Patron saint of pregnant mothers

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#1 Patron saint of pregnant mothers

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Patron saint of pregnant mothers

Knowing that these holy people are up there in heaven doing miracles on earth just blows my mind. Early on while trying to conceive I started praying to St. There is a beautiful prayer to him for motherhood that someone gave me on a prayer card. That was how my obsession with praying to the saints for fertility started- small, with a simple prayer. I also become dedicated to St. Anne early on, and then St. I definitely think that they each interceded for me and helped me have my miracle baby. Read my story of how I found my miracle when the doctors said it was impossible here. Now, my interest in fertility saints has blossomed into writing my own prayers, visiting shrines, and praying to almost a dozen saints! All of them are great to pray to for fertility. You can also pray to Bufflo rubber stamp saints that are Patron saint of pregnant mothers to you. Therese de Lisieux is not commonly associated with fertility or motherhood, but she was my confirmation saint, so I feel connected to her and pray to her for all my requests. Eventually I hope to have a blog post up on each of these Saints. I regularly pray to my beloved deceased for intervention. There is no right or wrong Patron saint of pregnant mothers to pray to these saints. You can pray however you want, you can ask however you want. However, many of them have special prayers or novenas that you might want to use. For some of these saints I have already posted full blog posts on their history, and in some cases I have written original prayers that are shared on the blog. For others, you may want to google prayers or more information. Remember, you...

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Pamela England advises creating birth art or finding an image that inspires you with courage, confidence, and the strength you need during labour. As I thought about her advice, I knew where I could turn: I was actually surprised at how flipping through those pictures, and reliving some of the happy memories, did help me face the pain. Brigit of Kildare for intercession. When I was pregnant with Jade, I found St. Gerard medal to wear, and have given similar medals to pregnant friends. The Catholic Church recognizes several patron saints of pregnancy and childbirth. She was beheaded in in Antioch by the Emperor Diocletian for refusing to marry to local prefect. Legend says that while she was in prison, she was swallowed by a dragon, who then spat her up again because of the cross she carried. Little is actually known about her. Her feast day is July She lived from to in Ireland and knew St. She was a nun who founded a convent and two monastic institutions. Her feast day is February 1. He lived from in Italy. He served with the Redemptorists as a sacristan, tailor, gardener and porter and also counseled the local communities of religious women. He was known to experience levitation and bilocation. Because of a miracle that happened when one woman in labour asked him to pray for her, many other women asked him to pray for them while they were in labour. His feast day is October Subscribe to my email newsletter for more prayer cards like this to use during pregnancy and labour or to encourage an expecting friend! He lived in Italy in the 6th century. He was a bishop in Aosta and opposed Arianism. Briget, his feast day is February 1. He lived from in Spain...

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Saints related to Patron-of-pregnant-women. Anne, or Ann, is the mother of the Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus. She was married to St. Joachim and according to tradition, the holy couple was childless for many years, before they received the Blessed Virgin Mary in answer to their prayers. Wanting to join the Franciscan martyrs, St. Anthony left his native Portugal and set sail for Morocco, but his ship providentially wrecked off the coast of Italy. Francis himself appointed St. Anthony to go preach. His preaching made him famous and he is still known for the astounding miracles her performed and the great conversions he brought about. Elizabeth of the Visitation. The mother of St. John the Baptist, St. Elizabeth is best known from the gospel of Luke. After the Annunciation, she was visited by her cousin, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Filled with the Spirit, St. Elizabeth cried, "Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb! Born near Naples in , St. Gerard Majella was a Redemptorist lay brother. He is also known as the patron saint of pregnant women. Gerard was once falsely accused of fathering the child of a pregnant woman; only much later was his good name cleared. After that, many miracles surrounding pregnancy were attributed to him. Gianna was born in in Magenta, Italy. She began studying medicine and received a medical diploma in She married and had two children. When she became pregnant again, she developed a tumor. She had it removed, without terminating the pregnancy. Her baby was born healthy but Gianna died of complications a week later. Most people recognize St. Joseph for his role in the Christmas story, as the husband of the Virgin Mary as well as the foster father of Jesus. Joseph is the...

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These prayers to St. Gerard Mejella, pictured above, pay tribute to his powerful intercession as the well-known patron saint of mothers and expectant mothers alike. Although born in poverty in a small town in Southern Italy and in frail health, St. Gerard had a great impact on many of those who sought his help. Gerard was especially devoted to helping the poor and needy, providing for both their spiritual and physical needs with his special God-given gifts. Gerard like our Lord was able to multiply loaves of bread for them on occasion. Although a tailor by trade, his love of God propelled him to seek a religious vocation early on. After being denied entry into the Capuchins because of his health, he entered the Redemptorist order as a lay brother in , and worked there as a tailor, cook, sacristan, and infirmiran, among his other duties. O good St Gerard, powerful intercessor before God and wonder worker of our day, confidently I call upon you and seek your aid. On Earth you always fulfilled God's designs, help me now to do the holy will of God. Implore the Master of Life, from whom all paternity proceeds, to render me fruitful in offspring, that I may raise up children to God in this life, and in the world to come, heirs to the Kingdom of His Glory. Gerard had to bear, when he was falsely accused by a pregnant woman of fathering her baby. He answered her charges with the same stoic silence as our Lord did when facing His accusers during His Passion. Fortunately, the woman publicly recanted her false accusation before long, which only enhanced St. O great Saint Gerard, beloved servant of Jesus Christ, perfect imitator of your meek and humble Savior, and devoted child of Mother of...

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The Catholic Church offers a patron saint for every conceivable cause: So it's no wonder they've named a saint for those who have conceived or are trying to. The only surprise may be that, given the array of mothers who have been declared saints, the patron saint of pregnant women is a man and a virgin: Today is his feast day. In Catholic tradition, a patron saint is considered a special advocate of a certain cause or group, usually because of some link to his or her own life. The reasons for St. Gerard's patronage remain a bit fuzzy. Some say his frail health gave him compassion for ailing mothers-to-be. Others cite his miraculous prayers for troubled pregnancies, a ministry that is believed to have begun during his year life and continued during his canonization process. Italian women called him il santo de felice parti , "the saint of happy childbirth. A woman from Yonkers, N. Gerard is held up as a champion for life despite medical complications or grave threats, she notes: Whether it be the newly discovered RH-factor, apparent sterility, 'inevitable' death to a mother.. He is also elevated as a model of silent suffering, which seems a far cry from the reality of child birth. States a popular prayer card for the Italian saint: Preserve me from danger and from the excessive pains accompanying childbirth and shield the child which I now carry Another one of his prayer card seeks divine intervention for those battling infertility: Gerard] medal shortly after Thanksgiving. I took a positive pregnancy test on Dec. I truly believe that prayer had a lot to do with it. Some may question MJ's optimism, but can you really blame a woman who's been through the hell of infertility for seeking some heavenly aid? Can you...

Patron saint of pregnant mothers

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For years, people have said prayers to St. Gerard, the patron saint of motherhood, for his aid with pregnancies. We hope these prayers can help you! Feb 11, - St. Gerard Majella is the Patron Saint of Expectant Mothers and Unborn Children. He lived from in Italy. He served with the Redemptorists as a sacristan, tailor, gardener and porter and also counseled the local communities of religious women. He was known to experience levitation and bilocation. Jun 27, - My name is Jennifer. Back in I suffered a miscarriage at 7 weeks. We desperately wanted a sibling for my 2 year old son. A few months.

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