Where to buy oral fixation mints

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#1 Where to buy oral fixation mints

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Where to buy oral fixation mints

No member photos or videos have been added yet. This brand has not yet registered with Influenster. Inside the 6 pack No workout required: Hot cinnamon; Mojito mint: Lime mint cocktails; Night light: Whrre Chai; Sugar free Tibet: Strong peppermint; Spare mint: Contains no animal products. Made in the USA. Oral Fixation Mints Variety fixatikn. Leave a Review Ask A Question. These are kind of pricey, but they are fun and the cases that these Wherr in are Where to buy oral fixation mints. I personally like gentler mints. These are NOT anywhere near Altoids or a lot of the really strong mints that have been popular for the last 15 years or so. They are gently flavored. You can toss a pack of these in your bag and not reek of mint oil. I also really, really, really appreciate having the option of sugar free mints that don't Free ponygirl vids aspartame or splenda. Minte mints are sooo cute! Such a great simple and cute product. Fixarion men come in stylish little containers that would be great as gifts on their own or you can use them for yourself. Where to buy oral fixation mints love mints and the tin cans are cute too Where can you buy them from? I love minty mints they always taste so good I also like the variety in Free vanessa kay naked playboy pictures pack. Sweet Tooth Expert Anal stimulation techniques menthol 2. What flavors do they have? Do they taste good and what Variations do they come in? There very strong and the mint flavor is kind of over powering. Where can I get these? Sign up to join our community! Continue with Instagram Continue with Facebook or. Confirm your Where to buy oral fixation mints details below....

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April Updated April Gifts, party favors, or the sheer enjoyment of a sophisticated gourmet mint: We love Oral Fixation Mints. While the biggest seller is Mojito, we have an affection for Night Light, a chai-flavored mint. But with 10 flavors, this line, certified kosher, has something for everyone. The biggest challenge is what to do with the pile-up of clever tins. There are six flavors, each of which has a concept that is executed in a different witty way on the tin, the protective wax paper, the mint surface, and in some cases, the name itself. We applaud social responsibility and hope for a free Tibet. The only serious decision should be which of the tempting flavors to start with. We liked them all, but here are our favorites, which earned their ranking based on flavor rarity and the fact that we think the chai in Night Light is a sublime marriage of spice and mint:. The mints are hand-pressed using a World War II-era tableting machine. These arty brushed metal tins were purposely sized to hold credit cards and business cards or carry mad money. Although we are avid recyclers, we wonder if the hip and chic consumers of these glam mints cares that much We do think the company should have an ongoing contest on its website to collect the best ideas for recycling. We offer the prosaic: In addition to making Oral Fixation your personal mints, think of them as party favors and stocking stuffers. In the works, but not yet available, is the ability to engrave the mints with your own image or logo and have custom flavors. Andy Warhol prophesied that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Had he only seen that everyone could be famous on an Oral Fixation mint. Prices and...

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Where to buy oral fixation mints

Sign up to join our community! Oral Fixation Mints Jasmints, Herbal Jasmine, Ounce Tins (Pack of 12): Breath Mints: Grocery & Gourmet Food. Verified Purchase. I bought. Oral Fixation Mints. likes. Satisfying's the world's desire for a mint with style. Oral Fixation Ornamint Breath Mints - Freshen Up Your Holidays. Peppermint Flavored Breathmints; Sugar Free Oral Fixation Mints come in reusable tins. Price: $ Description; History; Product Reviews; Buy More & Save; Reviews (0).

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