Private label gift cards

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#1 Private label gift cards

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Private label gift cards

Interested in launching your own open loop prepaid debit card program with your brand but not sure if you should go with private label co-branded card program or a custom registered card program? Then this page is for you. Prineta is a prepaid consultant and market partner for the most innovative and experienced prepaid program managers payment service providers in the industry that cafds three primary types of open loop general purpose reloadable GPR debit card programs. We also lbel customized closed loop stored value programs as well but that is a different subject. This page is mostly about the differences between the private label and custom open loop program. This program is a significantly less expensive way to start a prepaid debit Private label gift cards business. The startup costs are affordable and there are no long Private label gift cards commitments, no monthly minimums, and no monthly Private label gift cards fees. Clients are responsible for marketing and direct selling of their branded cards and get paid basis points over interchange on the spending of cardholders enrolled in the program. Most private label GPR programs in the issuing industry do not share revenue on fees though. Some private label programs support cash back rewards and loyalty features while others do not. Both types of programs can support companion cards so immigrants can send companion cards back home to family in Mexico or elsewhere and avoid transfer fees. We frequently get asked about the differences between co-branded prepaid card programs and registered custom programs so we put together some frequently asked questions. Typically there are no large upfront fees, no monthly minimums, and no monthly management fees with a private label card program. However, Fetish swinger suitable adoptive parent is generally no revenue sharing on cardholder fees, only...

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Knowing these things will allow you to decide which type of card is best for your business. An example of this would be a Best Buy gift card or a Barnes and Noble gift card. Typically, your point of sale POS system has to be setup specifically to handle these cards, both when selling the gift card and storing value on your POS system , as well as when using it for payment. Ask your point of sale vendor if they have this sort of functionality before you order thousands of cards. The big advantage to these cards is that your only cost is the card itself assuming your point of sale system handles private label cards. No credit card network is used to authorize these purchases. That means that your point of sale system must provide all the functionality to let you register and activate the cards, store value on them, properly account for the sale and the unspent stored value, pay for purchases, and deal with lost and stolen cards. The benefits of all that extra work are not having to pay for the network fees for purchases made with gift cards and knowing that your customer will have to spend their gift card at your business rather than anywhere and everywhere. The nice thing about store-only cards is that you can typically have complete control how the program works. If you order this type of card and your point of sale is capable of processing them like any other credit card, I strongly suggest ordering cards whose number starts with 1, 2, 7, 8 or 9. American Express card numbers start with 3, Visa cards start with 4, Mastercards start with 5 and Discover cards start with 6. Private network gift cards. Credit card network gift cards....

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A gift card is a gift card, right? Although it may seem like they are all created equal, that definitely is not the case. When you think of gift cards, this is usually the type that jumps to mind. This kind of plastic only works in your store, no other. As long as your merchant service provider allows these cards, all you will pay is the cost of creating them. You will not need a credit card network to allow purchases made with these. Your POS system must allow you to activate, register, store value, pay for purchases and deal with loss or theft. The biggest advantage of store-only cards is that you have total control over how they are used and can sell them onsite or online. Your second option may sound a lot like the first. After all, you can get this type of card set up to only accept transactions at your store, just like the option above. The difference is that this card uses standard credit card authorization systems, not your own POS, for all administrative tasks. If you already have a POS system, this card should seamlessly integrate with it. Your third option is the same type of card that can be purchased at a bank. Many of these can also function as debit cards, and whatever POS terminal you utilize will accept them. No matter what type of card you choose, invest some time and capital in designing a card that reflects the products or ambiance of your business. If you do, customers will be much more motivated to buy cards for friends, family or business contacts. Think of your gift card as a small but powerful advertisement for your retail operation. View it as a promise of future visits. Finally, look forward to...

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Private label gift cards

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Increase revenue and sales with gift and loyalty cards--either from your business, or from major national retail brands. Private label gift and loyalty cards that are. Our gift card e-commerce solutions allow our partners to offer these lucrative solutions With QuickGifts, partners create their own private label virtual currency. Jun 29, - Become a gift card reseller and add value to your clients by helping in all shapes and sizes including white label and custom integrations.

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