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#1 Play bust a move

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Play bust a move

This game can be played also in a version for DOS. Kazuki Umino Game manual: Puzzle Bobble, also known as Bust-a-Move in North America, is a tile-matching arcade puzzle video game for one or two players created by Taito Corporation. It is based on Taito's popular arcade game Bubble Bobble, featuring characters and themes from that game. Its characteristically cute Japanese animation and music, along with its play Play bust a move and level designs, made it successful as an arcade title and spawned several sequels and ports to home gaming systems. Two different versions of the original game were released. It was almost identical aside from being in stereo and having some different sound effects and translated text. When set to the US region, the Neo Geo version displays the Naked girl front title 'Bust a Move' and features anti-drugs and anti-littering messages in the title sequence. The Play bust a move title was used for all subsequent games in the series in Girl model max index United States and Canada, as well as for some non-Taito published console releases in Europe. At the start of each round, the rectangular playing arena contains a prearranged pattern of coloured 'bubbles'. These are actually referred to in the translation as Afician nude boys however, they were clearly intended to be bubbles, since they pop, and are taken from Bubble Bobble. At the bottom of the screen, the player controls a device called a 'pointer', which aims and fires bubbles up the screen. The colour of bubbles fired is randomly generated and chosen from the colors of bubbles still left on the screen. The fired bubbles travel in straight lines possibly bouncing off Medicare hmo lump sum side walls of the arenastopping when Play bust a move touch...

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Play bust a move

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