The lions den adult superstore

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#1 The lions den adult superstore

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The lions den adult superstore

Lions Den Adult Superstore. Great company to work for. They love and respect clients and employees. I love being able to help people find the things they need to practice, enjoy and safely explore erotica. Great discount Fun, professional environment I work with open-minded, experienced, intelligent coworkers. A lot of prank callers asking for unreasonable things or making vulgar comments to Lindsay lohan sex type. We are still nice to them and ask them politely not to call back. When everyone is cooperating and working together we do the best things as a team. The people were great and the paycheck is nice too. Best commission break down ever, hourly. Also best PTO, you start earning from day one. Some customers can make you feel uncomfortable or come on to you very inappropriately. I loved the Christmas party too. Watch your store managers, they can ruin it for other employees who will The lions den adult superstore get a second chance because that's what the paperwork says. Probably the best adult store out there. One of the best atmospheres that I have ever worked for! The co-workers were simply amazing, management truly helped you succeed, and above all the ability to work in teams helped benefit our whole store. Not so much as a con, however if your not a personable individual and your not open minded than this job may not be the best fit for you. Fun subject Statics on teenagers and std and interesting products. Fairly organized and clean compared to other adult stores. Pretty nice commission if you and your coworkers can keep upselling high. Awesome benefits that can't really be beat by The lions den adult superstore adult store chains. Limited flexibility especially if you get stuck on City movie sex shift....

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The lions den adult superstore

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4 reviews of Lion's Den "On my way back to New York from Houston, I was very "bedroom eyes" & within a few mins we were in the parking lot of the store front! I understand the 5 star rating if this store. It's great. The customer service is amazing. The lady that help us was perfect, she knew the products and was able to. Lions Den Superstore Locations. Make maps with BatchGeo MORSE RD, Columbus, OH, , Lions Den Adult SuperStore #1, ()

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