Rotor button cause hard miss

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#1 Rotor button cause hard miss

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Rotor button cause hard miss

Asked by jafrajan May 24, at John answered Hot toys bank robber joker review years ago. And wires and plugs and fuel filter and air filter and pcv valve. If the cap and rotor are worn then it's time for a tuneup. A crack or carbon deposits in the Rotor button cause hard miss cap Rotor button cause hard miss cause the miss-fire. They are a cheap product. Replace them, the rotor and points. IF you hrad a good mechanic, have dause check the butgon and plugs also. Maybe time to replace them too for good measure. Js answered 5 years ago. Put on scope and remarks were Carbon tracking--misfire causr and 5 Need cap and rotor. I have a Chevy blazer. The engine causse running hard and making a loud knocking sound. What kind of automatic transmition oil do I need to put in a Chevy Blazer! Nothing is getting blown in the car and the blower motor is not working. The switch to turn it on is working, same with the control settings. I unplugged Rotor button cause hard miss wires running to the b Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. My account Saved searches. Upload Photo Photo optional. Start a new Chevrolet Blazer question. Search Chevrolet Blazer Questions. Related Models For Sale. Used GMC Jimmy listings. Used Cars For Sale. Take our two-question survey!

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When it comes to vehicle repair, the distributor cap is hardly mentioned as one of the main sources of vehicle problems. But despite being a relatively low-key part of your ignition system, the distributor cap is actually one of the most important parts of your ride. If you have a damaged distributor cap, expect to have problems starting your car. You can find it at the other end of your ignition wires and spark plugs. The following are some signs of damage that may indicate that you need to replace your distributor cap as soon as possible: When removing your distributor cap, keep the ignition wires that lead to your spark plugs attached. This would help you reconnect the wires later on, in case you have to replace your distributor cap. While it may be tempting to do so because it does seem easier , please DO NOT try to remove your distributor cap by yanking your ignition wires hard. Doing so could damage your ignition wires and distributor cap or even both. Because there is a slight variation on the different types of distributor caps used on various vehicle makes and models, removing the distributor cap may differ depending on the type of cap you have. If you have a distributor cap that is spring-loaded with a clip , remove the cap by disengaging the clips. Once the cap is off, look for signs of damage inside the cap. There should be at least one vent on the cap. Make sure the vent is not clogged with debris and carbon buildup. After cleaning your distributor cap, replace it on your distributor and make sure that the cap is securely in place. This can only lead to more damage on the cap. Instead, use a small brush to rid your...

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This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I'm trying to diagnose an ongoing ignition problem with a Chevy Suburban. Sometimes it won't start, and the previous owner said this happens regularly, and every time the problem occurred, replacing the distributor cap made it work again. Obviously replacing the distributor cap again and again is not a reasonable solution in terms of cost or inconvenience, and it's obvious that there's some other underlying problem that's either ruining distributor caps in a hurry, or more likely, in my opinion , which is going away for a while just as a result of doing work in that area, most likely moisture- or grounding-related. Unfortunately I have not seen any of the caps that were replaced, so I can't comment on their condition, however I did find this:. With another truck, I've had problems with a coolant leak letting traces of anti-freeze into the distributor cap and causing the exact same problem this truck had The anti-freeze would absorb moisture from the air and turn into tiny droplets of conductive liquid, which would ground out the spark and prevent the vehicle from starting. I could solve the problem by heating the cap with a heat gun or hair dryer, and the truck would start just fine. Unfortunately, nothing is said about where the coolant leak was coming from, and I'm a bit surprised that coolant would be leaking into the distributor, which is situated on top of the rear part of the V8 engine. Does this explanation make sense at all? If so, where could the leak be coming from?...

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Asked by kmodel Jul 14, at IF it cranks Like a Bear, and your getting spark! Js answered 4 years ago. Run a compression test. If all cylinders are low your timing chain has jumped or is broken. Andrew answered 4 years ago. Should be between 55 and Daryl answered 3 years ago. Could be a bad distributor cap from moisture if it is the flat type. My Blazer had fuel and spark but would not start. It was cranking very weird. What I mean was it would crank for three seconds then all the lights would go dead like the motor was locking up then it would crank for another three seconds. I poured gas into the intake, no help. I then pulled 1 spark plug and cranked it and it was getting spark? Weird, so I thought I had a major timing issue. My buddy recommend changing the cap as the 4. Changed the cap and wholla Also got a bonus by the check engine light that I has for years was extunguished Jman72 answered 3 years ago. Jerry answered 2 years ago. Arnold answered 2 years ago. I have problems with my Chevy s10 blazer. What about the ECM module. They fail often in Chevy's and it is that module that sends the signal to the fuel injectors to tell them to fire. This may be the case particularly if the spark plugs are bone dry after several unsuccessful attempts to start the engine. Redclown answered about a year ago. I have a cheb s10 4. It would sputter and it will not accelerate, just more sputtering. I'm by no means an expert but Sounds like fuel pump to me.. The same thing happen to me in my van and I changed the fuel pump...

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The distributor cap doesn't sound like such an important part, but it is integral to the performance of your car's engine. If the distributor cap is faulty then the ignition sequence inside your engine will be out of order. Here are a few tell-tale signs that your distributor cap needs to be replaced. If you're idling at a stop sign or red light and your car seems to be shaking more than normal, that could be a sign that the rotor inside the distributor cap is not spinning properly, and therefore the timing to start the firing process correctly is off. If you live in a cold weather area, unfortunately your distributor cap will be more likely to break than if you live in warm weather. This is because the cap is covered in plastic and when it goes from cold to hot instantaneously, it can crack and break. If you notice that your car has trouble starting on a regular basis, check the distributor cap for cracks. If you see one, you need to have the cap replaced. Even if there aren't cracks in the cap, there may be corrosive materials on the inside of the cap, which would also render it ineffective. Since the cap contains the rotor that spins to help the voltage travel from the coil to the spark plugs, if it is cracked, clogged with oil, or anything else that prevents it from spinning or slows the spinning down, it will only work part of the time. If you notice that your revolutions per minute are all over the place, it could be because the connection between the distributor cap and the distributor wires has gone bad. Again, check the cap for cracks or evidence of burning, singeing, or corrosion. If you turn your engine...

Rotor button cause hard miss

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Jul 2, - The distributor cap should be inspected carefully to see how the sparks cause engine overrun, timing issues, speed missing and causes the  Missing: hard. Nov 23, - I don't know how old the distributor cap is. I have plugs (Bosch The miss is likely there but much harder to perceive. You really need to isolate. Sep 13, - If you have a damaged distributor cap, expect to While if your distributor cap is damaged beyond repair or if it's missing from your When removing your distributor cap, keep the ignition wires that lead to your spark plugs attached. try to remove your distributor cap by yanking your ignition wires hard.

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