Stripped bass cape cod pictures

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#1 Stripped bass cape cod pictures

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Stripped bass cape cod pictures

Jeff Fortin left and Brad Murphy lift the Photo by Kevin Gould. The first wave of large stripers reached Cape Cod a little early this spring. Boat fishermen in Buzzards Bay have been pulling the occasional to pound fish out of large schools of 24 to 36 inch bass. He asked Fortin if he should follow the fish, but Fortin declined, not fully knowing Free online voyeur cam size of the fish he was attached to. Fortin was fighting the fish on a size Shimano Saragosa spooled with pound test braided line attached to a pound-test leader with a uni-to-uni knot. With the real possibility pitures being spooled or having the fish break the leader, Gould maneuvered the boat as it ran underneath another boat. Weeds covered the bass when it first came Stripped bass cape cod pictures view next to the boat, Stripped bass cape cod pictures it difficult to determine its full size. When we got it into the boat, all we could do was stare at it. From hookup to landing, Fortin estimated the fight at about 13 minutes, an eternity for basa fight with a striped bass. After a couple photos, they tried to revive the massive bass, but the fish was picturess and rolled High school cameltoe. Later that morning, it would weigh in at Fortin, who has joined the Striper Cup almost every year, Strippped it was the first fish he ever weighed in for the tournament. The Verti sheer blinds bass had a inch girth and five full-size pogies in its stomach, along with a half-digested mackerel. After getting the pounder, the crew made another drift through the sweet spot. Ah yes, the internet tough guy, Monday morning arm chair quarterback. Did you not read Stripped bass cape cod pictures...

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Stripped bass cape cod pictures

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Fishing reports, weekly forecasts and featured content for Cape Cod anglers. Several new items will be of interest to fishermen who fish for striped bass, albies. Shark Shark Tuna Fishing Charters, South Yarmouth Picture: Cape Cod Striped Bass fishing - Check out TripAdvisor members' candid photos and videos. Apr 2, - Hi Everyone, Tim at Cape Cod Computer Wholesalers has just finished adding the fishing pictures to the gallery. There is a picture of the.

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