National work at home mom association

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#1 National work at home mom association

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National work at home mom association

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May 11, Work-at-home moms face unique challenges when the summer months roll around. How do you keep your kids entertained and happy while still running a business? Here's advice from seasoned work-at-home moms on what to do. Summertime presents a challenge each year for home-based working moms around the country. They want to have fun. They want to play, go to the park, have friends over, go swimming and so on. Meanwhile, clients are calling, the email box is filling up, and those day-to-day tasks are stacking up by the minute. We have some great tips and advice from real home-based working moms to make your summer less stressful and more enjoyable. Mary Tobin of Wilmington, NC www. The key is balance and planning. Balance your work and your family by planning dedicated time to each. The reason many moms choose to work at home is for the freedom and flexibility it allows. Use that flexibility to your advantage. Look at it as a way to enjoy each stage and each day with your children. The summer will be over before we know it and those memories will be worth making. Lesley Spencer Pyle is founder and director of the national association of Home-Based Working Moms -- the association dedicated to helping working moms stay closer to their children. Visit them online at: Please take a moment to take our small business survey so we can continue to provide you with timely and valuable information. All responses are anonymous. Please click here to take the survey now. Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter Enter your primary email address. Fran Fuerst of Brooklyn, NY suggests: Look for half-day activities such as swim lessons, tennis lessons or day camps. Send your kids on short family vacations to visit family who would love to...

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Going to work may be the way many women make a living, but if staying home to work sounds good to you, you're not alone: About 21 percent of employed adults did some or all of their job at home, according to the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Considering becoming a work-at-home mom WAHM yourself? First, heed the advice of moms and experts who have learned the best ways to navigate life at the intersection of WAHM-ing and Mom-ing. It's important to line up your day carefully, with set "office" hours. How many hours do you hope to work that day? When will you return calls? What can you accomplish while your son or daughter is coloring in the next room? You'll get more done if you work smarter, not harder, says Christine Durst, a mom of two in Woodstock, Connecticut, and cofounder of ratracerebellion. That said, one of the best benefits of working at home is flexibility, especially if you are your own boss. If your son or daughter is fussing during your office hours and it's a beautiful day, it's okay to push assignments aside and go to the park. You can catch up on work later when your cutie has settled down. If you have an employer to report to, just be sure to have an agreement for how many hours per day you should log. That gives you the okay to skip out once in a while without feeling any guilt. It's one chunk of the day when you can generally expect to be able to plug away without interruption at least not from your child. Whether your kid sleeps for one hour or three, use this time to finish assignments that require your complete focus and concentration, says Erin O'Donnell, a mom of two and...

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There are plenty of moms who have made a huge mark on the business world as well. The founder of Bumkins Finer Baby Products is a single mom of four kids. She originally started the business, which sells a variety of baby items and accessories like bibs and bags, because she wanted fun items that her kids would love that would also promote a healthy lifestyle. Is a multi-million dollar company that provides personalized books and gifts for kids. Haag, who co-founded the company with her husband Allan, has created dozens of stories that can be personalized for each child. So kids can insert themselves into every story and become the star. When Schurtz first found out she was pregnant, she was concerned by some of the ingredients and warning labels on the protein bars and shakes that she used to consume. She wanted something to supplement her active lifestyle while still being safe during pregnancy. So she created Mommi , a daily supplement full of whey protein and prenatal vitamins. Before founding SafetyTat , Welsh had an experience that a lot of parents are likely familiar with — that feeling of overwhelm when taking her kids to a crowded amusement park. So she wrote her cell phone number on their arms. The company provides temporary tattoos, labels and stickers that include your phone number and other relevant details. Waite created her Sally Jane jewelry line after battling Stage IV colon cancer while seven months pregnant. The line features bumble bees as a main symbol in each piece. The idea is that aerodynamically bees should not be able to fly, but they do the seemingly impossible every day. In addition, the company donates a portion of its profits to cancer research. Jessica Kettle first broke into the world of photography...

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Women are entering, staying, or returning to the workforce following childbirth in increasing numbers. They report various amounts of success in the workplace after they become mothers. This column presents a review of five Web sites that provide useful resources to working Moms. Some women are supported in their role as new mothers with company options like flextime, part-time work, work-at-home options, and extended maternity leave. Companies may have programs in place to support breastfeeding, including release time to pump, pumping facilities and breast pumps, and onsite childcare. Other women face tremendous obstacles in their return to work. The following Web sites are useful resources for women returning to work. They include legal information, support resources, and general information. These resources are ideal for childbirth educators to distribute to women during classes or other pre- or postnatal contacts. The resources may also be useful to childbirth educators who wish to learn additional information about returning to work after childbirth. The site also provides information on ordering a Work-at-Home Kit. An e-book lists over companies that offer home business opportunities for Moms to start on their own. Featured books are noted, as are many other additional work-at-home related resources. Information about the organization, including contact information and frequently asked questions, is provided. Archives are available for searching. The Web site is easy to use and comprehensive. Information is provided at an average to high level. The Labor Project for Working Families is a national advocacy and policy center that provides technical assistance, resources, and education to unions and union members. It addresses family issues in the workplace including childcare, elderly care, flexible work schedules, family leave, and quality-of-life issues. Contact information is available and information is provided on project funders and sponsors, links, a bill of workers' rights, a work and...

National work at home mom association

Successful Mom Entrepreneurs

Oct 18, - They work with employers, professional associations, university alumni a national professional search and staffing firm, Mom Corps serves a. May 11, - Lesley Spencer Pyle, founder of the national association of Home-Based Working Moms ( of Austin, TX offers additional tips. MOMS Club is an organization that values helping women. in by their new foster family who quickly tries to make them as comfortable and at home as possible.

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