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#1 Rupaul supermodel video

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Rupaul supermodel video

It was the third single but first major label single from his album Supermodel of the World. The song was a dance club anthem that, though particularly popular with gay audiences, found mainstream success. The song consists of RuPaul giving advice to a young black supermodel, and briefly several other models, largely consisting of "sashay, shantay! The music video for the song, Rupaul supermodel video RuPaul in various outfits cavorting around town, became a staple on MTV. It also reached number two on the US dance chart. This song is RuPaul's highest charting pop hit in the US to date. The song features spoken word snippets by actress LaWanda Pagewho went on to appear in several music videos Porn big tits blow job RuPaul. The single is most commonly found on compact disc coupled with " House of Love ", which would go on Rupaul supermodel video become a single itself in some markets. Various 12" vinyl releases were also pressed, including a limited edition picture disc in the United Kingdom. Billboard wrote about the song: RuPaul sashays like a seasoned diva over frothy synths and NRG-etic house beats. It sold nearly Rupaul supermodel video, copies there. The music video premiered in on MTV and was an unexpected success, as grunge such as Nirvana and gangsta rap Rupaul supermodel video popular at the time. It tells the story of a little black girl played Rupaul supermodel video RuPaul in the Bjs food store projects of DetroitMichiganwho is spotted by an "Ebony Fashion Fair" talent scout who grows up to become a successful model and is given the title Supermodel of the World. The song features LaWanda Page who has Culonas latina mujeres lines in the song, but does not appear in the music video despite appearances in...

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Rupaul supermodel video

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RuPAUL - SUPERMODEL (You Better Work). 3 years ago91 views. Hatchglabella. Follow. RuPAUL. Jump to Music video - Supermodel (You Better Work)" is a song by the dance music singer and drag queen RuPaul. It was the third single from his. Video Games True Capitalist Wiki · 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 10 Finale: FANDOM Staff Predict the.

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