Story fiction breast caress

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#1 Story fiction breast caress

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Story fiction breast caress

I find myself going back to the story Story fiction breast caress frequently. Sometimes I read one story and other times I have read many while I fondled my cock. The occasional story hits me just right and I actually pull my cock out and stroke myself to orgasm. Due to my new found enjoyment, I decided to try writing one myself. I then submitted it to a volunteer editor for feedback. First, read the story I submitted to the editor. As I read erotic Story fiction breast caress, I become very aroused. Sometimes it feels like my cock is burning a hole in my pants. I wish I could just jump into some of the stories and take part. I was reading a story about a Story fiction breast caress man who fantasized about having sex with his sister - She was one year younger than he. She was incredibly sexy and very cute. He longed to see her breasts, to touch them and to suck on her nipples. He wanted to hear her moan as he touched her. He wanted her to pull his hard cock from his pants and to love it in every way possible. He wanted them to be in love. He found himself staring at her breasts whenever she was near. It became an obsession. One day, they were Stofy hanging out in the family room. They were home alone. She was lying on the couch and he was sitting Story fiction breast caress a chair. Craess was wearing a tube top and short-shorts. He could see her nipples standing up on Sabrina sabrok big boobs of her full tits. She had her legs spread. As he looked at her, he could see the outline of her pussy. Flction usual, his cock was...

#2 Nudism stories in the home

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Nudism stories in the home

Ben saw Gwen nude for the first time in his life. As she stood there in front of her, she was more perfect, more sensual than any other girl he had ever imagined could be. Her body seemed to beckon a guy to come and fulfill all his dreams of sexual bliss. She wondered as to HOW he had stayed all this while without even casting a second glance at her body. Yet there was something innocent in that youthful firmness of flesh, the translucent skin as smooth as silk. She was like a work of art, with her mysteriously exotic face, her graceful neck, her smooth gently sloping shoulders, and her nearly full breasts that invited and tantalized. She was more than a sheer beauty to behold Ben slowly got up from the bunk, and came and stood in front of Gwen. Gently, he began caressing her breasts and leaning forward gently sucked on her nipples. She shivered with excitement. She placed her hands on either side of his face and tenderly eased him away from her breasts. She kissed his lips, licked them, and then ordered him to lean back and relax as she undid his trousers Soon, the both of them were once again stretched out on Gwen's bunk — with only a little difference in clothing this time. Ben memorized every inch of Gwen's body, etched it up in his mind so he could conjure it up at will to savor, to excite his love for her before he inched up to her and took her in his arms. He leisurely ran his fingers through her hair, swathed in the lovely scent being emitted from her body He leaned back over her and kissed her lips, his right hand on her breast and then he started...

#3 White wife monster cock gallery

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White wife monster cock gallery

This is going to be a bunch of Erotic short stories. This is not for everyone. Even tho I know that teens are having sex already but it's the law sorry guys. Just to let everyone know these are ruff drafts. Well I'm sitting here trying to come up with a birthday gift for my husband. What to do, what to do. You see we were high sweethearts. We dated all through high school. Just after high school we married and no I was not preg. We just loved each other that much. We have four amazing children. Brian is 18, Octavia is 14, Shadow is 12, and Timmy is 6. I know I know we know what causes that. Well we always wanted a large family. Oh and shit I can't keep my hands off my man either. I think it is the same way with him too. He just can't keep his hands off my either. Well anyways I'm getting of course here. What to get him for his birthday. Oh my gosh I know. He's such a perv, I know what to do. Wonder what it would cost for a escort service. I could have a party then bring him home and BAM she's in bed waiting for us. Am I able to share him if so can I join them. Damn that sounds hot. He's made me a perv too. I think I can pull this off. Hell ya I can. Well today I called around got the perfect girl to help us out. I even met her an hour ago to set everything up. In stead of this happening at my house it's going down at a hotel in South Bend yes another real town. The hotel is the best they have their and it's...

#4 Glucose model project using balls

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Glucose model project using balls

Community General Fiction Poetry. Forum General Fiction Poetry. Story Story Writer Forum Community. A doctor's visit goes terribly wrong. Rating for rape, sex, language, the usual. A trip to the doctor's goes wrong. She opened her eyes slowly and looked at the clock. It was time to get up. At 16, she lived on her own after the tragic demise of her parents ten months previous. They'd left her some money, so she was able to keep a house. It was summer now, and she had no school yet. She swung her legs over the side of her bed and ran to the bathroom to shower. As she stepped into her room after showering, she dried her brown hair and styled it, then dressed herself and stepped out of her house to make it on time to her doctor's appointment. It was a checkup, and a man who had offered cheap service, something she needed because of her meager funds, had approached her. Signa got into her car and drove to the office, which was a dirty-looking sort of place on the other side of town. She walked in and found no receptionist, just the doctor sitting, waiting for her. He was a younger man, but quite ugly and scruffy-looking. He smiled at her. May I call you Signa? Al closed the door and locked it. Immediately a screen went up around her head so she couldn't see anything. When she asked about it, he replied: Little did she know what was going through the doctor's head. He stood above her, looking at her body. She was slim, with perfectly long legs and ample cleavage. She wore a skirt that he wanted to just tear off, and a halter-top that had quite a daring neckline. It slid down to her...

#5 Free massive cocks

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Free massive cocks

I have been in the kitchen - you have been wondering what I have been up to as I had a huge grin on my face as you were going into the shower -you were hoping I was going to join you but I just went into the kitchen. I come into the bedroom wearing only a pair of sweatpants and carrying your favorite ice cream - chocolate! Your tongue finds mine as you suck the ice cream off my lips. I take another lick of ice cream and kiss you again - you feel the freezing sensation as it shoots down your spine! I slowly remove your towel, revealing just your full beautiful breasts! I caress them as I kiss your mouth. I take another lick of ice cream and move to your breast. You look down at me as I lick the ice cream onto your nipple. It becomes erect as soon as I touch it - the sensation of cold ice cream on such a sensitive part of your body is electrifying. You arch your back as I suck your nipple into my mouth swirling the ice cream around with my tongue. I pause to take another lick and move to your other very jealous breast. The anticipation build up - you want my to suck your nipple again feeling the cold ice cream. I play with your nipples moving form one to the next pausing always to fill my mouth with more coldness. You feel a sensation building up between your legs - you feel yourself cum as I tug on you nipples pulling them into my mouth. Your body arches and you cry out as you start to come. I rip off the towel caressing your body watching it spasm as you release - you...

Story fiction breast caress

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Dec 24, - "Now, I need you too lay back as I check your breast for any lumps," he said before he cupped my breast and started to basically massage it. Aug 20, - Rated: Fiction M - English - Drama/Tragedy - Chapters: 2 - Words: . "For thirty bucks, you can touch my breasts and my ass for five minutes.". The Best Erotic Stories. I take another lick of ice cream and move to your breast. It becomes erect as soon as I touch it - the sensation of cold ice cream on.

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