On-line harassment training video

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#1 On-line harassment training video

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On-line harassment training video

Sexual harassment training is imperative for protecting your company from costly fines and a damaged reputation. Documented HR training and a documented and posted anti-sexual harassment policy are imperative to protect your company and employees. Avoid costly fines by choosing one of our Workplace Harassment Training programs. The answer to dealing with harassment in the workplace is education not On-line harassment training video. Workplace Harassment Prevention Training: Covers all types of unlawful harassment and retaliation. Includes progam materials and test. This training can save you On-line harassment training video, money and legal hassles and may provide an affirmative defense for employers in the event of an employment-related charge. Prevention is the vixeo tool to eliminate complaints about possible misconduct, including workplace harassment and discrimination. You get access to the On-line harassment training video program from your own page on our website, no-fail online testing, certificates emailed after each completion, online tracking, printable handouts, and English and Spanish versions at no extra cost. Pay-Per-View or Subscription pricing available! Online sexual harassment training provides an incredibly convenient and cost effective way to train your team and protect your company from costly fines and lawsuits. Harassment training online saves valuable staff time while Lace wig video this mandatory information powerfully, professionally and efficiently. Workplace violence training protects your business against lawsuits, liabilities and actual tragedy. This training program covers important topics On-line harassment training video supervisor and employee responsibilities, offers On-linr to prevent workplace violence, how to respond to and report and incident and much more! The sexual harassment video delivers your workplace harassment policy. The sexual harassment DVD reinforces HR training designed to protect your employees and your company from costly harassment lawsuits and a damaged reputation. The sexual harassment poster effectively delivers your company harassment policy and reinforces HR training...

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A Kantola representative will contact you shortly to offer assistance. Our award-winning interactive eLearning combines high-quality video with exercises, games, and thought-questions that require attentiveness throughout the course experience. These timed sessions can be used to meet compliance requirements and are designed to keep user attention with realistic examples, variety, and unexpected twists. Courses include a downloadable study guide for each user and can be customized with your own company policies. The ease of the process, from setting up the "learners" to tracking the results, is so workable! Plus the cost is reasonable, the content is intelligently presented and, as the administrator, I get great support with my questions. This course clearly explains the law. Based on award-winning video that captures attention and teaches by demonstrating examples of how these issues can affect any of us in the workplace. Your free trial is ready! We are happy to assist with your online training interests. To receive your free preview please call our office: Online Sexual Harassment Training Featuring. Start your free trial Select a topic Select a Topic. Select a course Select a Course. Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace. This interactive course includes: Full-motion video with games and exercises that engage and entertain Full-length Study Guide and Certificate of Completion for each learner Compliance tools, such as email notifications and completion tracking Versions available: Full-Length Preview or Learn More. Sex, Religion, and Beyond. Award-Winning Harassment Training This course clearly explains the law. Full-motion video with interactive exercises Includes full-length Study Guide and Certificate of Completion for each Learner Three versions available: Free Trial Sign up with your email to start your free trial. A Kantola representative will contact you shortly to offer assistance We've also sent you an email with a link to your trial account. Free Full-Length Trial We...

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Compliance Training Group has trained thousands of employees for employers of all sizes throughout North America. Our training programs help reduce the risk and expense caused by unethical, illegal or irresponsible employee activities in the workplace. Our popular,self-paced supervisor and employee courses allow the individual learners to take the course at their leisure over the course of a month! Select any of our eight signature eLearning courses. Purchase your eLearning Today! We offer two-hour sexual harassment training courses that satisfy specific state laws, such as California AB , U. California courses are available in Spanish and English language. A new Senate Bill was passed this week that focuses specifically on sexual harassment prevention in the farm worker community. Senator Bill Monning sponsored Senate Bill , which will now require sexual harassment training for farm supervisors, employees and labor contractors. In addition, the bill will deny licenses to farm labor contractors that have been found to have committed sexual harassment within the past 3 years. According to Senator Monning, the need for the bill stems from frequent sexual harassment and sexual assault, including rape, which occurs within the farm worker population. Employers are obligated to provide workplace violence training to employees so they are aware of the forms of workplace violence that they are at constant risk of encountering while on the job. Employers have a responsibility to collaborate with employees and representatives in creating training curricula and training materials, hosting training sessions, and revising the training program to stay up to date. Training should be conducted when the healthcare workplace violence prevention plan is initially introduced, when new employees are hired or assigned new duties, when new practices and equipment are introduced, and when new workplace violence hazards have been identified. Compliance Training Group provides many workplace training courses including:...

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Content is an important component of the training, but so is tracking of employee completion of the training. The training is customized to include your organization's branding, policies and message. We can also build your organization's training into online courses, complete with hosting and compliance tracking. The training material is developed by employment attorneys and subject matter experts who are knowledgeable about both the federal and specific state requirements. A full suite of elearning courses to meet your organization's human resources and compliance training requirements. HRTrain has partnered with Rustici Software www. HRTrain's courses run on our server and our "Compliance Tracking Tool" allows you to run reports in real-time. If it doesn't, you should contact HRTrain to learn more about our workplace training solutions. Ensure that all employees certify that they have read and understand your organization's harassment policy. Include a message from a member of upper management about the organization's commitment to enforcing the anti-harassment policy. Include realistic and relevant workplace scenarios that are designed to get employees to think about their actions. HRTrain has developed excellent true-life scenarios that constantly reinforce the important principals all supervisors and employees must know in order to prevent unlawful harassment in the workplace. In addition, setting up the online training is easy, their tracking tool is top-notch and the cost is very reasonable! We've been utilizing HRTrain's online courses for several years and have been more than satisfied with their products and support. After reviewing their new course "Undo Bias, Act Consciously", I immediately replaced one of our standard courses with it. It's a fresh, interactive course that contains up-to-date videos and interesting scenarios. It's true sometimes HR compliance courses can be tedious. This is not the case with Undo Bias, Act Consciously. I definitely recommend this course! Great Job, HR...

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On-line harassment training video


Online sexual harassment training and prevention course, includes It's a fresh, interactive course that contains up-to-date videos and interesting scenarios. Online Workplace/Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Online Access: You get access to the video program from your own page on our website, no-fail. Workplace training courses including online & on-site instructor-led training, Webinars, for executives, supervisors and employee sexual harassment training. Workplace Compliance Training Introduction Video. Info. Shopping.

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