Strip on bait rig

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#1 Strip on bait rig

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Strip on bait rig

Mike Murray demonstrated how to fillet and brine Strio strips to toughen them up so you can pull them all day. Now, Stripp offers step-by-step instructions to make two easy strip-bait rigs for trolling. To rig a strip bait on fluorocarbon or monofilament leader, start by tying perfection loop at one end of a 6-foot piece of line. This loop will act as the connecting point oh the main running Strip on bait rig. You can also use Nudity spencer tunick swivel. Thread the Strkp Witch skirt onto your line. These skirts have a long portion of material and a Erectyle dysfunction private clinic portion. You want the long portion of Teachers post naked pictures material facing away from the strip Srip. Hold your hook up to the strip to determine where it Strip on bait rig run when rigged. Note the location of the bend of the hook and the hook eye. Pierce the strip on the meat side with the point of your hook, pushing rg hook through the skin. Use a rigging needle to make a hole through the strip and run the needle through the hook eye. Make sure that your hole is perfectly centered on the strip and leaves a bit of meat at the end. Using the Strio of your rigging needle, tie a nail knot in the leader. A uni knot will also work here. Make sure that the shank of the hook lies flat against the strip and everything is straight before cinching the knot tight. Finish the knot by pulling back on the hook using Strip on bait rig pair of pliers. Be sure not to pull on the strip when tightening the knot. This strip is ready to entice dolphin, sailfish and more. Next, learn how to...

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Many anglers ask me which type of fish I prefer to use as a strip bait. My answer to that is the one that will catch me a fish. A number of years ago I was working as a deck hand off a small charter operation out of the Port Hacking and as they say you are never too young or old to learn, and on this particular day we were targeting dolphin fish and our preferred baits were either yellowtail or slimy mackerel. The problem was that the small sweep had moved into both of the spots we normally would get plenty of our preferred baits. One of the clients on board told us that his dad use to use strips of sweep to catch dolphin fish. Notice how the hook point and barb are out of the bait and the use of the half hitch to stop the bait sliding down the hook. Once we arrived off shore the first baits to go over were the fillets of either yellowtail or slimy mackerel we only had two of each that we had caught. Once they ran out all we had was the sweep and to my amazement the dolphin fish were all over them. Maybe it was because of the smell, the oil content. All I know is that they worked. Now if you think about it yellowtail and slimy mackerel are a long narrow shaped fish species, while a sweep is more shaped like a dinner plate. So what we did was trim the sweep fillets down to the shape of the yellowtail. One of the problems that will occur when not correctly rigging up a strip bait when using a single hook is that the bait will either bunch up on the hook or it will...

#4 Claytor lake striped bass fishing

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Claytor lake striped bass fishing

Strips cut from bonito or other small tuna make ideal trolling baits for many pelagic species -- provided they're prepared and rigged correctly. Here are easy step-by-step instructions on how to prepare these baits like a pro. Story and photos by Steve Kantner. Take a long-shank ring-eye hook and slip a piece of pound Monel wire through the eye, aiming it towards the bend. Then, take the opposite and shorter end and pinch it against the hook shank. Starting near the eye, wrap the long end around the shank towards the bend, around both hook shank and the short end, making seven or eight turns. Then trim the long end close. Take care not to cut too deep. Of primary interest is the skin, along with the tough muscle and connective tissue that lies right below the skin. Shave the fillets and discard the excess meat. Scrape your knife blade sideways to remove more bonito flesh. Cut tapered strips while holding your blade on edge. This step requires a well-sharpened knife but helps to minimize ragged edges that can adversely affect a strip's action in the water and shorten its shelf life. Lay the hook, with pin attached, alongside your strip. Then, after determining exactly where to position the pin, make a note of where your hook will ride. This is a crucial step, because if both pin and hook aren't perfectly centered, the strip won't straighten out in the water and it won't swim correctly. Push the pin through the tip of your strip, making sure it's centered. This may require piercing the skin first with a hook point or knife blade. Bend the Monel pin forward and through the eye of the hook, securing the strip in the process. You don't want the pin working loose. A variety...

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Strip on bait rig

Strip Bait Basics

This is an ideal trolling bait Captain Mike & Captain Steve team up to walk you through the perfect mullet. Sep 21, - Strip baits are deadly on a wide range of offshore game fish, most notably dolphin, sailfish, wahoo and tuna. They are extremely versatile baits. Apr 28, - Learn how to build two easy strip bait rigs for offshore trolling.

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