North carolina nurse aide register

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#1 North carolina nurse aide register

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North carolina nurse aide register

Nurse Aide I Registry is a registry of all people who meet the state and federal training North carolina nurse aide register testing requirements to perform Nurse Aide I tasks. It also has information about substantiated findings of resident abuseneglector misappropriation of Cheerleaders blowjobs nude property in a nursing home. By federal and state requirements, anyone who works as a nurse aide in a nursing home must be listed on the Nurse Aide I Registry. Nursing homes may not hire nurse aides who have substantiated findings of resident abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of resident property in a nursing home. Board of Nursing web site. State and federal regulatory information for the Nurse Aide I, including registry, training and competency requirements are in N. North Carolina does not list nurse aides by reciprocityendorsement, or transfer from other states. To be listed on the N. Nurse Aide I Registry, an out-of-state nurse aide must do one of the following:. Licensed North carolina nurse aide register may be listed with no additional training or testing. State-approved Nurse Aide I Training Programs 75 hours or longer are offered at community colleges, health care facilities and private companies. Below are resources to find a program in your area:. Candidates can obtain a Nurse Aide I candidate North carolina nurse aide register in these ways:. Nurse Aide Is must report name and address changes to the registry. Failure to report changes may delay or prevent delivery of your renewal notice. You may report your changes in these ways:. If you are listed on the North carolina nurse aide register. You are asked to voluntarily provide your SSN. This number is for record keeping and registry identification purposes only. Your SSN will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to the public. All documents submitted to...

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Unfortunately, your browser does not meet our new security requirements. Before March 17, , upgrade your browser to the newest version to avoid any interruption in accessing PearsonVUE. Please click here for the new skills listing. Exam Assistance Restrictions You may not receive help from anyone during the Skills Evaluation, and the candidate and the client must speak to one another in English so that the evaluator can understand and correctly score the evaluation. If either candidate gives help or receives help during the test, or the client and candidate are communicating in a language other than English, the test will be stopped. Effective March 13, score reports will no longer be given at regional test sites. Details on failing scores are not available on line. If you would like a score report mailed to you, please bring a self-addressed stamped envelope on the day of testing. Candidates will no longer be permitted to create an account and self-register for the examination. As Pearson VUE makes changes to our Nurse Aide business we recognize there are questions our various stakeholders may have about these changes. Please click on the links below to find information and contact details if you have questions. Scheduling Instructions Find a test center View exams Need help? Contact customer service Test accommodations. Copyright - Pearson Education Inc. This website uses cookies. For more information see our cookie policy. Privacy and cookies policy Terms of service. Candidate Handbook - Use this handbook if testing before July 1, Candidate Handbook - Use this handbook if testing on or after July 1, Regional Test Sites and Test Schedule. Instructions for Regional Test Site Scheduling.

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North Carolina recognizes nurse aides at multiple levels of practice. Nurse Aide I is the basic credential and is required for nursing home duties. It is not mandatory for employment in a nursing home setting. This is a requirement for initial registry placement at the Nursing Assistant I level. Click Here to learn about Nurse Aide programs as well as other entry to nursing and health care programs in North Carolina. Test takers may demonstrate eligibility through any of several pathways. Eligibility route one requires a candidate to complete a North Carolina-approved nursing assistant training program. A list of state-approved programs is available on the DHHS website http: Nursing students are also eligible to test as NAs. In some cases, a person may be based on examination alone. Individuals who complete out-of-state nurse aide programs, Emergency Medical Technician EMT or other healthcare programs are allowed to challenge the examination. The testing vendor, Pearson VUE, notes that a person can challenge even if they have no nurse aide training. Whatever eligibility route candidates opt for, they can make no more than two attempts over a two year period http: Students who complete North Carolina-approved nursing assistant programs or refresher courses have two years from program completion. Nursing students have two years from the date they complete their qualifying coursework. Other test takers have two years from the time they make the first attempt. The examination process and application process are interconnected. Candidates who pass both evaluations are generally added to the registry after two to five business days. Others register to test at regional testing sites. Candidates will initially take the knowledge and skills examination on the same day. Applicants may schedule examinations online through the Pearson site. They must know which version of the knowledge test they want to take:...

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We update these databases regularly. Re-check this site as often as you feel necessary to assure you have the most current data. This site lists pending investigations and substantiated findings on the Health Care Personnel Registry in shortened form. For evidence summaries, hearing, or rebuttal statements, you must speak to registry staff. Health care facility employers must keep a record of accessing the registries in their business files. This site gives an original confirmation number with every social security number SSN , every search. It is date and time specific. The confirmation number is the employer's proof of access. Use the TAB key to move through the fields. Enter your email address in this space if you want to receive email notices of registry status changes during the next 12 months applies to the SSNs in this search only: Click the Submit Request button to start the look up. Always check for matching health care personnel names on the search result page. Record the confirmation number or print the verification results for your business files. View individuals who have completed an N. Denotes link to site outside of N. Home About Us Contact Us. Enter up to 4 SSNs last 4 digits only with first and last name to verify. December 10, N. Division of Health Service Regulation. Last 4 of social.

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This document describes the Nurse Aide I Registry listing procedures for individuals who wish to be employed as nurse aides in North Carolina. The registry was established by 42 U. The registry also includes substantiated cases of resident abuse, resident neglect and misappropriation of resident property committed by nurse aides in a nursing home. See the separate procedure for Health Care Personnel Investigations. The section is also responsible for the review and determination of federal and state compliance of all Nurse Aide I training and competency evaluation programs. The Health Care Personnel Registry Section provides listing verifications and on-line assistance to aides, their employers and the general public. Division of Health Service Regulation at the appropriate number or web address below. Nurse Aide I Registry. Listing and Re-listing on the N. Nurse Aide I Registry Purpose: Anyone seeking to be listed on the N. Nurse Aide I Registry, including nurse aides from other states, must first pass a North Carolina state-approved nurse aide training and competency evaluation program or state-approved competency evaluation program. The section lists these individuals on the Nurse Aide I Registry, notifies them of the listing, and provides them with the requirements and responsibilities for maintaining registry listing. The listing is valid for two years. When a listing is about to expire, the section notifies the eligible aide in writing, as long as the aide's listing is in good standing and a current address is on file. The notification includes an employment verification form. Upon receipt of valid employment information, the section extends the listing for two years from the last valid date worked. The new expiration date is extended to the end of the month. A nurse aide may continue to re-list by working and reporting their work as stated above. Re-testing is required, however, if...

North carolina nurse aide register

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Apr 27, - Schedule a Test for North Carolina Nurse Aide. READ FIRST: Registration and Scheduling Instructions. Instructions for Regional Test Site. Note to new Nurse Aide Candidates who have never created a registration account: Self registration feature is no longer available. Please visit the link below for. Certificant Registry. Search by. First Name. Last Name. City. Certificate Number. Search by Program. If no programs are selected, all individuals will be included.

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