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#1 Portkey fanfiction not loading

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Portkey fanfiction not loading

No trio, orgy, or harem posts please. Portkey is Down self. Maturebig boob clips it appears, Portkey, the famed collection of Harmony and other non canon pairings fanfics and forums is finally down. While parts of the site have been down before, and recently only the stories were working, it appears the whole site is now down. This stickied post is for people to link their favorite stories that they may have Portkey fanfiction not loading and to just generally reminisce about Portkey. Here's a zip with a bunch of stories I grabbed over some time. Love Found" is in there Maybe someone else can contribute. Hello, is there a chance you have another copy of Come Together? I think it's a corrupted file: After fanfcition desperate searching, I found someone's bless them Podtkey of saved Portkey fics !! Aol robbie diaper links to specific Portkey Nog Fics http: This links to Harry Potter Fics !! Can anyone who was able to successfully download the above links, please upload them again, perhaps zip them up and put them on a public site? Was able to save them. I'll see if I can find a way to upload them somewhere. You won't need a Dropbox account, just click "No thanks, continue to link" in the prompt that appears. Does anyone happen to have a backup of Life and Times nnot Elban Fehl? It was Portkey fanfiction not loading incredible fanfiction, and the only thing i have left is 50 physical Portkey fanfiction not loading pages that i wanted for one day when i was going to be without internet. I miss this story so much. If the Site owner is having problems and reading PoftkeyI will donate a spot on my VPS hosting free of charge, along with any...

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I have taken down my stories from ff. My stories can be found here: Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Author has written 1 story for Harry Potter. Can this loose Weasley team up with a narcissistic Malfoy to take down Fred and George, or will the twins conquer? Harry Potter - Rated: Come Together by Granger reviews It's four years after the Trio has graduated from Hogwarts, and they're about to live together again for the first time. But will old friends remain old friends T - English - Romance - Chapters: Hermione resigns herself to spending her season as a wallflower -- until she receives an unexpected proposal. Eventual HHr and DG. M - English - Romance - Chapters: Post OotP fanfic, 6th year and HHr romance. Harry deals with his decided future, complicated feelings about Hermione, and the return of Lord Voldemort. Thanks to everyone who has reviewed! Please Read and Review! Charming by Fuyumi reviews Not knowing what to do with herself after leaving Hogwarts, Hermione settles on staying with the one who needs her most until that changes. Skulls and Crossbones by Kneazle reviews AU. Harry seeks revenge against Captain Tom Riddle, who killed his parents in a sea battle 19 years ago. Before he can avenge them, he must return a runaway Princess to her family and find his father's hidden treasure before his enemies do! Unexpected by Fuyumi reviews Having successfully set up her other best friend, Hermione turns her attention to finding a match for Harry. As everyone is expectant about when Harry will pop the question, and unexpected arrival won't make things easy for Hermione. Until Such A Time by Kristen Elizabeth reviews Pulled eighteen years into the future, Harry must fight to save his present and his...

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Remember Gwendy's fan art? Speaking of Gwendy, her site inexplicably went offline sometime around January. Luckily, we got it back online online last month. Go show love for her site before something like this happens again! Lots of people have borrowed have borrowed her work for their avatars, banners or wallpapers. You might have used one of them yourself without knowing she had drawn them. Portkey has hosted her site since Like Gwendy, PhoenixBlue aka Hawk has wowed us with his drawings. He'd made humorous comics that poked fun at the Potter shipping wars. We've lost touch with him and all trace of his work for years, but luckily PK member fullmetalfan80 recently shared her copies of his comics. We've dug up an old PK thread about it here. When you do visit PK's forums, take a look at your forum posts. You might have some graphics displayed below your avatars. Click on them to find out what they're for. We had a similar feature in early ' Our LJ's external links currently on our right margin contains everything you'd need to regain access to your Portkey account. D They're also posted in our forum's margins. A bit of bad news: We've put Portkey's Art Gallery temporarily offline for tech reasons. We are working on both intermin and permanent solutions but either one could take us months or a year, so please be patient. Watch this space for announcements. This link would require you to log in PK's forums. This one 's a teaser that could be read without logging in. On another note, Stefy has just uploaded her brand new drawing of Hermione! Gosh, when was the last time she'd drawn anything Potter? We're gonna interview her for next year. D We're pleased to release our second interview:...

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Fanfiction were required to fall into one of four categories: In addition, "graphic" scenes involving any ships besides the aforementioned were not allowed, even if they do not contradict them. This included slash , which was permitted, but only in the background of a story that primarily focused on one of the above het pairings. According to the portkeyorg community profile:. The first registered author was the site's coder, James. The most users on the forums at one time was 3, , which happened on Aug 14 , Or a Redeemed Draco. Thus it was added because the site populus wanted an archive. Also as a way to encourage more variety in the writing. Portkey Archive is currently hosted at https: November - November Archivist: Well to know this question you must learn a little of the site history. When we started, it was designed to host only 13 authors. And not like a shipping site. Also - the only artist who would let me use their artwork on the site was Kristin http: If I added them as a site couple - I knew I could use the artwork to look nice and fit: Her other work was too hard to use then with my limited knowledge. Retrieved from " https: Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Views Read View source View history. This page was last modified on 2 October , at Content is available under Fanlore: Click here for related articles on Fanlore. Contents 1 Submission Requirements 2 History 2.

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This is a work of fan fiction using characters from the Harry Potter world, which is trademarked by J. I do not claim any ownership over any character in this work of fanfiction, nor do I claim any ownership over the Harry Potter world, nor do I claim any ownership over the vocabulary invented by J. K Rowling including spells, potions' names, etc. Some parts of this work are specific quotes from J. Rowling's book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" - these quotes are indicated by being in italics. Hermione fainted because of Bellatrix's Crucio spell. Bellatrix turned to Draco and bellowed "Fetch some Veritaserum! Bellatrix was too worried about Gryffindor's sword to notice that Draco was uncommonly pale and shaking slightly, although he tried very hard to hide it. Narcissa, however, couldn't help but notice the state her son was in, and she frowned with worry, but remained silent. Draco left and Bellatrix kicked Hermione in the ribs, until she came back to consciousness. Draco returned a minute later, more composed than previously, holding a small vial. Bellatrix cackled, "Leave the potion on the floor in front of her, you wouldn't want to touch the filthy Mudblood. Slowly, with trembling hands, Hermione took the vial. She held it in both hands to avoid letting it drop to the ground, since she was shaking so much. Hermione, under the Imperius curse, drank a little of the potion, but spilled some, because of her shaking hands. Narcissa noticed her son staring intently at the vial. After a few seconds, Bellatrix looked satisfied, and was about to start asking questions, when something unexpected happened. Hermione felt like she had a hook somewhere behind the navel and then she was no longer in Malfoy Manor. She was in the middle of a...

Portkey fanfiction not loading

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Opening Poem, Still if you leave me, written by Sheryl Bennet. Standard disclaimers One certainly would do better not to have a wedding in it. It would feel too. Aug 9, - When downloading, firefox set in, but it's not used by default because it's not terribly. His email is if anyone else wants to let him know we miss . Sorry I'm not here very much, but I'm having internet problems and have for a.

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