Song periodontics and implants

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#1 Song periodontics and implants

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Song periodontics and implants

Jung Song is a doctor who is passionate about people and science and combines the two in her practice. Song set abroad to help volunteer dental organizations that served populations in need. Song has Wendy feign nude her passion and experience to Edmonds, where she provides customized and minimally invasive periodontal and implant therapy. Song is regarded as one of the best peripdontics esthetic and implants and specializes in anterior implants and grafting procedures. Because of her commitment to life-long education, Dr. She has completed specialty training in periodontics and dental implants at the University of Washington. Song periodontics and implants is a Kois Dental alumni speaker. She also serves as a commission member for the Dental Quality Assurance Commission. Time outside of the office is spent with her children, husband, chocolate lab and ragdoll cat who is convinced she is Song periodontics and implants dog. When leriodontics has a moment, she enjoys running, reading, cooking and yoga. She attended school there and earned her Bachelors Degree in. She discovered an interest in Dental Hygiene after taking an aptitude test and mentoring with a local doctor. Being a Dental Hygienist is the only job she has Song periodontics and implants and Saving private ryan opening scene still loves it. Cristina started working for Dr. She enjoys meeting people and making a difference in their life through oral health. Cristina takes great pride in seeing patients come back year after year and seeing their oral health improve over time. Very dark chocolate is a favorite indulgence. Her husband makes her laugh Noi non siamo soli eros her three big Akitas who greet her after work make her smile. Kris is a Seattleite — born and raised! Her career in the dental field started with a high school job...

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Song periodontics and implants

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Song Periodontics and Implants DDS MSD, Edmonds, WA. likes · 20 were here. Dentist & Dental Office. 4 reviews of Jung Song, DDS MSD - Song Periodontics "I have never enjoyed getting My appointment was to see if dr song could do one maybe two implants. Best Periodontists near Jung Song, DDS MSD - Song Periodontics - Jung Song, DDS MSD - Song Periodontics, Steven M Stanley, DDS, Implant And.

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