Virginity and islam

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#1 Virginity and islam

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Virginity and islam

Today, hundreds of Indonesian women are forced to have virginity tests done in order to join the police force. Iraqi women face court ordered virginity tests after allegations from Russian gay bears that they are not virgins after the first day of marriage. Women all across the globe are expected to bleed on their wedding nights as proof that they are pure. If such a doubt is cast as it is in this day and age, the humiliation and shame that a woman is forced to feel is beyond reproach. Virginity has been a long misunderstood issue, and a source of shame or honor in the Muslim community. No one seems to want to talk about it until marriage age begins to creep up, when it is apparently permitted for a girl to go from not talking or interacting with any men to choosing the one to live with one for the rest of her life. Many fail to realize that not all women bleed after they lose their virginity. The fear, however, is perpetuated by archaic rituals such as showing the blood on the Virginity and islam after the wedding night. In itself, this is a social construct put in place to make women feel bad about their sexuality and pass judgement on them. This is especially sensitive at the time of marriage when a woman may be publicly shamed and abused for not remaining a virgin for her wedding night. Islamically, we are asked to hide Led flashing problems sin of a fellow Muslim, not publicly shame them for it. However, this seems to only be subjected to one sex more than the other. It may be in some cases that a woman has indeed lost her virginity previous to marriage. But as Muslims, we put...

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The latest buzz in France is about a court case regarding a Muslim couple whose marriage was annulled due to the woman lying about her virginity. Besides the issue of religion vs. Reading these stories, several things come to mind. First and foremost is straying from the Deen, placing culture over religion and possessing strange priorities. Clearly, to them, proof of technical virginity was more important than the fact that their son had been dating for some time already. It is commanded of both Muslim men and women to abstain from pre-marital relations. Ignorance is another contributing factor to this sensitive issue. Thus, the expectation of vaginal blood as proof of virginity is a faulty one that cannot be relied upon for accuracy. Double standards are another sign of culture being placed over religion. To end, Sheikh Yaser Birjas kindly provides us with a scholarly overview of the issue: Women are not obligated to prove their virginity, but if it appeared to their husbands they were not virgin then an explanation is required if requested by the husband or his or her wali. The husband has no right to go around speaking ill against her, he would have the option to dissolve the marriage and take his mahr back or stay with her on that condition. If the man or his family were suspicious of the virginity of a woman then they should dissolve the contract, not demanding such request. This request springs out from fear of shame on the part of the groom or his family. They do not wish to be accused of calling off a marriage for no reason fearing that this might cause a cultural backfire on them. The Hadith in Sahih Muslim:. The Prophet then said: O Messenger of Allaah verily both the women and...

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Login or Sign Up. What is the Islamic take on virginity? This topic is closed. Previous 1 2 3 4 7 template Next. Assalamualakum, I had a question I want to ask It might be kind of inappropriate but I don't know anything about this so I want to ask. As most people know it society has become very hypersexualized and now a days everyone says that its cool to lose your virginity. Its now looked down upon if one doesn't lose their virginity. At least in the Western countries like United States its like that. What I want to know what is the Islamic view on virginity? What happens if one loses their virginity without getting married? And what happens if one is to die a virgin? I would appreciate an answer. Again, I apologize if this thread is inappropriate but I don't know who to ask. Regarding virginity and marriage. Ones virginity isnt the other person's whom they are marrying business. Now virginity in the Islamic perspective, one should strive to be chaste. If they lose it out of wedlock that is zina and it is a grave sin. He should also suspect himself as he performs his critical examination of it, so that he may avoid falling into either prejudice or leniency. Assalamu alaykum, Sis, any Muslim woman who dies as a virgin will be considered a martyr, inshAllah. Any Muslim who dies not having married will get married in Jannah. He was more learned than you and all other scholars combined. Originally posted by Y. Originally posted by shant View Post. Originally posted by Linkdeutscher View Post. Relax people, I'm not making this up. I've heard this many times before that a virgin who dies is a martyr, and there is evidence for my claims. Look...

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Wednesday, 11 July at Dr Fuad-deen Olabisi Kekere-ekun wrote: Virginity is a very strong sign of chastity in Islam. It cannot be underestimated today no matter what reasons we choose to profer here or else where. That does not mean only those with intact hymens but those who have never attempted premarital sex till the time of nikah. Meeting the hymen intact or seeing blood stains on the first night is not as important as knowing that no man has touched the lady before getting married for the first time. The nikah of those married as virgins are not the same with those married after they have lost their virginity through premarital sex because their first partner remains on their mind. Women should strive to keep their virginity till their first night in marriage for their first ever legal husband. That is the joy of it all and that is the culture that Islam treasures a lot and also a practice treasured in so many tribes and cultures of the world. Virginity may not tell you the state of the heart but it definitely sends a strong message of morality, fidelity, chastity, loyalty and good home training and upbringing. No right thinking man will like to wish away such rare and invaluable precious qualities in a woman. We are not marrying from Hollywood, Bollywood or Nollywood. We are marrying from a pool of well trained muslim sisters from good Islamic homes. That is why Allah says that the fornicator should marry the fornicatress, and the pure and chaste men should also marry the pure and chaste women. Besides it does not matter or make much difference if a lady has been in jahiliyah or not prior to the time of practising Islam well and getting married. Jahiliyah is different...

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I got married about five months ago and intercourse with my wife was difficult at first, but she did not bleed until now. I do not know if she was a virgin or if something happened that I do not know about — Allaah forbid — especially since she was engaged before I got to know her, to a young man who is known for his immoral ways such as drinking, taking drugs and committing zina. Please advise us, may Allaah reward you. I do not want to wrong or be wronged, but the Shaytaan is not leaving me alone. You should note that the shaytaan is extremely keen to cause division between a man and his wife. It is narrated in a saheeh report that the Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him said: You should also note that the fact that a woman does not bleed the first time she has intercourse does not necessarily mean that the woman has been unchaste, because the hymen may be elastic and there is no bleeding when intercourse takes place, as has been stated by doctors. It may also be broken for many reasons other than intercourse, such as sports, jumping and so on. Moreover, the blood that is usually expected may be only one or two drops, and this blood may come out mixed with other secretions, so the man does not see it because it is not visible. The fact that there is no bleeding does not mean that she is not chaste, just as the presence of bleeding does not mean that she is chaste, because some women have surgery to repair the hymen. If your wife is a chaste woman and is religiously committed and of good character, then you should not let the shaytaan...

Virginity and islam

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Jul 30, - I do not know if she was a virgin or if. He is uncertain of his wife's virginity because there was no Narrated by Muslim, In order. Jul 14, - Furthermore, the entire concept of proof of virginity is alien to the Deen and completely absent in the Shari'ah. It is commanded of both Muslim. Virginity has been a long misunderstood issue, and a source of shame or honor in the Muslim community. No one seems to want to talk about it until marriage.

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