Sensual enema stories

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#1 Sensual enema stories

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Sensual enema stories

Sensual enema stories enough mystery to add to the excitement. My first erotic enema was in the hospital what is it a about medical? And Adult cartton hell bunny the title sfories, I was unaware it was more for HIM than for me. Tried to post a link here, Did not Sensual enema stories till later it was for HIS pleasure, but it does not seem to be a real link. Hope you can find it, and it excites you. Please get back storis so. My Sgories Erotic Enema Kittie My first erotic enema was given to me by an older man, a physician's assistant at the hospital where I was attending nursing school. Nick was forty two with thick wavy black Senxual, green eyes, tall and thin but muscular looking. We met on the med -surg floor and flirted from time sgories time. One Monday morning I arrived for my clinical in bad shape, hung over from a few too many drinks the afternoon before. We Sensual enema stories in the hall midmorning and he asked if I was coming down with something. He told me he could fix me right up and asked me to meet him at his apartment across the street after clinic. Even hung over I knew Sensal could be the opportunity I had been looking for. My Logs map pretty teen fuck got wet just imagining what could happen. I really only expected straight sex. I was young then and inexperienced in all the Sensual enema stories to bring pleasure to a partner. When I arrived at his apartment he had certainly set the mood for a seduction with dim lighting, soft music and wine. He sat me on the sofa and gave me a drink. As he rubbed my shoulders the...

#2 Pregant anime hentai

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Pregant anime hentai

Sarah nervously stood at the check out of the CVS drug store, embarrassed as she was sure the woman at the counter was going to know she was one naughty girl! Ken had left explicit instructions last night, he would arrive tomorrow for her lessons and there were supplies he had to have. Here was her list. No, I am not going to clean your teeth! I will be using it to irrigate and stimulate your vagina and rectum. Imagine the feeling of that strong little jet of water, pulsating on your exposed clitoris, as your tummy is being filled with a nice warm enema! This will be used to paddle your naughty bottom if you do not hold your enema like a good girl! By the time Sarah had made all her purchases, she could feel the wetness of her panties! She was also forbidden to play with herself the night before, so it would be a long night! She slept fitfully that night, dreaming of things that had not yet happened but her subconscious hoped it would! In one she was lying naked in a big bathtub, a Jacuzzi, and Ken was at the sink, preparing for her a very large enema in a red enema bag. The faucet of the bath was on full force, set to very warm. She realized she was secured, her wrists were held up by ropes tied to the towel bar on the wall. Her feet had been elevated and were resting on the wall, tied to the shower head. She was completely exposed, her bottom almost pressed up against the side of the tub, so her naked pussy was exposed to the relentless falling water! It was like nothing she had ever felt before! It made her want to cum so...

#3 Exhibitionism forced bi cocksucker

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Exhibitionism forced bi cocksucker

His mother called him one afternoon, "Alec, the nurse has arrived. Come here for the treatment. While he was bathing a few days ago his mother unexpectedly entered the bathroom. His cock was partially erect. His mother immediately noticed his constricted foreskin. Their family could not afford a doctor. His mother would discuss all family ailments with a nurse who lived a few houses down the street. She was about forty, short and strong of posture, ample hips cradled on soft sensuous thighs, and with a strict but attractive face. After the discussion his mother informed him that the nurse would come to push his prepuce back. Since pinworms plagued all the children in the neighbourhood she would also deworm him at the same time Whatever that might mean. The nurse was carrying a large bag. Alec and I will remain in the kitchen. I prefer to be alone with my patient," aunt Etha said. She spread a large towel on the kitchen table. After his mother had left the nurse told Alec, "Come my boy, down with your pants and on your back on the table He unfastened his belt and dropped his short khaki pants. Boys of his age did not wear underpants. He crossed his hands in front of his heavy swinging cock and lay down on the large wooden table. The nurse was unpacking equipment from her bag. He could hear metal hitting against metal. A red rubber tube coiled in her hands. She poured water into some metal container. Strange odours filled the air. Take away your hands I've seen many cocks in my time, young man," she said. Slowly Alec pulled his hands away. She took hold of his flaccid member and started rolling his tight foreskin under her fingers. The skilled fingers concentrated...

#4 Norm colemans wife

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Norm colemans wife

Erotic Enema Stories In the two years that this web site has been up all sorts of people have sent me e-mails discussing their enema experiences. I don't exactly know why people want to do this, but I have decided to post some of them here. I am not sure if I will continue to do this. Some of the stories are erotic in nature and may not cater to all tastes. I know that many visitors will probably enjoy this type of section. I hope that others will not be offended. Enema Erotica Contest Rules. Enema Story 1 - From Brenda. Brenda describes how she and her college boyfriend discovered their love for enemas. Enema Story 2 - Eric? Enema Story 3 - The Dominant Girlfriend. How a dominant girlfriend uses an enema to punish her boyfriend when he misbehaves. Enema Story 5 - An Interesting Procedure. Enema Story 7 - Visiting A Nurse. How a young woman found that she and her fiance both share an interest in erotic enemas. Enema Erotica - A Summer of Awakening. Enema Erotica - Strip Poker and then some After their first encounter, our new couple learns the joys of enemas and anal sex. Enema Erotica - Beande's Huge Enema. Enema Erotica - Coffee Enemas. Enema Erotica - Prisoner of Love. Enema Erotica - Enemas for Two. Find out what explosive things happen when Gregory meets Salesa and enacts his wildest fantasies with her. Enema Erotica Contest Rules How to submit your own erotic enema story. Enema Story 1 - From Brenda Brenda describes how she and her college boyfriend discovered their love for enemas. A woman discusses her experience with anal play and enemas. Enema Erotica Contest Winner - Cleaned by 3 Women 3 women and some enemas cured this man's...

#5 Oil rubber bronse shower faucet

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Oil rubber bronse shower faucet

Library Enema Stories Dawn's Enema. Dawn's Enema Now and then, my pal Al shares some of the most intimate details of his new marriage with me. We have known each other for many years, we both have been through good times and bad, and remained friends. He gets out of the house and visits "the boys" usually at a the "Brothers Bar" We had a couple of drinks and he started talking about Dawn. Dawn is more than half his age she's in her early twenties. She is very cute and sexy. At times I think she is a little too much for him, but he loves her and is tolerant of her vain conduct Most of the time she act like a spoiled brat, often bossy and capricious. She's about 5'7" tall, with long straight blond hair. She constantly wears very stimulating outfits. Tight pants always emphasize her extraordinary ass. The view from the front is equally stimulating. Her pants crawl up her crack to reveal pouting pussy lips. Creamy breasts are accentuated by skimpy halter tops. Her skirts are usually short. She seems to delight in showing off her body when other men are present. I'd be lying if I said she didn't turn me on. Her body is in prime form, no doubt about that. Al casually mentioned that Dawn was having problems with constipation. I responded right away by saying that she should have an enema. A two quart bag type would be the way to go. Forget about those Fleet enemas in the grocery store. She will do anything for relief. I told her what you said, then she asked me if you can give her an enema. My friend was asking me to give his sexy wife an enema. I got a hard on...

Sensual enema stories

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Kittie. My first erotic enema was given to me by an older man, a physician's. assistant at the hospital where I was attending nursing school. Nick was. forty two. Dec 20, - A fantasy spanking and enema story. Written by Posted in: BDSM | Implements and Equipment | Role Play | Sensual Spankings. A Fantasy. Enemarotica's Enema Stories for the distinguished enema fetishist.

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