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#1 Toilet slave history mistress

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Toilet slave history mistress

Pennington - Chapter 3 Submitted by: He had actually become used to wearing his chasity belt. Although totally confining it was reasonably comfortable. He had not touched his own penis in over three months and had learned to accept peeing while sitting down. His only problem was that he was constantly in a state of horniness. Henry woke up horny and went to bed horny. He had not lost interest in the girls at the office, it was actually driving him nuts just looking at them, jistory what could he do? His only chance of gaining any sexual relief was by pleasing Sandy, and that was now becoming his all consuming goal in life. Pennington, she was quite pleased with the way Henry's training Adult movies cheating theme progressing. Not only had he become totally attentive to her every wish and desire, she had become increasingly more aware of the joy and satisfaction she received from humiliating and degrading him. How far will I be able misttess make him go, she wondered to herself with a chuckle. Henry had been acquiring new duties to perform during his training. One of which was giving Sandra weekly Toilet slave history mistress and pedicures. His Mistress had enrolled him in a five week course historh a local beauty school. This was the first time Henry had been forced to endure public humiliation. Being humiliated at home in front of his wife was one thing, he had found that he could endure just about anything, but being in a classroom filled with young girls leaning how to give manicures and pedicures was something totally different. He had never been so embarrassed in his life. He knew the girls giggled and gossiped about him behind his back, but what could he do but sit...

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Teen magazine advertising department contact issue

Log in or Sign up. Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forum. I write stories every once in a while,, but love reading other writer's stories. Has any one read any good toilet slave stories where the toilet slave ends up dead because of to much shit? Would love to read some of that kind. SiCiAiT , Nov 4, A Bad Dream Became Worst http: Does she remember to check up on him? Do they build one of those punishment public ladies toilets when they get home? Do something unexpected happen? Daughter and Mother-In-Law http: Was they just buffing to scare him or is where really coming so many ladies for dinner? If he makes it, how will his life be afterwards? How did your live up to your lost bet? Scat-Princess has made 2 videos where their normal slave received the full load form 14 girls. I only got the pleasure of eating from 7 girls in one day back then I visit them back in June. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

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Slippery slip knot

It was an appreciation gift for assisting with certain sponsored programs. She figured it would be a nice thing to do for friend that she thought so dearly of, especially with his birthday being around the corner. A few years ago Brian confessed to Katie on different occasions that he gets aroused by bodily fluids; which included the smell, wanting to be urinated and defecated on. He spilled out his thoughts to her many times, about how he so desperately wanted to be used as a human toilet. Having the unquenchable thirst of pouring the vial liquid matter over him… She listened very attentively; though she was speechless at the end of the conversations, she felt for him each time they talked. Remembering his fantasies, Katie did some research and made some phone calls. She knew of a couple of celebrities that have done this in the past at parties, and with this information she managed to get couple of them that would make this fantasy a reality for Brian. He had reminded her of his fantasies and added that he never did have them fulfilled. Brian was unaware of what was about to be unfolded as they boarded the plane. He talked to Katie in great detail about his fantasies during the flight…. Putrid stenches so strong that it would make someone vomit in seconds, the toxic environment that he craved so much. He wanted to be the box that people defecated in. He absolutely ached for it! There was no question in her mind about his seriousness. Brian and Katie had got off the plane and were picked up by limousine to be taken to the Chalet. There was a lot of hustling about as people were quite busy getting dressed, and having their hair and make-up prepared....

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Chris brown dick jpg

Her instructions had been quite explicit, to exit the bus and walk down Fortuna street to the Shell station that was in view two blocks away. In the alley behind the station I found five cars parked in the shadows where she had directed me to go. I hesitantly pulled out the key she had sent to me. As she had commanded, I began trying it in the trunk locks of the cars, it opened the trunk of the fourth car I tried it on. The car had no plates on it. She had notified me to find the car the key went to, open the trunk, get in and close it behind me, leaving the key in the lock. My heart raced as I stood there looking around, but nobody was in sight. I knew that my life would never be the same if I did what she had commanded, but I was unable to defy her. So I sat down in the trunk, covered my face with the painted over divers mask I found lying there as she had ordered, lay down inside and slowly pulled the lid shut. As the lock clicked tight I panicked, and wanted to scream out, but I was so terrified that I couldn't utter a sound. I lay there frightened over what I had done. It seemed like an hour I was so scared, but shortly thereafter I heard the click of a woman's high heels approaching, the key being pulled from the lock, then the sound of license plates being placed on the vehicle. Finally, I heard the drivers door open and close. The engine roared to life, and the auto began to move through the alley as I heard a woman's voice state unsympathetically, "We're glad you came slave. When...

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Nea org events nurse

The sweet taste of your shit is still upon my tongue even a week later. I long for it constantly. I was also hoping that we could discuss the issue of permanent slavery. I do keep permanent slaves, well sort of. They are permanent as long as they live. They exist only for my entertainment and pleasure and for no other reason and for however long i wish to keep them. Then, they are either sold or discarded. You will have no say, no choice. You must understand that permanent slaves give up everything for me. Do you understand what i am saying? Bob knew he was overwhelmed with desire to serve Mistress Lisa. She had complete control over him and he was both excited and terrified at the same time. Bob thought to himself that perhaps he would be different, that Mistress Lisa would take a special liking to him and permit him to live and be her permanent slave and be allowed to live into old age. Being a slave means being a fool. Bob was not unlike the others that went before him, totally intoxicated by the hypnotic, sexual aura of the most perfect Goddess Lisa. I want to live and die for you. I pray to you as my one and only God to accept my as your property for all time, to do with me as you wish. I offer no resistence, no conditions. I surrender completely to you. I have a rather long contract for you to read and sign. Then you must begin divesting yourself of your personal belongings as they will become mine. We must sever relationships in such a manner that no one will come looking for you. Once we have completed all that, you will then be blndfolded, bound, and...

Toilet slave history mistress

Mrs. Pennington - Chapter 3

Account of his first time as a toilet slave. The pissing stopped and Mistress Suzy moved her bum hole back into position. There was no turning Report Story. Claudia succumbs to the dark world of toilet slavery. and other exciting erotic at Close. Story Tags Portal; toilet slave . Begging a relationship with a Mistress. Apr 24, - my story, I hope you like and sorry for my bad english (I am italian) hope Every morning slave must awaken Mistress by licking and kissing her feet, When Mistress finished pissing, she put one foot up on the toilet to.

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