Owning a tanning salon

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#1 Owning a tanning salon

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Owning a tanning salon

What I learned during the first year of hanning a tanning salon. Starting a new business, no matter if it's a restaurant, hair salon, hardware store, tanning salon etc Customers are fickle, and don't like to adapt to change, even if it's for the better. Don't do what the other guy across Owning a tanning salon is doing. At first, we set our prices a little lower than a chain 5 miles across town. What works for them, doesn't work for us. We don't even have the Owning a tanning salon bed lineup. We brought in a lot of clients, but we weren't really making any money. Things are better now that we have restructured our pricing. Don't devalue the product that you are selling. Current schedule teen titans prepared to know why a package Owning a tanning salon lotion costs what it does. We needed to be prepared to know the distinct differences Owning a tanning salon all of these things and we practiced them. There is nothing worse than a client asking a question that we didn't know the answer to. Have something for everyone. We have all kinds of packages- eft, 30 day, week, sampler, single session, etc Very rarely do we lose a client due to the fact that we don't have something they are looking for. We also carry a wide variety of products in all price ranges. Do it right the first time. Electrical and HVAC are so important- be prepared because it is very costly, but waiting and putting it in later will cost even more. We have more than enough of what we need, and are so grateful we did it right away. Be prepared to be married to your business, and when you are able to hire staff, make sure...

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Tanning salons give consumers a fast and efficient indoor option for looking like they've just come back from the beach. The amount of money a tanning salon generates depends on a variety of factors, including services offered, the level of customer service in place and the marketing savvy of the business. Give consumers a variety of service options. For example, offer different models of tanning beds to choose from, from a standard basic model at a low price point to an upscale bed with more intense bulbs or greater degrees of skin protection that you sell at a higher price point. Also, offer options like stand-up tanning stations and airbrush tans. Track which options generate the most revenue. When you grow your business or reinvest in new equipment, use your findings to make savvy buying decisions based on the more popular alternatives. Offer services that set you apart from your competition. For example, offer ports for customers to plug in their own electronic devices to listen to music while they tan and provide high-powered fans to keep customers cool. Offer a shower facility, clean towels and sample sizes of after-tan moisturizers. Give consumers a cold bottle of water or have free snacks in the waiting room. Customers will feel pampered when they visit your tanning salon, which will make them more eager to return. Have an objective of getting customers through the door not for a single visit, but for multiple visits. Offer cost-effective package deals, or issue customer loyalty cards that give a tanner one free tan for every 10 paid sessions. Employ friendly and knowledgeable sales people who can answer questions and provide recommendations that generate the highest revenue for your business. In addition to tanning services, consider adding a retail component to your salon. For example, carry...

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A tanning salon can be a lucrative business. Despite warnings about UV exposure, the indoor tanning salon industry continues to grow. Some people choose to open a tanning salon business under the guidance of a franchise. Others want to put their own creative ideas into starting a tanning salon. A tanning salon can be as unique as its owner, but there are a few things common to all tanning salon start-ups that you will need to do before you open. Beauty and Fashion Businesses. Try out of few of the places in your area. Be honest about your desire to have your own tanning salon and ask the owner or manager about the tanning industry. Find out about business risks, job satisfaction, and first steps in opening a tanning salon. Spend some time at the salon as part of your research. Use their tanning beds, check out the restrooms, and observe their reception area. Make your business plan. Decide whether you will use a franchise or open independently. Add to your business plan: Secure your start-up capital. Research cost involved with starting a tanning salon. Be sure to consider less obvious things like voltage boosters for tanning beds, special cleaning products, insurance, business sign wiring, and any special licensing required. Budget for at least 10 to 20 percent more than you think you will need for hidden costs that you may not foresee, so you are not caught short after making your initial investment. Be sure that your tanning salon is in a highly visible location with good signage opportunities. Keep in mind that many people go to tanning salons that are within a few miles of their home or work place. Check to be sure there is market potential in close proximity to your tanning salon business. Used tanning...

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Consumers in the market for a quick tan or a bronze-like skin tone often frequent tanning salons rather than spend time under the sun's natural rays. Savvy tanning salon owners capitalize on this market by providing a range of tanning services, as well as additional tanning-related products to help strengthen their bottom lines. Tanning salon patrons are looking for a pampering experience, so make sure tanning rooms and equipment are clean, disinfected and comfortable. Provide amenities like towels, goggles, places to hang clothing, ports for listening to music and fans or cooling systems to keep patrons comfortable while they tan. Offer a refreshment or after-tan lotion product as a special perk. Schedule appointments so patrons don't have to wait long to get in and out for their tan. This is especially important to help you successful cultivate repeat business. Frequent tanners who come in every day or two are often in the market for time efficiency. Hire upbeat employees and train them to be knowledgeable about your products, services and equipment. Employees should be friendly, personable and able to accurately respond to frequently-asked questions, not only about your business, but about tanning safety. Staffers should also be able to make educated recommendations to customers about tan options based on individual skin tones and tanning goals. Orient employees every time a product line changes and teach them sales techniques for effectively selling your services. Focus on selling prepaid tanning packages rather than individual tanning sessions. This gets customers coming through your doors on a regular basis. Create a referral program where regular customers get freebies for long-term patronage, or when they refer others to your business. Host promotional events like best tan contests, raffle drawings for product prizes or upgraded sessions. Partner with a travel agency and offer a tropical destination...

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Assuming that you are buying a tanning salon with existing sun-beds, you will need to consider if you want to expand the business and what this may involve. Try and power any more, and you will blow a fuse and risk cold, naked and angry customers. Also, if you want to include a spray tan service, you will need an extra room for this. Think carefully about what service the existing business provided, and whether you can afford to add to it. Before you invest, try and work out what the tanning salon currently costs to run, whether you can afford this, and hopefully improve upon it. A 40 tube watt sunbed uses 9. As they need replacing every few years — you will need to be sure that you can attract enough business to cover costs and leave you with some real profit. Cleaning costs, building maintenance, possible rent and staff wages all need to be considered here. There are other alternatives to buying your sunbeds new, so however the business was run before, you will need to decide how you want to finance things from now on. Reconditioned beds are a good option and if they come from a reputable supplier, can be nearly as good as new. This option will cost you less than half the price of a new bed, and, although there will be no lengthy guarantee, you can ask for three months parts and labour. If money is tight after your initial purchase, then renting or lease-purchase are both options. The upside is that you would own the sunbed after around two years. This is a good low risk option for the early days of your business, as it is only worth the investment in quieter periods. But if your salon gets busy, you...

Owning a tanning salon

Hire Enthusiastic, Knowledgeable Staff

Savvy tanning salon owners capitalize on this market by providing a range of tanning services, as well as additional tanning-related products to help strengthen. Jan 22, - Starting a new business, no matter if it's a restaurant, hair salon, hardware store, tanning salon etc is very risky. Customers are fickle, and  Tips to know BEFORE you buy a salon!! Opening your own tanning salon requires good business sense and a commitment to the business. For those who are passionate about helping people maintain.

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