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#1 North scandinavian model

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North scandinavian model

The Nordic countries or the Nordics [1] are a geographical and cultural region in North scandinavian model Europe and the North Atlantic scandijavian, where they are most commonly known as Norden literally "the North". Native non-Germanic languages are FinnishGreenlandic and several Sami languages. The main religion is Lutheran Christianity. The Nordic countries have much in common in their way of life, historyreligion, their use of Scandinavian languages and social structure. The Nordic moeel have a long history of political unions and other close relations, but do not form a separate entity today. The Scandinavist movement sought to unite Denmark, Norway and Sweden into one country in the 19th century and this movement later evolved [ citation needed ] into the modern organised Nordic cooperation which includes the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers. Especially in EnglishScandinavia is sometimes used as a synonym for the Nordic countries, but that term more properly refers to the three monarchies of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Geologically, the Scandinavian Peninsula comprises the mainland of Norway and Sweden as well as the northernmost part of Finland. Uninhabitable icecaps and glaciers comprise about half of this area, mostly in Greenland. In Januarythe region had a population of around 26 million people. The Nordic countries cluster near the top scandinaavian numerous metrics of national performance, including education, economic competitiveness, civil liberties, quality of life and human development. These three dominating languages are taught in schools throughout the Nordic region. For North scandinavian model, Swedish is a mandatory subject in Finnish schoolssince Finland by law is a bilingual country. Iceland also teaches Danish, since Iceland too was a part of the Danish Realm until Beside these and the insular Scandinavian languages Faroese and Icelandicwhich are also North Germanic languages, there are the Finnic and Sami branches of...

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At a time when the growing gap between the rich and poor has become a political hot button in developed nations, the region known as Scandinavia has been cited by many scholars as a role model for economic opportunity and equality. These benefits are funded by taxpayers and administered by the government for the benefit of all citizens. The citizens have a high degree of trust in their government and a history of working together to reach compromises and address societal challenges through democratic processes. The model is underpinned by a capitalist economy that encourages creative destruction. While the laws make it is easy for companies to shed workers and implement transformative business models , employees are supported by generous social welfare programs. The result is a system that treats all citizens equally and encourages workforce participation. Gender equality is hallmark trait of the culture that not only results in a high degree of workplace participation by women but also a high level of parental engagement by men. What makes the Nordic model work? Unlike areas that developed around the formation of large corporate-owned farms, the history of Scandinavia is largely one of family-driven agriculture. The result is a nation of small entrepreneurial enterprises directed by citizens facing the same set of challenges. Solutions that benefit one member of the society are likely to benefit all members. This collective mentality results in a citizenry that trust its government because the government is led by citizens seeking to create programs that benefit everyone. Accordingly, the citizens willingly chose to pay higher taxes in exchange for benefits that they and their family members will get to enjoy. This mindset remained intact as capitalist enterprises developed. The Nordic model faces some notable pressures to its sustainability. Two of the largest concerns are an...

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The Nordic model also called Nordic capitalism [1] or Nordic social democracy [2] [3] refers to the economic and social policies common to the Nordic countries Denmark , Finland , Norway , Iceland , the Faroe Islands and Sweden. This includes a comprehensive welfare state and collective bargaining at the national level with a high percentage of the workforce unionized , while being based on the economic foundations of free market capitalism. Although there are significant differences among the Nordic countries, they all share some common traits. These include support for a "universalist" welfare state aimed specifically at enhancing individual autonomy and promoting social mobility ; a corporatist system involving a tripartite arrangement where representatives of labor and employers negotiate wages and labor market policy mediated by the government; [9] and a commitment to widespread private ownership , free markets and free trade. Each of the Nordic countries has its own economic and social models, sometimes with large differences from its neighbours. The Nordic countries share active labor market policies as part of a corporatist economic model intended to reduce conflict between labor and the interests of capital. The corporatist system is most extensive in Sweden and Norway, where employer federations and labor representatives bargain at the national level mediated by the government. Labor market interventions are aimed at providing job retraining and relocation. The Nordic labor market is flexible, with laws making it easy for employers to hire and shed workers or introduce labor-saving technology. To mitigate the negative effect on workers, the government labor market policies are designed to provide generous social welfare, job retraining and relocation to limit any conflicts between capital and labor that might arise from this process. The Nordic model is underpinned by a free market capitalist economic system that features high degrees of...

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And so another league table has confirmed what has become a truism: The UK was 13th, narrowly beaten by Ireland but ahead of Germany. The Nordic nations frequently feature at the top of such lists, giving the aura of a shimmering northern utopia. On almost every indicator worth measuring — from public health to educational attainment and social wellbeing — the Scandinavians seem to have got things sorted. But should we all be aiming to be Norway? Indeed, is that goal even desirable? Scandinavian societies are certainly admirable in many respects. Their high scores for human development are built around principles of individual autonomy and self-determination. Female political representation is also high, and both Norway and Denmark currently have female prime ministers. These countries also fare well on measures of inequality — with Gini indices consistently ranking them among the most income-equal societies in the world. Arguably, this results in a more engaged and democratic workforce. In other words, citizens of these countries — just like all nations in the global north - are consuming resources at a rate that would require several Earths to sustain. Being geographically remote and subject to extreme cold for parts of the year also means that their food production capacities are small, with the consequence that a high proportion of food and other goods have to be imported, creating road, air and shipping miles. In prosperity terms, they also enjoy the luxury of having relatively small, homogenous populations across which to spread their wealth. In this, the Scandinavian nations are again unusual. So, the Scandanavian countries might look like league champions. High levels of autonomy and self determination are important for everybody, but these may not be a clear indicator of prosperity or wellbeing in countries where community resilience is of paramount importance, because...

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North scandinavian model

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Dec 1, - Why Scandinavia is not the model for global prosperity we should all citizens of these countries – just like all nations in the global north - are. North America. What is the Scandinavian Model? We propose the following as the eight guiding. principles of the Scandinavian Model of. Wildlife Conservation. The idea of a Scandinavian or Nordic model in public pol- icy has a long history. Scholars bors,” or “the countries lying north of Germany, west of. Russia, and.

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