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#1 Vietnam navy uniform

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Vietnam navy uniform

You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 21 May - Since we often hear about the 'brown water' Navy during the Vietnam war, I thought it was only fitting to Vietnam navy uniform a thread where everyone can discuss the uniforms of the 'blue water' Navy during the same time period cold war. During the Vietnam war, the 7th fleet and assets deployed to the South China Sea for countless escort and bombardment missions. From Yankee Station to the Mekong delta, the Navy was there too. The brown water guys started off wearing the same uniforms before transitioning to more mission appropriate clothing. Elsewhere around the globe, the Navy patrolled the world's oceans Vietnam navy uniform well as conducted humanitarian and cold war missions and exercises. Two US submarines were lost during this period while submerged. Two surveillance vessels were attacked, and a number of 'close encounters' occurred. Although many people think of the cold war as an actionless pushover, it was still dangerous. Accidents took the lives of many officers and sailors, such as the tragedy of the Newport News inand the sinking of the USS Frank E. Simply put, the men and women who served the Navy are often unsung, but they were willing to fight had the cold war turned hot thankfully it did not. As long as it is US Navy worn duringit is welcome. Feel free to post your dungarees, blues, whites, and other uniforms. Please share and tell us a little about the item too. Where possible, I will try to refer to the items by their official nomenclature as found on the tags. As an example of the potential for confusion, the earlier and later blue working jackets were both known as...

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The Vietnam People's Navy Vietnamese: This department has performed both research and training to prepare for combat missions. Following the Geneva Conference in , the Democratic Republic of Vietnam went about creating its own naval forces. The primary mission of the Navy was to patrol the coastal areas and the inland waterways. The second attack, which the United States claimed to have occurred on 4 August, was dismissed by the North Vietnamese as a fabrication. The North Vietnamese, however, had maintained their own version of the events which took place. In response to American provocation, three K-class torpedo boats from the th Torpedo Boat Battalion were dispatched to intercept the American destroyer. Apart from patrolling territorial waters, the Navy also had the mission of transporting military supplies to support the Vietnam People's Army and their NLF ally during the Vietnam War. On 31 October , a sea route version of the Ho Chi Minh trail was established by the North Vietnam Navy, with the th Transport Unit responsible for carrying military supplies and other goods for the Communist ground forces in South Vietnam. To avoid detection by the South Vietnamese and U. S navies, North Vietnamese transport ships were often disguised as fishing trawlers. During this battle it was believed that the U. S Navy destroyed a Soviet-made cruise missile for the first time. In the years following the complete withdrawal of U. S and other allied forces, the North Vietnamese went back on the offensive. As part of the Ho Chi Minh Campaign , the North Vietnamese Navy increased the transportation of military supplies, food and uniform to the Communist forces in the South. Opening battle in the island Southwest Cay Vietnamese: These islands are also claimed by Vietnam, however they have no current presence there. Prior to ,...

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The Jungle Uniform based on the WW2 Para uniform, was a rare example of Army and Marine clothing that combined functional practicality with comfort and attractive design. It is a quick drying coat and trousers made of tightly woven, rip-stop or twill cotton poplin fabric. It provided good protection against the sun, insects, and other tropical hazards. The loosely fitted garments provide ventilation and moisture dissipation. The coat is worn outside of the trousers and the trousers are bloused into the boots. Jacket sleeves are rolled up or cut off. This shirt was supposed to be worn tucked into the trousers. The Jungle Jacket is an all cotton wind-resistant poplin or Rip-Stop cotton fabric, dyed olive green army shade It has two chest bellows pockets and two lower bellows pockets. There are three standard patterns 1st Pattern: Manufactured from Poplin it had exposed buttons on angled pockets, jacket closure, shoulder loops, gas flap and side adjustment tabs. Sleeves had adjustable cuffs to allow them to be rolled up. Each pocket has drainage eyelets at the bottom. Manufactured from Poplin it had concealed buttons on the angled pockets and jacket closure. And had the shoulder loops, gas flap, side tabs, adjustable cuffs and drainage eyelets on the pockets. However it had no shoulder loops, side tabs or gas flap. There are also some 'intermediate' type jackets which are essentially 3rd pattern but with 2nd pattern fittings. It is not known whether there are any reasons or reference to these although examples can be found. There are many 3rd Patterns around in all sizes so this is your best option for reenactment. The jacket is cool and comfortable and makes a great casual jacket. Accuracy is important for the Reenactors, care should be taken to get it right. The trousers are...

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Vietnam navy uniform

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VIETNAMESE NAVAL UNIFORMS | Vietnam Navy SEAL Team 1 Group. VIETNAMESE NAVAL UNIFORMS | Attached Images. USN advisors to the South Vietnamese Navy's Hai Thuyen. one of the most effective COIN (Counter. VIETNAMESE NAVAL UNIFORMS | President in the uniform of Vietnam navy.

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