School uniform fashions

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#1 School uniform fashions

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School uniforms have their historical antecedents in very old traditions. If understood broadly, "students" have donned special garments to set themselves apart for religious High school musical nude vanessa and priestly training and economic purposes apprentices wearing Easy girly crafts attire for centuries. However, school uniforms as understood in their modern sense are a particular manifestation of a more general uniformization of populations apparent from about the early nineteenth century. This regulation of appearance is more specifically understood as "standardizing" and "disciplining" workers and citizens to meet the requirements of industrialization, capitalism, and national loyalty. Though historically some schools mandated uniforms for religious reasons or to maintain their "tradition," by and large school uniforms have been ideologically inspired by a notion that bodily control and regulated appearance beget social order, within the school and in society at large. School uniforms may be thought of as representing in material-cultural form the point in which the forces of two great upheavals, epitomized by the industrial and French revolutions, converge. However, despite encour-aging the uniformizing of students as well as workers and citizensthese two momentous transformations often work at cross-purposes. The industrial revolution was an economic project that eventually required formal schooling to learn radically new habits for rationalized labor. School uniforms came to symbolize the person as interchangeable and modular. Meanwhile, a more political project, the French Revolution and other similar revolts of the same periodencouraged self-determinism and individuality, ideals that were often contravened by dress uniformity in addition to demanding uniformed students-that is, workers-in-training-the industrial School uniform fashions immeasurably facilitated the spread of student uniforms through mechanical standardization and mass production. The tension between economic production and political liberation continues to shape debates about school uniforms: Some argue that school uniforms increase social order while others contend they run...

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Once a symbol of school rules, traditional school uniforms today have become a liberating and popular fashion statement for many girls in Japan. Many middle and high school students wear uniforms in Japan— typically blazers and sailor-style uniforms for girls and blazers and slacks for boys. Once simply an uncool outfit one wore to school, today uniform-style clothing has become a fun fashion statement for many girls when heading out after school or on holidays. Elementary school students too have been swept up in the fad. They frequently choose to wear school uniform-style outfits when going out with friends, mom and dad or even to school entrance and graduation ceremonies. Students at an elementary school graduation ceremony sport uniform styles from their day-to-day wardrobe. Blazers and plaid skirts are a standard uniform look. Clean-cut and cute, this look is finding fans among parents as well. AKB48 is a member, all-girl pop group made up of Japanese performers in their teens and twenties. It is also one of the most popular idol groups among young Japanese today. Many girls found the look irresistibly cute and decided to sport similar looks. And because it is both clean-cut and cute, the style is also a hit with parents. Always packed with people, this narrow street is a fashion mecca that many Japanese teenagers dream of visiting at least once. One look at the trendy shops — including everything from accessory and secondhand clothing stores to cafes and boutiques — that line the road and it is easy to understand why. Along and near Takeshita-dori shops selling uniform-style fashion stock an array of blazers, skirts and shirts. Here fans of uniform-style fashion can get outfitted, selecting from many styles marketed as both toraddo traditional and kawaii cute. On Sundays especially, the shops are full...

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School uniform fashions

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Explore AnaHec Sepulveda's board "School uniform fashion" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Casual wear, Feminine fashion and Girl clothing. School uniform-style fashion with a blazer and plaid skirt is one of the hottest fashion combinations among Japanese teenage girls. Uniform Fashions offers medical scrubs, shoes, accessories and lab coats at great prices. Barco, Landau, Cherokee, Dickies, White Swan, and more.

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