glands situated in the cervix and vagina. As you have probably noticed, this fluid is usually odorless and varies in consistency and appearance. The primary purpose of vaginal discharge is to get rid of any dirt, dead bacteria, and cells while maintaining the delicate PH balance in the vagina. Primarily, the vagina is teaming with fungi and bacteria. These fungi and bacteria play a crucial role in the reproductive cycle by maintaining ideal conditions for sperms to survive. You will experience different types of vaginal discharges depending on where you are in your cycle. For instance, when you are safe the days between ovulation and the onset of a new cycle , your discharge is likely to be whitish, paste-like, and odorless. During ovulation, your release turns light and mucus-like. This consistency is essential for the sperms to swim comfortably. There are instances when your discharge may turn into various other colors like greenish, yellowish, greyish, and brownish among others. Each of these cases is an...

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Cure time for latex caulk

It really depends, because there are a few possibilities, and it could be any one or all of them. At nearly any given time, we have vaginal discharges and cervical mucus which are part of our monthly fertility cycle, and also the way the vagina cleans itself. Discharges during phases of the fertility cycle vary, based on the phase that we're in. During one part, they may be thicker, creamier and white, while during others, that mucus is thinner, more clear and more fluid. Too, when women become sexually aroused, the vagina often self-lubricates. That fluids tends to be thin and watery, but it also gets mixed with whatever our discharge at a given time is. So, if for instance, you were in the phase of your cycle where your discharge was whiter or creamier, when that got mixed with your self-lubrication, it can appear as a more fluid, whitish discharge. None of those fluids should smell bad. They have a scent, sure, just like male ejaculate has a scent or sweat has a scent, and that scent can be a little musty, as body fluids tend to be, but not bad. On the other hand, some vaginal or sexually transmitted infections can also create different discharges which really can smell pretty funky. The discharge due to a yeast infection -- which tends to be white and thick, but also a bit curdly -- for instance, will often smell like yeasty, baking bread. Discharge from a bacterial infection -- which is also whitish and runny, but sometimes is a bit more grey -- tends to smell fishy or metallic. Discharge from certain STIs can also smell different than your normal discharges. If you do find, for yourself, that your vaginal discharge starts to smell or look very different than what...

White creamy during sex

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Jan 18, - So you're having sex and everything is going well, but when the penis is removed from the vagina it's covered in a white, creamy discharge that. Jul 12, - That lubrication normally ranges from clear to white and milky and/or white and creamy depending on a range of factors, primarily sex  What is the white, creamy and frothy substance coming from the. White discharge when having sex is usually normal because it facilitates intercourse. However, changes in color, odor, and amount may be a sign of infection.

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