Submissive married women

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#1 Submissive married women

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Submissive married women

I am a submissive wife to my dominant husband, and this marriage has been the ultimate blessing in my life. I wish this same kind of happiness for every other married couple out there. If you think of your husband as the leader of your heart and home, here are some tried and true tips for how to be a submissive wife yourself. And if your marriage isn't so happy, these tips karried be what you need to give you a little more wedded bliss. Being a submissive wife is simply about serving your husband in a way that benefits you and the entire marital relationship. Don't think women benefit from being submissive? Consider the divorce rate in the United States. Think about how the popularity of the uber feminist movement has Submissive married women hand-in-hand marrifd the divorce rate. Women have been brought up since the s to Submissive married women their career first before marriage, to compete hard-nosed in the workplace, and train in aggressive contact sports -- to think that winning is everything -- just like men traditionally have done throughout history. Many women have taken that attitude into their relationships. The problem is, aggression and combativeness do not work with men in a marriage. This is because biologically men are the combative and aggressive animal. And they will fight you Subkissive and nail when they think you are challenging them -- womsn if the one challenging them is a woman. If you are not a naturally submissive woman, you might wonder as you've read along the article, what exactly is in it for you. To conclude, submission is not slavery. It is a smart way to ensure that your marriage is fulfilling, for both of you. I would say that makes good business sense. A submissive...

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It was nap time. But what does it mean? The word gives me creeps. It makes me think of a slave or servant. And as a result, he treats her like a queen. So about 8 weeks ago, without saying a word to my husband, I started my own submissive wife experiment. I took a few points from the show and adapted them into my own marriage. Or at least a great attitude. He fights traffic and finally gets to the front door of his home. The dog is there to say hello, but no one else even looks up. Furman also usually has dinner going and a cold beverage to greet him. One day, I thought ahead enough to get him an ice water in his favorite blue Solo cup, and had one of the boys walk it out to him at the car. But it made him feel special and know that we anticipated his arrival home from work. Heck, you may work and not even be home when he gets home. I can control my own life, the kids, the house. But when it comes to my husband, I can be content to be his helper. With 3 boys 4 and under, I have enough to worry about everyday. So now, instead of micromanaging all that my husband does too, I just let it go. And all I need to do is ask him how I can help. Rather than trying to do it all myself, I asked my husband to take over. Rather than nag him, over and over, to start the grill. We might be really hungry by the time dinner starts. Eventually, he started the grill, and we ate dinner a little later than normal, but it was fine. This happened recently when we...

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By Erica Tempesta For Dailymail. Three women who believe the key to a successful marriage is always being subservient to their husbands' needs are doling out relationship advice as the stars of a new television special exploring the world of submissive wives. These woman step aside and allow their husbands to be the leaders of their households because they believe it proves their trust in them - and in God. Scroll down for video. Tim says submissive marriages aren't necessarily easy, but he and his wife entered into one after they realized that they were merely cohabitating during their first half of marriage. Tara, from Cary, North Carolina, has been married to her husband Tim for 20 years, but the Furmans' will be the first to admit that the first half of their marriage was far from perfect. The two, who were inspired by their Bible study, entered into a submissive marriage approximately ten years into their marriage after they realized they were merely cohabiting and needed to make a drastic change in order to save their relationship. And Tara is perfectly content dedicating all of her energy to her husband and his well-being. She can even be seen asking her husband for a 'quickie' in the preview clip. However, despite her dedication to what she describes as her marital duties, her husband Tim notes that submissive marriages aren't always a walk in the park. As Tim explains to his fellow cast member Mark Haywood: Keeping the spark alive: Tara, who says a wife should always 'serve her man, submit to her man and sleep with her man', can be seen asking her husband for a 'quickie'. Mark and his wife Kristin, who are from Mt Gilead, North Carolina, are on the brink of divorce after 12 years of marriage....

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That was the last day I cooked bad ugali. She has a PhD degree in film studies, thus her title. She is a lecturer at Kenyatta University. At 38, she has been married 15 years and has three sons. She married a year after her undergraduate graduation, and had her last two sons while pursuing her second and third degrees. And she takes pride in being a submissive wife, which her mother inspired her to be. I actually became more submissive after getting my PhD. Education made me wiser. Patricia Murugami could be defined as the submission teacher. Yet submission is not a traditional concept but a timeless one. Submission is about emotional intelligence, humility and moderating the tone and timing of your tongue. I run the show at home and call all the shots. I am his helper not his doormat. The helper is stronger than the head thus my position as a submissive wife. You would only go for help from someone who is stronger than you are. Patience, tenderness, slow to anger and peace keeping are all feminine traits. I still clean my house; my house help is only there to assist me. Besides, which of those relationships matters more — the one with my husband or the one with my house help? That attracts more submission. My husband has shown my sons what it means to respect a woman who serves you. They may not find wives like me who love to cook, so I teach them to work around the house and kitchen. I gave birth to my second son in the back seat of our car, on our way to Aga Khan Hospital. But we were held up somewhere along the way. I delivered right there in the back seat of his car. So...

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Submissive married women

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Sep 25, - I'm A Submissive, Christian Wife And My Marriage Is Smoking Hot And submission absolutely does not mean a woman should overlook. Nov 10, - Italian journalist Costanza Miriano has written a book, now available in English, about the struggles and joys of modern married life, and why. I'm also not a marriage counselor or expert on submissive marriage. I'm simply (In fact, I think being a submissive wife takes a very strong, confident woman.).

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