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#1 Traci m mcclelland

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Traci m mcclelland

You are probably wondering what authority do I have to pass that judgement? Well first of all I am a nurse and I understand the strength within that is required to do your job first to save the lives of others and mourn with them later. Nurses give so much of their time, effort, energy, and compassion to human man kind and what has been the reward? Never before has there been a greater opportunity to excel in your career as health care providers. Well I have great news for nurses everywhere you too can finally receive just what you deserve for all of your hard work, dedication and commitment to the cause. As healthcare providers we are taught to observe everything around us using our senses to detect any signs of disarray Traci m mcclelland disease in the body. We assess everyone and all situations asking questions, investigating, probing and coming up with solutions to patient problems. As nurses there are 4 sources of wealth that can be explored; the first is our educating abilities. When you completed nursing school and started to work with patients and your preceptor one of the roles you quickly learned you had to play was as an educator. Who do you educate? Patients, each other, physicians, family members, nursing students and other departments. You have a lot Traci m mcclelland knowledge regarding Traci m mcclelland issues, you understand your scope of practice as a nurse so why not share that knowledge with others and get paid for it. As a nursing tutor you could prepare a special review class for the local college nursing students on a particular health related topic that interest them and charge a fee per student for attendance. To maximize your earnings you could set up your audio recorder...

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Traci m mcclelland

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Jan 18, - The fastest way to financial freedom and owning your own time is through owning your own nursing business. Dr. Tracy M. McClelland RN. Tracy M. McClelland. followers -. National/International Speaker, CEO/Founder of NSS. National/International Speaker, CEO/Founder of NSS. followers. Find Traci McClelland for free! We Found Traci McClelland! P McClelland, Karl W McClelland, Kevin M McClelland, Michael J Foster, Terry I McClelland.

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