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#1 Prostate staten island

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Prostate staten island

Prostate cancer can Prostate staten island a serious disease, but for most men, the diagnosis is survivable. The disease, which occurs mainly in older men, happens when cancer forms in tissues of the prostate a gland in the male reproductive system found below the bladder and in front of the rectum. Prostate cancer is usually Great pantie sex wearing very slow growing cancer, often causing no symptoms until it is in an Wife always argues stage. Most Prostate staten island with prostate cancer die of other causes, and many never know that they have the disease. But once prostate cancer begins to grow quickly or spreads outside the prostate, it is dangerous. Risk Factors of Prostate Cancer "We don't yet completely understand the causes of prostate cancer, but researchers have found several factors that increase a man's risk of getting the disease," says Joseph Motta, M. A risk factor is anything that may increase a person's Prostate staten island of developing a disease. It may be an activity, such as smoking, diet, Prostate staten island history, or many other things. Although these factors can increase a person's risk, they do not necessarily islannd the disease. Some people with one Prodtate more risk factors never develop cancer, while Prostate staten island develop cancer and have no known risk factors. Known risk factors for prostate cancer include: Prostate cancer is very rare in men younger than 40, but the chance of having prostate cancer rises rapidly after age About 6 in 10 cases of prostate cancer Prostate staten island found in men over the age of Prostate cancer occurs more often in African-American men and Caribbean men of African ancestry than in men of Prostafe races. Prostate staten island cancer seems to run Prostate staten island some families, which sfaten...

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I was diagnosed with prostate cancer on April 24th. Needless to say, news like that is paralyzing. My wife and I spent countless hours investigating the illness, researching treatment alternatives and evaluating surgeons and institutions. Traditional open radical prostatectomy seemed the tried and true technique and everything else was measured by it. The post operative progression was slow, involved and long with many restrictions and caveats. I then found information about the DaVinci robotic system. It sounded state of the art and offered the possibility that prostate surgery might be evolving into the twenty-first century as have many other surgical procedures. Thankfully, I found your name when looking for surgeons trained in robotic prostatectomy and practicing in New York City. The confirmation was Dr. Once I spoke to you on the phone, I was optimistic for the first time in weeks. I appreciate your fitting me into your busy schedule and came away from our initial consultation convinced that robotics were the way to go and you were the only man to do the procedure. Your impressive training, considerable experience, confidence and warm, reassuring smile made me absolutely certain that all would be well. The toughest part was waiting until the date of surgery, June 21st. The date finally arrived. I was apprehensive but confident. I was amazed at how well I felt post-operatively compared to what I expected. The care at the hospital was outstanding and the facility The McKeen Pavilion impeccable. I was walking around within hours. The following morning the drain was removed and I was discharged in the early afternoon. I was truly amazed that it was over and that I felt so well. Once home, I only needed to take two plain tylenol tablets, twice for pain, period. This past Monday, five days post op,...

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As urologists we treat disorders of the male and female urinary tract. This includes treatments for the bladder, the ureter, the kidneys, and urethra, and the male reproductive system. We are here to help you find a diagnosis and treatment for: It lies anterior to the rectum and it encompasses the urethra. It can be aptly pictured if you think of a straw that has penetrated through the middle of an orange. The prostate is surrounded by a capsule similar to the skin of an onion and its function is to make fluid that adds vital nutrients to the ejaculate that are used by the sperm. At this time, the cells in the central portion of the gland — where the prostate surrounds the urethra — begin to reproduce more and more rapidly. As tissues in the area enlarge, they can often compress the urethra and partially block urine flow. Benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH is the medical term for this condition. The symptoms of an enlarged prostate include: Alpha blockers may also be used. Patients taking an alpha blocker require follow-up during the first 3 or 4 weeks to evaluate the effect on symptoms and adjust the dosage, if necessary. Side effects include headache, dizziness, low blood pressure, fatigue, weakness, and difficulty breathing. Long-term risks and benefits have not been studied. This procedure is now the cutting-edge technology involving the use of a button that when activated onto the prostate tissue ablates vaporizes the enlarged tissue. No cutting is involved and it is usually performed as an outpatient ambulatory procedure. The patient will urinate normally almost immediately and the healing time is shortened over the standard TURP procedure that involves resection or cutting out the tissue. Albert or Raboy will discuss all the options for your particular prostate problem, and...

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Prostate staten island

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Cancer incidence data by ZIP code for Richmond County (Staten Island). Dear Dr. Samadi,. I felt it important to write this letter to you at this time. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer on April 24th. Needless to say, news like that is. The prostate is surrounded by a capsule similar to the skin of an onion and its function is to make fluid that adds vital nutrients to the ejaculate that are used by.

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