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#1 Natural cure bed sore

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Natural cure bed sore

Bed sores, Natural cure bed sore known as pressure sores or pressure ulcers, are kind of wounds on your body parts and arise due to sitting in one position in the wheelchair for a long time or lying bed. You might not agree with the first statement, but it is true to every extent. If you can move even only a few parts of your body, then your efforts are more than enough to prevent the bedsores and treat Naturzl at an early stage. If the patient is not at all in the condition to move, then it is the duty of the caretaker to sense the changes in the color of the skin and use appropriate home remedies for bed sores. Yes, with home remedies for bed sores, you can not only treat bed sores but prevent them from creating trouble to the person who already is not in a condition to bear another health issue. It is understood that it is very unfortunate to see someone on the bed due to some reason. But to add on the sufferings, bed sores come to bother the patient Natural cure bed sore more. Bed sores occur if there is an excess of pressure on one part of your body. Due to the inability to move, ulcers develop on the skin, that we call bed sores. Bec Bedsores are common among elderly or senior persons, it can also affect people who are in bedridden condition, or in a coma or are immobile due to any other reason. Staying in a particular position for a long time affects Natural cure bed sore skin and blood supply to that area too. Also, no medicines are reported to be effective in bed sores. Hence you have to use some of the great home remedies...

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Home remedies for Bed Sores include the use of honey , Aloe Vera , papaya milk , comfrey leaves, elm, turmeric powder, witch hazel, myrrh, a vitamin and fiber rich diet, and water. Bed sores are lesions or wounds , which in the due course of time take the shape of an ulcer, resulting in itching and inflammation of the surrounding area. If not treated in an appropriate amount of time, bed sores may lead to life-threatening situations. These can be avoided by keeping oneself clean and dry and changing your posture regularly, so as to avoid pressure being built up at a particular area. Some of the home remedies that need to be followed by the occurrence of sores and throughout the course of development of bed sores are explained below:. All essential vitamins like vitamin A , vitamin B , vitamin C , vitamin D , and vitamin E should be consumed by bedridden, hospitalized, and elderly individuals in order to prevent the development of bed sores. Oils containing vitamin E should also be applied over the body. Equal parts of slippery elm and comfrey leaf powder should be made into a paste. This paste should be applied with a cloth over the sore, and should then be left overnight for healing. This is a very effective remedy. Wounds can be cleaned with the saline spray containing Aloe Vera gel to keep them clean and prevent them from spreading. Your body needs to heal the sores by making up the wear and tear loss and the deposition of protein fibers for quick healing. The consumption of beetroot, beans, lentil, rice bran, and fruits can definitely boost your fiber levels. Moreover, meat - and fat-rich diets should be avoided. Dressing the bed sore area with bandage coated with a...

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Bed sores are generally caused by continuous pressure applied on a certain area of skin, ultimately blocking the natural blood flow and creating a bed sore. The first symptom is developing a sore in a particular region of skin, which also begins to redden. If you do not properly treat a bed sore, it turns into a potentially dangerous infection that can cause an agonizing open wound. The most frequent regions that are prone to bed sores are elbows, shoulders, spines, backs especially in the lower part or heels. If the bed sore is not treated in time and develops into a wound, you should immediately contact your doctor and get professional medical care. However, if you discover the bed sore in an incipient stage, you can cure it yourself at home. Be sure to check out all of our remedies for bed sores and try to treat them before they evolve into severe wounds. They say that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine goes down. Well this is the case for bed sores, as well, but just in a different way. Instead of consuming honey and sugar, you can make a fantastic mixture that you apply directly to the wounds. Honey works as an incredible antiseptic and soother for the skin, whereas sugar aids the healing process. Repeat the procedure as necessary as possible and be careful to change the dressing in order to protect the area. We already know the amazing properties that aloe vera comes packed with. You are going to need a leaf of aloe very, which you cut in order to obtain its gel. Carefully rub the gel onto the bed sore for a couple of minutes and let it dry naturally. Afterwards, take a clean and wet cloth and wipe off the area,...

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This disease causes a lot of physical and mental damage to the patient. In addition, relatives of the patient and the whole society are also affected, because the treatment of the disease is very difficult and expensive. I know that the reason you are reading this article of 10 Home Remedies For Pressure Ulcers Treatment is to learn how to treat this problem at home, but before that, you had better understand some basic information about it. Skin is the largest organ system in the body. The skin is tough and durable to protect the subcutaneous tissue against air, water, foreign matter, and bacteria. Our skin is sensitive to injury and this organ has special healing abilities. However, even with elasticity, skin cannot withstand the excessive pressure, stretching or scrubbing. Continuous pressure on the skin tightens the blood vessels, which are responsible for providing nutrients and oxygen to the skin. When the skin is too long anemic, tissue will die, causing the formation of pressure ulcers. Also known as bedsores or decubitus ulcers, pressure ulcers are a common skin condition people have to cope with. More specifically, it is one of the major complications of a person with paralysis. Most types of ulcers can be prevented but they may even occur in patients who are well cared for and are supported by appropriate equipment [1]. To heal these ulcers, the patient needs a lot of time, money and good care. Patients may have to lie down for up to a month because of a pressure ulcer, especially an ulcer due to surgery. All these conditions can cost you thousands of dollars and cause you to lose valuable time for work, school or family. Pressure ulcer is a term for injury to a skin area exposed to excessive pressure. Literally, this...

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Table of Contents [ Hide ]. What are Bed Sores? What causes Bed Sores? What are the Risk Factors of Bed Sores? What are the Symptoms of Bed Sores? How To Prevent Bed Sore? Bed sores are painful and sometimes infected areas on the surface of skin, as a result of immobility of a person such as: It is also known as a pressure ulcer or pressure sore. The phenomenon usually occurs among elderly or senior persons, however, it can also occur in people who are in bedridden condition, or in coma or are immobile due any other reason. The most commonly affected areas include hip, buttocks, lower back and shoulder blades [ 1 ]. The main cause of bed sores, as mentioned above, is undue friction or pressure on the skin. It can be result of maintaining the same position on a certain area for long periods. Additionally, bed sores can be caused by diabetes , age, loss of sensation in certain body parts, weight loss after long time of illnesses, lack of nutrition , very dry skin with dehydration and excessive smoking [ 2 ]. You need to take a look at all of the following factors that can easily put you at higher risk of bed sores. In addition, medical condition can partly contribute to some symptoms of bed sores. Some of the following medical conditions consits of:. Since affected skin area can let bacteria enter, bedsores are very vulnerable to the infection. This is true if the sore is affected by feces or urine. Signs of the infection in a bedsore include:. In fact, one of the most effective ways for treating bed sore is moving around regualary. This will ward off the constant pressure on your body, hence redistributing the body weight as well as...

Natural cure bed sore

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Feb 26, - Bed sores are painful and sometimes infecious. If you have this problem, you might need to take a look at some top natural home remedies for. Jan 22, - Pressure ulcers are serious complications that occur in more than 80% of patients with paralysis or trauma, the old, and plant-living patients. It's been estimated that the treatment of bed sores cost the American healthcare industry over one billion dollars a year. That is a remarkable figure when you.

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