Vaginal moisturizing cream without hormones

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#1 Vaginal moisturizing cream without hormones

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Vaginal moisturizing cream without hormones

For women navigating the physical changes that menopause brings, the search for remedies might seem overwhelming. But for discomfort associated with vaginal dryness, clinical moisturziing show that Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer is one of the most effective therapies available. Recommended by gynecologists Vaginal moisturizing cream without hormones supported by numerous scientific studiesReplens takes the guesswork out of how to address vaginal dryness. Replens provides immediate alleviation of dryness crream by providing soothing moisture to dry vaginal cells for long lasting hydration. Then Replens continues to provide moisture for daysAsian boy movie cells between applications through a bio-adhesive ingredient that immerses dry tissue in moisture. Replens helps replenish vaginal cells before it is eliminated naturally. Replens has been tested in numerous studies with women suffering from vaginal dryness. The results all demonstrate that Replens offers marked everyday Syracuse gay pride of the intimacy experience for women and their partners. In one clinical studya group Vaginal moisturizing cream without hormones researchers followed 93 post-menopausal women for a year Vaginsl which they used Replens Vaginal moisturizing cream without hormones times per week. Other related studies produced equally compelling results. In the past, there were very few effective solutions available for women Vagknal from vaginal dryness. Some doctors address vaginal dryness by prescribing products containing estrogen, which presents a problem for women who want to avoid the side effects of hormone therapy. Ina study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that Vaginal moisturizing cream without hormones was just as effective as an estrogen-based cream in alleviating dryness. The Vaginal moisturizing cream without hormones stated that frequent and sustained use of creams with estrogen as the primary ingredient led to unfavorable side Strategic plan adult and continuing education. However, estrogen-free Replens was consistently found to be equally effective as...

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Vaginal dryness is much more than a troublesome nuisance. But given the time constraints of office visits, many patients are understandably reluctant to discuss it, spending their limited time on more pressing questions. However, treating the emotional and physical discomfort that dryness can impose on a woman's life is an opportunity to greatly improve her quality of life. For that reason, it is important to fully appreciate and communicate the potential for good that can come as a result of the right diagnosis and effective treatment for this correctable predicament. Vaginal dryness ranks among the 10 most common problems occurring during menopause. According to a recent Gallup study, 1 as many as By , this number is expected to increase to over 15 million as Baby Boomers continue to age. Over a quarter 26 percent of women 50 and older experience irritating, recurring vaginal dryness, and 12 percent of women under 40 complain of it. Among those complaining of vaginal dryness, nearly nine out of 10 women 87 percent describe it as at least moderately bothersome, with 51 percent finding it very bothersome. Vaginal dehydration, brought on by chemical or physical changes in the body can lead to symptoms that include painful sexual intercourse, itching, unattractive odor, and discomfort in even simple activities such as walking. If left untreated over time, this condition can exacerbate, resulting in much larger problems. Women need to be aware of the ways to treat vaginal dryness so that they are comfortable and can prevent potentially unhealthy conditions from developing. The best way to overcome vaginal dryness is to understand its origins and keep it under control, taking a holistic approach to alleviate recurrences. A list of factors that contribute to vaginal dryness are shown in Table 2 See Appendix. When the blood vessels...

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Normally, the walls of the vagina stay lubricated with a thin layer of clear fluid. A drop in estrogen levels reduces the amount of moisture available. It may seem like a minor irritation. But the lack of vaginal moisture can have a huge impact on your sex life. Fortunately, several treatments are available to relieve vaginal dryness. It also makes the vagina thinner and less elastic. This is called vaginal atrophy. No matter what the cause, vaginal dryness can be extremely uncomfortable. It can lead to itching , burning, and painful intercourse. Any burning, itching , or discomfort in the area is worth a call to your doctor or gynecologist. Your doctor will do a pelvic exam, checking your vagina for any thinning or redness. The exam will help rule out other possible causes for your discomfort, including a vaginal or urinary tract infection. The most common treatment for vaginal dryness due to low estrogen levels is topical estrogen therapy. That helps relieve vaginal symptoms, but it doesn't put as much estrogen in your bloodstream as the hormone therapy you take in pills. Any estrogen product can have side effects, such as vaginal bleeding and breast pain. Topical estrogen may not be recommended when you:. There isn't much research on the long-term use of topical estrogen, but doctors believe it's safe. Take your time before having sex to make sure that you're fully relaxed and aroused. Avoid using douches, bubble baths, scented soaps, and lotions around the sensitive vaginal area. These products can worsen dryness. Estrogen levels can also drop because of: Childbirth and breastfeeding Radiation or chemotherapy treatment for cancer Surgical removal of the ovaries Anti-estrogen medications used to treat uterine fibroids or endometriosis Other causes of vaginal dryness include: Diagnosis Any burning, itching , or discomfort in the...

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Vaginal moisturizing cream without hormones

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Gynatrof is a new, non hormonal vaginal gel that can relieve and treat the Gynatrof is available off the shelf without a prescription at major pharmacies  ‎How To Use Gynatrof? · ‎About Gynatrof · ‎Product Reviews · ‎Faq. Feb 3, - Enjoy everyday vaginal dryness relief and spontaneous intimacy any time was just as effective as an estrogen-based cream in alleviating dryness. as hormone therapy at addressing vaginal dryness and without the risks. The most common treatment for vaginal dryness due to low estrogen levels is topical estrogen therapy. These replace some of the hormone your body is no.

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