Stories for ruffled pantied sissies

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#1 Stories for ruffled pantied sissies

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Stories for ruffled pantied sissies

Stories for ruffled pantied sissies Panty Stories 2: By transforming men into adult Stories for ruffled pantied sissies sissy girls. The founder and president, Wendy, demands all male employees undergo the process, personally supervised by herself. These stories tell how Wendy hired and transformed many of her male employees even though they had all been having marital problems, and allowed them to discover their deepest desires. Strangely enough, all of them want to be some variation of an adult baby girl. As a free bonus, everyone who tries out Pink Panty Stories 2, gets a previously unpublished short story, Pauline Pussy Baby. This story is NOT available anyplace else. Not as a single volume on Kindle. Only in Pink Panty Stories 2. Download Pink Panty Stories 2 now. The 8th story, Pauline Pussy Baby is not available anyplace else. Billie Ballerina Laid off, drinking hard, and miserable Bill finds happiness working Stories for ruffled pantied sissies a company saving the world one feminized and babyfied man Cum slave training a time. Wendy discovers a system to hypnotize men until they discover what they really want to be in life, thus solving their personal issues. What they want varies, but always includes wearing baby girl panties and diapers. Prince Princess Even after he marries Jennifer, Prince can't escape loneliness -- until he lives out his dream of dressing like a princess. A computer network security expert, he doesn't understand Stories for ruffled pantied sissies Jennifer cheers when he receives a job offer from an unknown company. Prince learns the secret when Wendy Stories for ruffled pantied sissies president takes him to the Transformation Stories for ruffled pantied sissies, where he undergoes special adult baby feminization training. Brian Brownie Brian needs the job to keep his wife and kids, but does...

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I was not aware that my girlfriend had begun studying hypnosis, nor that she harbored ambitions of petticoating me. But I soon discovered that the combination of the two was dangerous to my masculinity. The lure of Teasing Tammy the transformation name of Susan's teen-aged brother Tommy proved quite effective. I have a beautiful wife who I adore more than anything in this world. This is a print version of story Sissy Tammy by klammer from xHamster. Sissy Tammy It all started back in the 60's, to be exact, when I was 13 years old. This was also a problem of geography, not having any boy friends living near us, and that was probably just as well because all they did was tease me and beat me up, never letting me play any of their games. My only real play friend was a pretty year-old girl living next door to us, and her name was Jacqueline Taylor. We use to spend all of our free time together playing in the yard behind her house, getting into whatever we could find to keep our interest. It was an innocent time; both of us were immature and usually our play reflected that but my body was changing and unknown to me Jacqueline was developing other interests and it was these interests that led to my first experience with feminization. At this point I have to talk about Jacqueline's beautiful mother Mrs. Taylor, or Mistress Amber as I later got to know her. She was a very outgoing, pretty woman in her mid 30's that had lost her husband the year before in a tragic automobile accident. Taylor had long auburn hair that cascaded over her shoulders in thick waves with green almond shaped eyes and full pouting lips. On that fateful day...

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Stories for ruffled pantied sissies

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