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#1 Sleazy land tgp

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Sleazy land tgp

In honour of the th Ambush Interview, our very own Sleazy is the target. Some love him, some hate him and others love to hate him. Sleazy land tgp, you are a curious bunch. This was your chance to get revenge on Sleazy, the originator of Ambush Interviews. Sleazy land tgp you to all who participated in this ambush and for being such good sports about being put Womens lounge pants the hot seat in the past. Here are your questions. Pictures complements of Fubar - check it out the photo archive of all webmaster events! My mother is english and my father is Icelandic. The country of Iceland was settled by Vikings and the town I grew up in and still have a cottage in Gimli is the largest Icelandic settlement outside of the country of Iceland of Icelendic people. Question 2 Why do you buy hookers for your friends? Yes - I've bought dozens and dozens maybe even hundreds now of strippers, lap dances and full on hookers for friends. I live to mess with people, and one of my favorite ploys is hiring a hooker to hit on a friend and take him home and fuck the crap out of him not ever letting the guy know it was a hooker. Thinking it was just some hot girl he picked up at the bar- Everyone else around usually knows it's hooker and it makes for a hillerious evening! So if you score and you're around me that night - think twice. I MAY be messing with you. Julia sweden model porn country's strippers are more like hookers I guess. I don't descriminate - I buy them for men and women too. Question 3 Can you explain how Sleazydream began and what made you think of...

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Sleazy land tgp

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