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#1 Thong wrestling story

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Thong wrestling story

Hi, this is Kat and I've been asked to write down my memories of a recent wrestling match I had against Becca. I thought I'd also wrrstling to give you all a little insight into what it's like entering the ring to go body to body against another girl. I'll start out by saying that I've been in the ring against Becca before but each time I climb in I feel more experienced. I've lost more than I've won and the excitement of getting a new victory always makes it Thong wrestling story. I'll start my story stogy a point that few of you get to witness … Giant insertion movie dressed for a match. Sometimes I bring a bikini that I Thong wrestling story and sometimes the producer chooses the outfits. For my match against Becca the producer picked out some really retro style outfits. I wasn't around in the eighties but I've seen photos dtory the Thobg G. I was excited to see the wrsstling leotard and shiny tights that were laid out for me in the dressing room! Yes, my entire body dtory covered but I felt really sexy because of the way Thong wrestling story outfit hugged my skin. And I'll admit that although I was getting ready to fight against another girl I was looking forward to doing it while wearing this hot outfit! The next part of my story is about the entrance. Standing behind the curtain … my opponent standing there also … makes things a little tense. We usually don't speak Women hving sex each other because we're spending our thoughts on our strategies of the Thong wrestling story match. My name got called first and I made my way to the ring. To be honest, this is my favorite...

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Coming up empty with every call, I sat on the couch with my other two buddies' Bobby and Mike. Just then my mother Amanda walked into the living room, both of my friends shut up and stared at her as she plopped down in her favorite chair. Mom you guessed it is your typical hot mom, even after having three kids. I being her oldest at eighteen getting ready to graduate high school this year. You are going to go away to college after high school this year, so you won't be home, it will be fun. Then Bobby jumped on top of the both of us and the three of play wrestled for a few minutes, then we watched television. Right at four thirty my mother came downstairs, all three of us turned our heads and looked at her in silent awe for a moment. My usually conservative mother really did look hot tonight, she was wearing her black leather boots that went up to the knee and with a five-inch heel. She also had on a skin tight pair of blue jeans, a tight blue blouse that was low cut showing off her ample cleavage and a leather coat. The whole time I was disgusted with how my buddies were behaving, but they were constantly flirting with my mother right in front of me or dropping little innuendoes to her. She however just laughed them off, I also could not help noticing the stares we got from young and old alike as we entered. We each bought tee shirts, then we got some soda, while my mom got a bottle of water, she could not help but to comment on what they charged. Then we made our way to the fourth row seats we had bought. Watching the...

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Teen babe danielle lets her

Come here to discuss pro wrestling in all its forms and factions. Get your flair here! These communities are not moderated by the SquaredCircle moderator team. As it's wrestlemania season, here's a new stinkface story. Rikishi stood in the middle of the ring. He'd cameoed in a few WWE segments over the past few years, he was getting used to being back. In one of the segments he'd even given Sasha the stinkface, much to the horror of the fans on reddit. It still felt odd to be back in a WWE ring, he'd gained an extra couple of pounds since he'd stopped wrestling regularly, the heat from the arena lights made him sweat so much more than he used to. He could feel his massive as getting slimy underneath his moomoo. Of course it was always a little moist with sweat, but today it was going to become a full on swamp. His thong which had always been ill fitting was now so small and insubstantial he was fairly certain if he took of his robe people behind him would think they were looking at a bare ass. He didn't really know why he'd bothered to wear it, he was here tonight to announce his induction to the hall of fame, he wasn't planning on giving anyone the stinkface, still you never knew what could happen in a WWE ring. He remembered what it was like stinkfaceing Sasha, how easily her pretty face had slid into his stinking crack, how good it felt as her nose massaged his anus. Rikishi had found when you get as fat as he was, with an ass that accumulates mass like a magnet acquires metal, its almost impossible to reach certain areas of the ass when washing or wiping, there was always a...

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I recently had a cockfight against Ray whom I met online. We met at a friends apartment, put down a plastic tarp and went over the rules. It would be an erotic oil first-to-cum-loses wrestling match, we would use any means to force the other man to shoot first. I chose a white thong to wear which barely contained my swelling 8" cut cock. I shaved smooth for the match knowing that I could use my slippery cock as a weapon if I could pin Ray and grind him to emission. Ray sported a red poser suit that I noticed was bulging like mine, his cock was growing in anticipation of our bout. He pulled down the front of his suit and swung his semi-hard dick around a few times teasing me. My eyes bugged when I saw that monster schlong of his. It must have been 10" long and thick! Ray had also completely shaved his crotch. We are both pretty well built, about 6'0" tall, lb. We stood across the mat from each other eyeing the others growing bulge waiting for my buddy to signal the start of the match. We had chatted online a lot before, so I thought I had a good idea of Ray's weak spots, as he did mine. We got the bell and met center mat on our knees. Ray was strong, I struggled to gain an advantage, finally lunging forward and knocking to his back. We had been oiled up before the match by my bud so we were nice and slick. The touch of his smooth slippery skin against mine was sending waves of pleasure through me as we grappled. I was getting more turned on by the wrestling as we struggled on the oily mat. Ray rolled to his stomach...

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This section is dedicated to articles and stories our visitors submit to us. We will post each and every one of them, even if they happen to be contrary to our own opinion in the matter. Use our "contact us" page and attach your text to your email. I'm a wrestling, lycra and fitness fanatic. I loved wrestling ever since I was a kid. Seeing those women wrestle I realized it was something I liked and wanted to do. I got hooked on that feeling. I loved the tension that sparkled in the air as gorgeous girls in superb costumes climbed into the ring ready to rumble. My love for fitness and shiny spandex came later. When I got older, I got into freestyle wrestling and fitness. As my body started to look better and better I increasingly felt the need to show it off. With the 80s nylon-lycra craze I fell in love almost instantly with nylon-lycra which seemed like it was especially invented for me. I wore sparkly lycra pantyhose since I was like 10 but nylon lycra seemed just the thing to combine with it or wear it as it was. I first started to go to wrestling practice in leotards , but once I went in a superb metallic thong back one and I got sent home. The only kind of leotard the coach would accept from then on was the long-sleeved full bottom competition-type gymnastics leotard. My freestyle wrestling results were not all that good though as in competitions bigger girls used to pin me senseless. Despite this, I became something of a crowd favorite because of my competition leotards. That was the time when I started wearing pantyhose with my leos to matches. Besides offering a great mat-burn protection, they also looked gorgeous on...

Thong wrestling story


Editor's Note: story contains nonconsentual sex. * The only time that wrestling comes to our small city and my best buddy Kerry can't make it, I called around. Oct 4, - Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan has spoofed Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball video by stripping down to a thong for a hilarious skit. Cyrus' latest music. Aug 3, - Knockouts: Thanksgiving Thong Thunder Lingerie Match. 11 months agoK views. impactwrestlingofficial. Global Force Wrestling. Follow.

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