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#1 Votes for uniforms

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Votes for uniforms

Read the Voes in full. Have your say on the uniform uuniforms Your guide to teenage lingo Use our guide to surviving exam results for useful tips Are you being bullied? Read our bullying message board Respect unitorms a new calendar for Volunteering is the new cool in Exeter Plymouth Music Zone Other message boards. Has Christmas become too commercial? We asked if we were missing the true meaning of Christmas. Cat, From sunny Tiverton I recon we should all be alowed to wear what we like to school. Vix from cully Whats the point every one should be able to feel comfortable and be themselves! Worthing In many years of experience, I've observed that Kentucky teen six flage level of a student's academic achievement and their behaviour both in and out of school is reflected in their appearance. Pride in wearing the uniform of their school indicates a pride in their school as a whole, and shows that the individual is able to integrate and contribute to the whole social group. A rare commodity these days. Sophie, Devon Ther not so bad, makes non-uni ofr spec. But the cud make the uniforms nicer.!! Wux the point of wearing it? Why can't we jux enjoy going to skool and not worry-n- boust wut we are wear-n-??? Dave from Brighton I went to Grammar school over 30 years ago, and left because my mum couldn't afford to ujiforms me a school Jumper. She knitted one by hand but I was hauled in front of the head as it uniorms the wrong shade of green. I made the decision to leave before my exams as it was the final straw in a long running battle over the cost of uniform. To this day, I will not take a job involving a...

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I had to wear a uniform all my life in every school I've been to and i had no problem, infact it mad my school better than any school i have seen! Just imagine, people are made fun of for what they wear! Since Madeira is a kinder place, it could help us be united. Unity is important because it can strengthen bonds with anyone we meet. Finally, the average student takes about 30 minutes in the morning to get ready. Uniforms can remain the same and only change on special occasions. As you can see, uniforms should be used in schools. Bullying in the United States alone affects lots of people. Name brands are a major cause for this situation. Most brands also are not worth the amount of money they charge. Name brands are very well a major cause of bullying. Even though, Ohio has laws and policies against people bullying others. Madeira Middle School also has rules and policies against bullying. Bullying can include anything from name calling to laughing at someone. In conclusion, lots of people in the U. S are teased and hurt for what outfit they wear. Unity can help promote friendships. Broome, a teacher who wore uniforms, answered a few simple questions. She went on to describe a few instances that she experienced when she was a kid that were positive. Next, in the U. This is important because, otherwise how would the school system work together with the the other U. One person from debate. Lastly, did you know the average person has true friends in their lifetime? Real friends care about what you are, not your outfit or style. This proves friendships will be enhanced by uniforms. Finally, uniforms make getting ready in the morning easier. For instance, did you know...

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Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Big Picture Entertainment News Sports. Girl students vote for gender-neutral pants in uniforms. Mar 26, , A majority of them voted for trousers to be made part of their new uniforms in a poll conducted by the group. The group will unveil the new uniforms to students and parents on Monday. In defence of histrionics. View all Comments Add Comment. Please rate before posting your Review 1 Trash 1. We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message. Dentist booked for starving nine dogs w Dentist booked for starving nine dogs wants them back Officials 'dumping' waste management on Officials 'dumping' waste management on Thane societies Taapsee Pannu: Disturbing to see Muslim Mumbai Rains Live Updates: Juhu aerodrome gets flooded; Bombay High Court slams railways as tracks get submerged again; NDRF rescues train passengers stranded at Nalasopara Centre plans to introduce solar cooking Centre plans to introduce solar cooking facilities for every rural household in next years, says Piyush Goyal Mumbai Rains Live Updates: Moderate to heavy rainfall expected over next 48 hours. Moderate to heavy rainfall expected over next 48 hours Dentist booked for starving nine dogs w Dentist booked for starving nine dogs wants them back Mumbai rains: At mm of rainfall, ci Man ready to pay for secu Man ready to pay for security on pothole-ridden Kalyan-Dombivali stretch Vinod Tawde says there's no waterloggin Vinod Tawde says there's no waterlogging in Mumbai; Mumbaikars set the record straight. Officials 'dumping' waste management on...

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But what it didn't do will likely draw more attention. After hearing from numerous parents and students, the board backed off a measure to require all students to wear uniforms. High - vote during the upcoming school year on whether their children should wear uniforms. The board's current policy, which dates to , is to allow parents to vote at the district's various schools, typically every four years. The majority of the district's 55 schools - and the majority of its more than 38, students - have uniforms, as voted in by those parents. The measures that came before the board are an outgrowth of a group of teachers, principals, board members, administrators and parents that was formed in the wake of the deadly shooting in February at a Florida high school. The group has studied numerous security issues, ranging from the locks on classroom doors to perimeter fencing on campuses. The group probing school security procedures said school uniforms would bring an additional measure of safety to campuses because it will let school personnel quickly see when someone is on campus who should not be. The School Board's Business Affairs and Administrative Committee last week had voted to support the additional officers and mental health providers, as the uniforms for all students, and sent those recommendations to the board. But a spate of parents and students strode the mic during the board's meeting in Covington Thursday to urge board members to back off the uniform policy change. They told the board a vote against what the parents had voted on at their individual schools would be a breach of trust. Don't break the "contract'' between parents and the school district, Kayla Pagel, a Mandeville High School parent, told the board. A vote requiring uniforms, she said, "leads to the...

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Which is not to say it shouldn't be. Search France's news in English. Is it time for France to introduce school uniforms? Pupils wearing uniforms sit in a classroom of the Foundation Esperance Banlieues in a school in Asnieres-sur-Seine, outside Paris. Parents in one French town have made a potentially landmark vote to introduce uniforms for pupils in six of the town's primary schools. But France has not traditionally embraced the notion of uniforms in schools. Parents of primary school children in the town of Provins in the greater Paris region of Ile-de-France recently voted to bring in uniforms by a majority of That means that from November onwards pupils at the six primary schools included in the vote initiated by the town hall will introduce a uniform comprising trousers with a choice of skirts for girls and shorts for boys and a polo shirt with the logo, "Public Schools of Provins - Freedom, equality, fraternity". One mother, Isabelle, told Franceinfo that she would simply refuse to buy it for her daughter. Since the s, with a few exceptions uniforms have not been enforced in public schools in France. The reasons cited for this change vary, with some claiming that they were banned after the student uprisings of May ' An undated picture, probably taken in the s, shows French school boys and school girls listening to a lesson in their classroom. The row over the introduction of uniforms has become heated which is perhaps unsurprising considering the fact that it is an issue that is periodically raised in France sometimes by politicians keen to make it compulsory across the country. Those in favour raise the question of equality, arguing that it is a way to prevent students being judged according to how much money their families can afford...

Votes for uniforms

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Jun 4, - Parents in one French town have made a potentially landmark vote to introduce uniforms for pupils in six of the town's primary schools. 30% votes. 70% votes. This could be argued both ways. Uniforms can be both good and bad. Posted by: STALIN. Report Post. I had to wear a uniform. May 11, - The board, meeting as a committee of the whole last week, voted to Almost all schools in the district already require uniforms, Jabbia said, but.

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