Rubber band magic secrets

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#1 Rubber band magic secrets

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Rubber band magic secrets

Magic is all about creating illusion. They make it seem like something is happening that is not. And the good magicians do so effortlessly. Anyone can learn how to do magic tricks. All it takes is some practice. And it also takes the ability to do things with your hands. A great way to get started learning how to use your hands like a magician is to learn some tricks with rubber bands. Once you have these down, you can learn some harder tricks with cards or coins. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. The Jumping Rubber Band- The Humor porn clips is that a rubber band magically jumps from your ring and pinky finger, over to your middle and index fingers, and then back again. The great thing about this trick is that you can use any rubber band Rubber band magic secrets even a hair band. To begin wrap the rubber band around your ring and little finger, holding you hand up with your palm facing you. Make sure the rubber band is positioned at Rubber band magic secrets base of your fingers. Then stretch out the rubber band with your other hand towards you. Now fold your fingers down into your palm with each of your fingers folding into the loop. Now quickly open your fingers while letting your ring and picky fingers out of the loop first so that the rubber band quickly jumps to your index and middle fingers. This trick requires some practice but eventually you will be able to master it effortlessly. The Magic of Levitation. Rubber Band Magic II. Rubber band magic secrets Band Magic on February 14, Stay tuned for the next article for some more rubber band tricks. The Magic of Levitation Next post: Join Our...

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Here are a few additional tricks that you can perform using a regular rubber band or hair band. Remember perfect practice makes perfect. If you find yourself becoming impatient with learning new tricks using props, just remember it takes time and effort. Sooner rather than later you will be doing these skills in your sleep! Double Jumping Rubber Bands- This is a variation on the trick mentioned in the precious article. For this one you will need 2 rubber bands of different colors. And you can also use hair bands as I mentioned before. Hold up your outstretched hand so that your palm is facing you. Put the first rubber band around your index and middle fingers. Put the second one around your pinky and ring fingers. Just like in the previous trick, they should rest at the base of your fingers. With your fingers on your free hand, take the rubber band that is around your index and middle fingers and stretch it over toward the other 2 fingers. Take the other rubber band and loop it through the first rubber band, stretching it out toward you. Now place all of your fingers into the loop. If you have done everything right all 4 fingers should be trapped in the 2 loops. Now quickly open your hand and see the rubbers bands quickly interchange themselves. Another variation of these two tricks, which just makes it more fun and interesting is to again use 2 rubber bands of different colors. Start off with the first one around your pinky and ring finger. Now with the second one, place it around your pinky, twist it and loop it around your ring finger, twist it and continue looping and twisting till all 4 fingers are looped. Then continue the trick as in...

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Rubber band magic secrets

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