Parents who belt spank

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#1 Parents who belt spank

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Parents who belt spank

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Standing on the sidewalk with your three-year-old, she pulls away from you and starts running toward a busy street. To her, it is a game, but to you, it is a life-threatening situation. Have you just committed a crime? People disagree on whether spanking is good or bad. Many European countries have banned spanking outright. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child has outlawed all physical discipline, even within families. However, the vast majority of American parents spank their young children at some point, and most Americans believe that spanking is a legitimate form of discipline. Although less common than it used to be, spanking is pervasive in our society. However, anyone who spanks a child should know that sometimes spanking has criminal consequences. While all states currently permit spanking at home, some states have outlawed spanking is schools and daycares, and most states discourage or outlaw spanking in foster homes and institutions for children. For more information, see Criminal Consequences of Spanking in Schools. Currently, parents in all states have a limited right to spank their children. Courts have decided that parents have a constitutional right to raise their children as they see fit, including using whatever method of discipline they think is best. Whether by statute or by legal opinion, states permit parents to use physical discipline against their children as long as it is done in moderation and does not cause injury. However, striking the same six-year-old numerous times with a belt, causing lacerations, bruising, and pain that lasted for days, could be considered child abuse. The line between spanking and abuse is not always a clear one, and state prosecutors and judges generally decide on a case-by-case basis whether discipline crosses the line. Using physical force against your child may constitute assault, battery,...

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Disciplining a child by spanking, I would guess the most common form of discipline when I was a kid, is in the news again. Star Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was suspended last week for spanking his 4-year-old son with a tree branch. On August 3, , a neighbor reported hearing a child being hit or spanked. Father and Karen E. Mother they found two-year old daughter A. Father admitted he struck A. Mother was unaware of the belt spanking but had seen Father spank A. Father explained his frustrations in disciplining his young daughter. He told investigators that as a child he had been disciplined with a belt and thought that was the best way to discipline A. He was removed from the home. Father contended the removal of A. Welfare and Institutions Code Section c 1 limits the ability of a juvenile court to remove a child from the physical custody of the parents. There was abundant evidence that Father and Mother were good parents. There was no ongoing domestic violence, no substance abuse problems and no safety issues at the home. DCFS acknowledged the family was cooperative and motivated to solve the spanking matter. The Court of Appeals overturned the juvenile court decision, finding there was no clear and convincing evidence that Father presented a risk of harm to his daughter A. He was allowed to move back into the family home. In a case we summarized an Attorney General Opinion on corporal punishment: According to the court case, the reasonableness of a particular corporal punishment depends on four factors: I remember as a kid, several of our neighborhood friends were beaten by their dads with belts, coat hangers, wooden spoons or switches. I suspect sometimes associated with alcohol. Parents who as children were disciplined with...

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Parents who belt spank

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Apr 21, - A rather strict father takes the belt to his son many times. From "ERAMOS SEIS". Apr 27, - Brian Resnick: Why do you think so many parents spank their children? We know now that children need to be in car seats and seat belts. However, the vast majority of American parents spank their young children at some bottom, slapping, grabbing, shoving, or hitting a child with a belt or paddle.

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