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Personal private collection

Audrey Hepburn was unique to her era. Add to that her classic taste and style, and her work as Korea amateur mature rose humanitarian, and it is no wonder she remains one of the most beloved icons in the history of film and fashion. This highly anticipated auction is an extraordinary chronicle of an extraordinary life and career through the objects Hepburn collected and chose to keep until her untimely death in How difficult has it been to curate this sale? Many objects have been documented by Hepburn's family, but others required some detective work to pinpoint their Personal private collection. We gained insights into many objects from her canon of films and personal archive of photographs, including a chic shearling coat, which we discovered she wore in the Verti sheer blinds Wait Until Dark. Though the collection falls roughly into three distinct groups—memorabilia, photos, clothing—these come together to form a narrative of Hepburn's remarkable career, life and times, which is illustrated in the live sale catalogue part I of the collection and continues through the online sale part II. What are the sale highlights and do you have any personal favorites? It is special for many reasons. The photographic archive is also important. It paints a picture of Hepburn's career through the lens, showing the progression of her roles, and to a greater extent a picture of her life, because these were the photos, out of a great many, that she chose to keep. How difficult has it been to put a valuation on these items? Pricing everything for auction is never an exact science, but there are usually more firm parameters. Hepburn's wardrobe reveals her innate good taste. Provenance will make the biggest difference to the clothing and accessories group. Ultimately, it Personal private collection the...

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Nude blond women with nice tits

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The beautiful colours and fabrics keep your eyes on everything this collection has to offer. The Private Collection consists of lingerie you keep for special moments. The Private Collection consists of bras, thongs, knickers and suspenders. The collection is seductive and sensuous. If you want to surprise your partner with something new, the Private Collection has something for you. Level 1 Sport Bra: Level 2 Sport Bra: My shopping bag 0 items EUR 0. Recently added item s. Tax 0 articles Subtotal EUR 0. Open the menu MENU. Model Product List 4 List 2. Add to wish list. Lexy Strappy Knickers Regular Price: Private Handcuffs EUR Private Fan EUR Leopard Satin Kimono Regular Price: Geel Huidskleur Rood Zwart. Non padded 10 Wired 10 Plus size bras 4 Bra accessories 2. Perfect Plunge 4 Beautiful Balcony 6. Kimonos 5 Slipdresses Bra accessories 2 Hosiery 3 Beauty 2 Private 74 Others Recommendation Price descending Price ascending New Bestsellers.

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A private collection is a privately owned collection of works usually artworks. In a museum or art-gallery context, the term signifies that a certain work is not owned by that institution, but is on loan from an individual or organization, either for temporary exhibition or for the long term. This source is usually an art collector, although it could also be a school, church, bank, or some other company or organization. By contrast, collectors of books, even if they collect for aesthetic reasons fine bookbindings or illuminated manuscripts for example , are called bibliophiles , and their collections are typically referred to as libraries. Art collecting was common among the wealthy in the Ancient World in both Europe and East Asia , and in the Middle Ages , but developed in its modern form during the Renaissance and continues to the present day. However the British Royal Collection remains under the care of the Crown, though distinguished from the private property of the British Royal Family. The cabinet of curiosities was an important mixed form of collection, including art and what we would now call natural history or scientific collections. These were formed by royalty but smaller ones also by merchants and scholars. The tastes and habits of collectors have played a very important part in determining what art was produced, providing the demand that artists supply. Many types of objects, such as medals , engravings , small plaquettes , modern engraved gems and bronze statuettes were essentially made for the collector's market. By the 18th century all homes of the well-to-do were expected to contain a selection of objects, from paintings to porcelain , that could form part of an art collection, and the collections of those who would normally qualify for the term had to be considerably larger,...

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Personal private collection

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Jun 23, - The Joan Rivers Collection embodies the multi-faceted spirit of the iconic native-New York comedian, actress, writer, producer and. Private Tour — Audrey Hepburn: The Personal Collection lots from the personal collection of Audrey Hepburn, one of the most beloved stars in the history. Sep 6, - Ahead of Christie's flagship auction of Audrey Hepburn's personal possessions, Luxury Defined spoke with Head of Sale Adrian Hume-Sayer.

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