Umass amherst asian languages and literatures

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#1 Umass amherst asian languages and literatures

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Umass amherst asian languages and literatures

China, Japan and Korea have vast histories spanning thousands of years. In the 21st century these countries have emerged as major players in our global economy. Knowledge of Asian languages and cultures is becoming increasingly important for working in many fields in the humanities, social sciences, technology, business and international relations. Through studying East Asian languages, linguistics and literatures at Smith, you get the exciting opportunity to grasp the culture and impact of one of our world's largest populations. Whether you major or minor in Chinese or Japanese, minor in Korean or take classes to complement another major, you have the chance to study abroad, participate in events, engage in research projects that expand your cultural knowledge, and, most importantly, broaden your view to better understand and explore this rapidly changing region that is influencing the world in new and important ways. Students will be able to pursue both majors EAL and EAS within the new department, and there are no changes to major requirements. The departments are excited to move forward together! A language placement test is required prior to registration for Fayetteville nc nightlife who have previously studied the language. Students are expected to concentrate in China or Umass amherst asian languages and literatures and take a total of 11 courses 46 creditsdistributed as follows:. At least three EAL-prefix courses 12 credits in the literature or culture of the student's concentration, including a departmental seminar or equivalent. Students focusing on Japan are encouraged to take EAL and early, and they must take at least one of these courses. At least one EAL-prefix course 4 Day joke playboy focusing principally on the literature of another East Asian country. Of the 11 required courses, no more than five normally shall be taken in other institutions, such as the...

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Umass amherst asian languages and literatures

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The Master of Arts degrees in Asian Languages and Literatures at the University of Massachusetts Amherst prepares students for a variety of career options in. Required Courses—pre-advanced Language (6 credits) GPA in the major of in order to satisfy the requirements in Japanese Language and Literature. Asian Languages and Literatures—a unit within the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at UMass Amherst—offers a course of study leading to.

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