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#1 Oldest national sorority

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Oldest national sorority

Fraternities and sororitiesor Greek letter organizations GLOs [1] collectively referred to as " Greek life " are social organizations at colleges and universities. A form of the social fraternitythey are prominent in the United States, with smaller numbers existing in FranceCanadaand the Philippines. Similar organizations exist in other countries as well, including the Studentenverbindungen of German-speaking countries. Similar, but much less common, organizations also exist for secondary school students. In modern usage, "Greek letter sororitt is often synonymous with the terms "fraternity" and "sorority". Two additional types of fraternities, professional fraternities and honor societies, incorporate some limited elements of traditional fraternity organization but are generally considered a different type of association. Traditional fraternities of the type described in this article are often called "social fraternities". Generally, membership in a fraternity or sorority is obtained as an natinoal student but continues, thereafter, for life. Some sofority these organizations can accept graduate students as well as undergraduates, per constitutional provisions. Individual fraternities and sororities vary in organization and purpose, but most share five common elements:. Fraternities and sororities engage in philanthropic activities; host parties; provide "finishing" training for new members, such as instruction on etiquette, Oldest national sorority, and manners; and create networking opportunities for their newly graduated members. The first fraternity in North America to incorporate most of the elements of nstional fraternities was Phi Beta Kappafounded at the College of William and Mary in The founding of Phi Beta Kappa followed the earlier establishment of two other secret student societies osrority had existed at that campus as early as By the early 19th century, the organization transformed itself into Oldest national sorority scholastic honor society and abandoned secrecy. In Kappa Alpha Societythe oldest extant fraternity to retain its social characteristic, was established at Union College. Fraternities represented the intersection between...

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The North American fraternity and sorority system began with students who wanted to meet secretly, usually for discussions and debates not thought appropriate by the faculty of their schools. Today they are used as social, professional, and honorary groups that promote varied combinations of community service, leadership, and academic achievement. Before in what would become the United States of America, collegiate student fraternal organizations that promoted scholarship, rhetoric, and ethical conduct existed only at Yale , the College of William and Mary , and The College of New Jersey. The Latin Societies were formal organizations, often with large assembly rooms. These organizations typically existed in pairs two competing organizations on a campus , and took roughly half the students as members. At some colleges, students would even be assigned to a society by lot. The literary exercises of these societies usually consisted of a debate, and the meetings were open to the public. In addition to a debate, members could be assigned original poems, essays, fiction, to both compose and deliver. Each society had distinctive meetings, with more or less political, social, or religious discussion. These organizations also often adopted mottoes in Greek or Latin, and some had Greek letter names, such as Phi Kappa society at the University of Georgia. These organizations figure prominently in the development of fraternities and sororities because many early fraternities were considered simply 'private' versions of the 'open' Latin societies, and the format of the meetings was derived from the Latin societies exercises. It is suggested that the later college fraternities undermined them. There were attempts to restore some of these organizations in the s. A few do survive, either in the original society, or with one or more breaks in their history, at the University of Georgia and Yale. The Phi Beta Kappa...

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Around the early s, a few colleges and universities began admitting women to study and earn degrees. As the number of women attending higher education grew, their desire to form groups similar to male fraternities grew. In fact, the term sorority was not coined until All of these sororities are still around today and have several thousand active members and alumae. Brown and Mode Chapters: Adeline Curtis and Mary A. Frank Smalley, a Latin professor at Syracuse University. Today, Syracuse Triad ceremonies or events are held on campuses with chapters from all three sororities. Bronze, Pink, and Blue Chapters: It is one of the seven founding members of the National Panhellenic Conference, which is the governing body of sororities in America. As an early sorority, Delta Gamma achieved several firsts, including: Bordeaux and Silver Chapters: Alpha Phi was founded on September 18, at Syracuse University. At the time the sorority was founded, there were only twenty women attending the university. Ten of them joined together to start Alpha Phi as an organization that promoted growth in character, unity of feeling, sisterly affection, and social communion. In recent years, several chapters and members of Alpha Phi have come under fire for racial insensitivity as well as dangerous rituals. Also, in early the George Washington University Student Association Senate voted unanimously to expel the Alpha Phi from campus after racially insensitive Snapchat photos from its members went viral. Dark Blue and Light Blue Chapters: The idea for Kappa Kappa Gamma emerged in when Mary Louise Bennett and Hannah Jeannette Boyd felt that it was unfair that men enjoyed membership in fraternities, but there were few equivalent organizations for women, beside literary societies. Kappa Kappa Gamma, along with Pi Beta Phi, are often called the Monmouth Duo because both sororities were founded...

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Oldest national sorority

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In , Kappa Alpha Theta was founded, and was the first women's fraternity founded with Greek letters. The s would also host the founding of Kappa Kappa Gamma in , Alpha Phi in , Delta Gamma in , and Gamma Phi Beta and Sigma Kappa in ‎History and development · ‎The fraternity system · ‎The Golden Age of. All of these sororities are still around today and have several thousand active members and alumae. Gamma Phi Beta. Year Established: November 11, Delta Gamma. Year Established: December 25, Alpha Phi. Year Established: September 18, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Kappa Alpha Theta. Pi Beta Phi. Phi Mu. Alpha. It seems like everyone claims their sorority was the first, but there are several definitions of "first": * Alpha Delta Pi was the first secret society for women  Missing: national.

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