Rubbing alcohol to clean catalytic canverter

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#1 Rubbing alcohol to clean catalytic canverter

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Rubbing alcohol to clean catalytic canverter

Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. Someone please correct me Rubbing alcohol to clean catalytic canverter I'm wrong, but the way I learned was that the heat of combustion breaks down the metal-containing molecules of octane improvers and oil additives and vaporizes the metal. The vaporized metal then condenses on too relatively cooler catxlytic parts, including the surfaces of the catalytic cxtalytic. While the exhaust pipe doesn't care about a few atoms thick layer of extra metal, the catalytic converter relies on direct qlcohol with the exhaust gases. Once it gets coated with condensed metal vapors, Blonde highlight lowlights picture catalyst is sealed off from the exhaust gas and can't function anymore. Soot burns off at typical catalytic converter operating temperatures but since most metals have a pretty high boiling Rubbnig, the exhaust system Starr property management stockton get hot enough to burn them off. If it did, the exhaust system and the ceramic in the converter would probably have issues as well. Tap water doesn't contain that much metal it would be deadly if it didand for the most part minerals tend to stay dissolved. Over hundreds of thousands of gallons, some of the minerals can solidify and cause problems with old pipes and fittings, but that is very unlikely with the amount used for rinsing in the video. Heavy metals do poison the cat. Tap water does not contain such metals or if it does the concentration is very low. Moerover it is unlikely that metals contained in tap water to poison the canvrter because at room temp the active metals of the cat are non-reactive thats why we call these metals like platinum flean, because they react with almost nothing at "normal temterature". Also the temperature related reactivity is the...

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Knowing how to pass a smog test is one of those essential bits of knowledge that every car owner in California should know. But there are a lot of pitfalls involved in passing a smog test. Some people inadvertently shoot themselves in the foot doing things that they'll think should help them pass a smog test but in fact cause them to fail. These tips will not only help vehicles pass a smog test, but run at higher performance and get better gas mileage:. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Thanks for the information. Unfortunately I read it after I put the fuel injection cleaner in my gas tank filled it up with premium gas and then took it in for the smog check for it fail. I came back and started researching how to pass a smog test and found this information on all the things to not do that I did. My mistakes lol sorry I had like a third tank regular chevron 87 but then filled up the rest with 89 along with that lucas deep fuel system cleans and I plan to get smog check in two days and will probably have a half of tank left.. I wish i would have read about how low octane is better but too late my tank is full hopefully I should be good I have a 06 lacrosse. So did I mess up and fill up tank with chevron 91 and put lucas deep fuel system clean and need to get smog check in 2 days. I'm not familiar with this, however I am greatful you shared it to us. Dirty oil is high in hydrocrabons and all engines will burn claener...

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Discussion in ' The Garage ' started by xroad , Nov 11, Log in or Join. Jun 20, Oddometer: Is the stuff I buy at the drug store rubbing alcohol the same as the stuff I buy at the auto part store dry gas for fuel tank? Can I use the dry gas to clean my wound in case of an injury? P B G , Nov 11, Mar 7, Oddometer: But I don't think they are exactly as refined as the stuff from Walgreen. To clean your wounds get yourself a bottle of tincture of green soap and betadine. Jan 3, Oddometer: Mar 29, Oddometer: State of Maximum Density. May 11, Oddometer: Where young people go to retire. Great way to pass emissions tests with your car, dry out gas, or, sting the shit out of yourself cleaning wounds. Also works with a clean lint-free rag to create a 'tack cloth' for painting. But for gas-tank use, the stuff in the paint department is the best value. Yankee Dog , Nov 11, Jan 31, Oddometer: The alchohol will kill more cells than the germs will. Aug 1, Oddometer: Cumminsman76 , Nov 11, Jun 30, Oddometer: Where the bikes parked. Jun 25, Oddometer: Most gas in most of the markets does not need any more alcohol of any kind gas line freeze is a thing of the past Yankee Dog said alcohol should not be use on wounds. I thought people do use alcohol on wounds, don't they? Motoriley , Nov 12, Feb 14, Oddometer: Deepest darkest burbs of Montreal. Sometimes I use alcohol before I get a wound Yankee Dog , Nov 12, OK, after a quick internet seach the use of alchohol of wounds comes back with mixed reviews. May 3, Oddometer:...

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Login to Your Account. Thank goodness for denatured alcohol Results 1 to 28 of Reading was and is allowed. I already noticed a difference in how smooth it ran. Passed NOx ppm , allowed. I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong with your car. Depending on what you pass or fail, some cars require more than this. I suggest you not run your car with this on a regular basis. I've read that it is harmful to plastic and rubber. Not bad--glad I didn't decide to go ahead an replace the cat. I would have spent quite a bit more. Drain it down as far as we can. Fill it up just enough to make it there and back, then passarooni. We have to do it in the red truck. Denatured alcohol will completely destroy any rubber tube it goes through in a very short time span I had to drop a completely full tank out of a Suburban one time because the alcohol my friend used ate through the inch long rubber piece between the fuel pump and the fuel lines. I do not advise doing this if there are any rubber bits between the fuel pump and the injectors. Cleaned up a few posts. This thread is not "do you have to pass emissions where you are? If Meth and denatured alky work would E85 work also? Originally Posted by Echonova. Originally Posted by Tracy. Originally Posted by civic-r E85 helps a ton if you can find it Only problem with e85, you run the risk of running lean, so don't beat on it if you're not tuned for straight e Originally Posted by dabuilding. Sorry to bring up an old thread from the grave, but I was curious if anyone knows if this works...

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Rubbing Achol to pass emissions. My hc levels are finally down to my limit is I had a couple of buddies till me to put a quart of achol in my tank and it should pass it all the way. To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. The old alcohol trick, always works just make sure you don't put too much in. Are you sure you can't get it down another way? I even put 2 new cats on a civic one time and passed with flying colors. I have done the sea foam in the pcv I think that is what it's called and put some in the gas tank. Also took it to firestone and had them do a injection cleaning. This was in the past 3 days. I drove for about 30mins on the interstate and 30mins back tried to get all the cheap gas and alchol out. I put 93 in it and took it back my HC was I got the car about 2 months ago it has a z6 blcok with a y7 head. I took it in emissions a month and half ago and it failed then took it back and it passed so the car has passed be4. Something went wrong with title long story. I got the title back and now it won't pass emissions to save my life lol. Now on the d15b7 and d16z6's they don't have the egr. But the d16y7 do, but on my head it doesn't have the egr valve on it. Could that have anything to do with me not passing? Originally Posted by monster d. View My Photo Gallery. Just use denatured alcohol. IIRC, most rubbing alcohols are isopropyl instead...

Rubbing alcohol to clean catalytic canverter

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Jul 24, - -I own an '85 Corolla GT-S with a 4AGE--catalytic converter present. rubbing alcohol is also whats in water remover for gas. . on emissions one time, so I went and got a oil change, some fuel injector cleaner, gas treatment. Its alcohol, its gonna burn a lot cleaner than gas, and after echeck my .. I figure though, as long as I use my present catalytic converter only for. There were some concerns about the last catalytic converter cleaning video that and isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) or just plain gasoline(whitch is very cheap.

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