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Richard bruce dick cheney

Business Markets Tech Luxury. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media. Business Culture Gadgets Future Startups. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Richard Herbert Cheney, worked for the Department of Agriculture. Marjorie Lorraine Dickey Cheney. Lynne Ann Vincent Cheney August 29,present. Cheney was co-captain of Richard bruce dick cheney Natrona High School football team and senior class president. Lynne Vincent, his future wife, was the homecoming queen. Has had at least five heart attacks since His younger daughter, Mary, is openly Richard bruce dick cheney. Cheney has said in the past that he supports same-sex marriage, but regulations should be handled at the state level. Rumsfeld appoints him to the position of Richard bruce dick cheney assistant. Cheney becomes his deputy. Cheney declines and instead accepts a post as vice president at Bradley, Woods and Company, a Washington investment firm that counsels corporate clients on politics and federal policy. August - Gerald Ford succeeds President Nixon and appoints Rumsfeld to Richard bruce dick cheney his transition team. Rumsfeld recruits Cheney to serve as his deputy. S eptember - Named deputy assistant to the president. November 5, - White House Chief of Staff. Is re-elected five times. March - President George H. Bush nominates Cheney for secretary of defense after John Tower's nomination for the position fails to win Senate confirmation. He directs two military campaigns during this time: March - Cheney and other current and former Congressmen are named in a scandal involving overdrafts at the House bank. Cheney later acknowledges the overdrafts. The House ethics committee, formerly the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, offers recommendations Richard bruce dick cheney stop short of a formal inquiry. The bank of the Sargeant-at-Arms of the House of Representatives ceased all banking activities...

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Bush and secretary of defense —93 in the administration of Pres. Dick Cheney, who served as U. Bush —93 , became chairman and chief executive of Halliburton Co. He continued the program of expansion by acquisition. His most notable purchase was…. He was born in Nebraska and grew up in Casper , Wyoming. He entered Yale University in but failed to graduate. On August 29, , he married Lynne Vincent. While Cheney worked as an aid to Wisconsin Gov. Warren Knowles, his wife received a doctorate in British literature from the University of Wisconsin. She later served as chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities NEH; —93 , where she was criticized by liberals for undermining the agency and by conservatives for opposing the closure of a controversial NEH-funded exhibit by photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in Cincinnati, Ohio. The couple had two daughters, Elizabeth and Mary. In Cheney moved to Washington, D. After leaving government service briefly in , he became a deputy assistant to Pres. Gerald Ford in and his chief of staff from to In he was elected from Wyoming to the first of six terms in the United States House of Representatives , where he rose to become the Republican whip. In the House, Cheney took conservative positions on abortion, gun control , and environmental regulation, among other issues. In he suffered the first of several mild heart attacks, and he underwent quadruple-bypass surgery in From to he served as secretary of defense in the administration of Pres. George Bush , presiding over reductions in the military following the breakup of the Soviet Union. Cheney also oversaw the U. After President Bush lost his reelection bid in , Cheney became a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute , a conservative think tank. In he became...

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He began his political career as an intern for Congressman William A. Steiger , eventually working his way into the White House during the Nixon and Ford administrations, where he later served as the White House Chief of Staff , from to In , Cheney was elected to the U. House of Representatives representing Wyoming's at-large congressional district from to ; he was reelected five times, briefly serving as House Minority Whip in Bush , holding the position for the majority of Bush's term from to Bush as his running mate in the Presidential election. During Cheney's tenure as Vice President, he played a leading behind-the-scenes role in the George W. Bush administration's response to the September 11 attacks and coordination of the Global War on Terrorism. He was an early proponent [ citation needed ] of Operation Iraqi Freedom and defender of the Administration's anti-terrorism record. He became at odds with President Bush's position against same-sex marriage in In , Cheney published his memoir In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir , written with daughter Liz Cheney , and in , published another book, Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America , again co-authored with his daughter. He has been cited as the most powerful Vice President in American history. He is of predominantly English, as well as Welsh , Irish, and French Huguenot ancestry; Cheney's 8th great-grandfather, William Cheney, immigrated from England to Massachusetts in the 17th century. Cheney is a very distant cousin of both Harry S. Truman and Barack Obama ; the three share a common ancestor in Mareen Duvall , a Huguenot who fled from France to England in the 17th century and later settled in Maryland. Department of Agriculture and his mother was a softball star in the...

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Bush, in , reelected in , and served from January 20, , until January 20, View Record in the Biographical Directory of the U. Cheney, Dick, and Liz Cheney. A Personal and Political Memoir. Kings of the Hill: Power and Personality in the House of Representatives. Foreword by Gerald R. The Cheney Vice Presidency. United States House of Representatives: Featured Search Historical Highlights of the House. Learn about Foreign Leader Addresses. Featured Search the People of the House. Congressional Widow to Trailblazing Lawmaker. Timeline of Shooting Events. What's in the Capitol? Learn about the House Page Program. Featured Mace of the U. House of Represen- tatives. Documentaries Interviewees Oral History Transcripts. Featured The Baseball Trophy. Records Search On the Record: Featured Documents of the House of Representatives. Official Records Researching the House: Other Primary Sources Researching the House: Office Representative, Vice President. Congress es 96th — , 97th — , 98th — , 99th — , th — , st — Congress [ Top ]. Files as Deputy Assistant and Assistant to the President. Concern domestic issues, foreign affairs, White House management, congressional investigations of the intelligence community, appointments, the campaign, and the and presidential transitions. Finding aid in repository. Relate to the development of the President's annual legislative program, the processing of enrolled bills, and legislative clearance. Concerns Ford congressional career and his approach to congressional liaison as President. Office of the Historian:

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Richard bruce dick cheney

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CHENEY, Richard Bruce, (father of Liz Cheney), a Representative from Wyoming and a Vice President of the United States; born in Lincoln, Lancaster County. Feb 5, - Read CNN's Fast Facts about Dick Cheney and learn more about the 46th vice president of the United Birth name: Richard Bruce Cheney. Dick Cheney, in full Richard Bruce Cheney, (born January 30, , Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S.), 46th vice president of the United States (–09) in the.

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