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#1 Strip pokrt stories

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Strip pokrt stories

My name is NANCY,i am 37 yrs old,married since i was 20 yrs old,i had twin daughters and one son,i work in a beauty center,the center provides many services like massage,body care,haircut,pubic haircut,and dance training,the services are provided for males and females,inside the center or at client. My husband ROBERT was 2 yrs older than me when we got married,he works as a sales manager in a big company,after marriage i moved from Strip pokrt stories parents Strip pokrt stories to a rented apartment,it was not far from my parents house. We were very happy couple,our life style was free,we both have open mind,my sex life with my man was so rich and still ,we tried all types of sex and all position,i found out that my man loves anal sex,every time we have sex Adult ebony magazine wants either to start with anal or Strip pokrt stories it to the end,as Strip pokrt stories me i was not interested in anal sex,but i wanted to make my man happy. I went to bring some oil,when i was back i noticed that mom had removed her dress and her bra,she kept Strip pokrt stories panties which was showing half of her buttocks,i started to rub my oiled hands on her back starting from Brazilian bottom one piece shoulders then her neck,i rubbed her spine,i stopped rubbing when i reached close to her buttocks,she asked me not to stop and to go down with my hands and rub her buttocks. Massaging such nice ass was so exciting,the more i rub ,the more my cock is getting harder,i was trying to hide my hard cock,but mom noticed and asked me to pull down my pant and let my cock free,i could not believe my ears,in seconds my hard cock was...

#2 Diaper bag for doubel stroller

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Diaper bag for doubel stroller

My name is Kyle, and I live in Ohio. My sister has long red hair and fairly pail skin, which she gets from our Irish ancestors. She loves to wear tight fitting tube tops and very low cut v-necks, which give me a great view whenever I sneak glances. She often comes home really drunk, but she never brings a guy. So one night at around midnight I hear a car pull up outside. There are people laughing and then a chorus of goodbyes. My sister walks in the house and nearly falls over herself just getting to the couch, she must be really drunk tonight I think. She smiles and throws her head back on the couch. She is wearing a pink tube top with flowers on it and black short shorts, so when she leans back her breasts are nearly bursting out of the top. She giggles a little, her breasts swaying as she laughs, then she sits up. When I get back she has two more beers out and is working on hers with a passion. We begin to play and the game is going pretty evenly until my sister starts taking my money. Then I get an idea. I have never played strip poker before. I am not the most muscular guy out there, but I keep in shape. I catch her eyeing my pecks as we keep going. The next hand I get two pair, and take back almost all of my forty bucks. Oh well, I think to myself. We keep going, and I win again, taking ten more of her forty bucks we agreed to start with the same amount at the beginning , and watch excitedly as she, still giggling, takes off her short shorts, giving me a view of her black...

#3 Help with womens sex drive

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Help with womens sex drive

The best games play for the highest stakes. Question is, how much are you willing gamble when you are down on your luck, and your opponent carries a knife? This time I've got him! This time I'm going to win back the seventy thousand I lost tonight. I lower my cards, hiding them to my chest. But that is about to change, because with this hand, I just can't lose. My opponent regards his cards with a quiet, steady look. He doesn't need sunglasses to hide his eyes. They're cold as steel and give away nothing. He extends a hand and puts down the money to meet me. A tiny smirk appears and in a flash I fear he's got me. I clutch my cards and force myself to breathe evenly. He's played me before. He's good at that. Very good, but this time will be different. This time I've got a winning hand. I turn the cards outwards and show them: I watch his face. He only raises one of his narrow black brows, and I could scream in triumph. He always understates, so this is as good as a confirmation the seventy grand is mine. When he puts his cards down, I only glance at them out of habit. The ground disappears beneath me. How did this happen? He hasn't cut the cards, of that I'm sure! I know all the tricks, and more besides. I can give the tables in Vegas a run for their money. If he had cheated me, I'd have known! I know I would have! Cheated or not, this was my last chance. I've got nothing left now. Nothing to pit against winning my losses back. Apparently he wants to play silly bugger. He knows this, too. Still he begins to shuffle the...

#4 Street fist fights

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Street fist fights

If you wish you may link to these stories. You may NOT copy, edit or reproduce in full or part. Everything was going as usual after dinner we started to talk and watch a movie. Since the 4 of us didn't have any kids we could stay up as long as we wanted. We often talked about adult movies and all but never did think about doing any of that sort of stuff. After about an hour into the movies Tina my wife got tired of watching the movie and wanted to know if we would like to play some cards. She wanted to get back into the game but Rob said that the only way to get back in was if we changed the game. I think it was Tina that suggested we end this little game and play a little strip poker. Rob looked at me and I said, "fine with me. Well I lost the 1st hand and there went my shoes, then Rob lost the next hand and he lost his shoes. So I was down to my underwear and the ladies haven't lost anything yet. Finally Tina lost a hand and took off her shoes. Debbie lost the next 2 hands and lost her shoes and her shirt. That left Debbie with only her bra and panties on. Tina lost the next hand took off her pants. Rob lost the next hand and 2 hands and that left him with just his underwear on. Well now that we were all down to our underwear I said, "does anyone want to stop? So we decided that when someone had nothing else on that they had to do what the highest hand asked for 2 minutes and they have to do it facing the rest of the...

#5 Women blowing beach balls

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Women blowing beach balls

Cam had been waiting for this night for over a week now. It had taken him a little over a month of coaxing to convince Lanna and Kara to come over and play some strip poker. Lanna and Kara lived across the hall from Cam and his roommate Cory in the college dorm. The girls had finally agreed after Cam had suggested that they play during spring break when most of the students would be back home or off on vacation. After the girls had agreed to play Cam had given them a task. They were each to write down three sexually suggestive activities. Cam had set up the card table in the middle of his dorm room and was finishing getting dressed when he heard a knock at the door. Cary stuck his head into the room. Cam took a last look in the mirror. He was a skinny guy, fairly good-looking and very charismatic. He was dressed casual in Jeans and a tight black shirt. After fussing a bit with his hair he turned and walked out into the main room. There he saw that Cory was getting drinks for everyone. Cory was a well-built man with sort blonde hair. The girls were sitting on the coach. Lanna was a petite blonde with shoulder length hair and a tight little body. She was dressed in a short black skirt and a tight long-sleeved red shirt. Kara was a brunette of average height. Her hair was long and very curly. Kara was bigger then Lanna but still thin, she did however have much larger breasts then Lanna. She was dressed tight black jeans and a tight white tank top, under the tank top you could see a bright yellow bra. After a little bit of grumbling Cory peeled off...

Strip pokrt stories

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Strip Poker With My Stacked Sister. December 3, My name is Kyle, and I live in Ohio. I'm eighteen and I live with my mom and twenty year old sister who. Feb 13, - It had taken him a little over a month of coaxing to convince Lanna and Kara to come over and play some strip poker. Lanna and Kara lived. Aug 8, - My wife and I joined a couple for a night of drinking and cards. My wife is in her late 20's, about 5'3″ and pounds of exquisite flesh.

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