Mafia and sex

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#1 Mafia and sex

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Mafia and sex

Sex and the Mafia. Sex and the Mafia A sort of mystique has built up around the members of the Mafia and organized crime on the matter of sex—licit or illicit. Mafiosi have three advantages most men do not enjoy: Much of the conversations picked up by police wiretaps concern sexual matters. Mafiosi are accomplished sexual gossips. Longy Zwillman Mafia and sex well have been aex labeled by the press as "the Al Capone of Mafia and sex Jersey," but whatever his accomplishments in organized crime, and they were many, he was regarded as quite the stud. His romance with budding actress Jean Harlow made znd much celebrated within the mob and it was said the high point of a gathering of the boys would come when Longy fished out of his wallet what he claimed was a lock of Harlow's pubic hair. Mafia and sex there are rules in the Honored Society that prevent a mafioso from violating another member's Mafua, the Funny erotic cartoons of the death penalty for sexual offenses is rather unheard of. The real purpose of the rule on sexual behavior is to cut down on "matters of honor" that could inhibit the orderly activities of the crime family. Still, sexual charges are sometimes brought. One involved a highly ranked member of the Gambino family, Carmine Lombardozzi, who was brought up on charges by a lower-ranking member, Sabato Muro. Lombardozzi was ordered to put Armatures and voyeur right after he became involved with Muro's daughter. Carmine did what was required of him by divorcing his wife of 27 years and marrying the younger woman. Prudery within Mafia circles is common when it applies to the female members of a Mafiq family. Walter Stevens, one of the most dependable hit men employed by Johnny...

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The road that connects the Italian capital of Rome to Naples was first built almost 2, years ago. Via Domitiana runs through 34 miles of land, swathes of which are controlled by mafia organizations such as the Camorra, the syndicate that hails from the Italian region of Campania. Along a five-to-ten mile stretch of the the road around the mafia stronghold of Castel Volturno, as many as women and girls—some of them only 12 years old—wait for cars to pull over and let them in. Mostly from Nigeria and Eastern Europe, these girls have either been forcibly removed from their countries and trafficked to Italy or sold by their families to criminal organizations, for which prostitution is one of many profitable revenue streams. Castel Volturno has been at the center of tensions between African gangs and local mafia families for years and in the situation escalated, with a deadly shooting that killed one Italian and six African immigrants. While the area remains nominally controlled by the Camorra, some criminal activities such as human and drug trafficking have been devolved to the Nigerian mafia. Territory is really important, you need to look at the territory and how they possess the territory. Keep up with this story and more by subscribing now. Giovanni Izzo, a photographer who was born and raised in the area of Castel Volturno, has been looking at the territory for years, focusing his work around stories of deprivation, exploitation and criminality populating the lawless streets of Camorra territory. A sign from those days still harks back to those heady days with the slogan: The houses that were built along the shore have, with time and progressive degradation, been engulfed by the rising sea. Izzo spent years documenting the changing landscape of his hometown and is now exhibiting the...

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By Barbie Latza Nadeau. Thu 1 Feb J oy, a young Nigerian woman, was standing in the street outside the sprawling, overcrowded Cara di Mineo reception centre for asylum seekers in central Sicily, waiting for someone to pick her up when I met her. It was late summer , and the weather was still hot. She said she was 18, but looked much younger. She was wearing a faded denim jacket over a crisp white T-shirt and tight jeans, and six or seven strings of colourful beads were wrapped around her neck. A gold chain hung from her left wrist, a gift from her mother. As we spoke, a dark car came into view and she took a couple of steps away from me to make sure whoever was driving saw her, and saw that she was alone. There were a handful of other migrants loitering along the road. The oldest of six children, Joy not her real name told me she had left her family in a small village in Edo state in Nigeria at the age of 15, and gone to work for a wealthy woman who owned a beauty salon in Benin City. She had since come to suspect that her parents had sold her to raise money for their younger children. When Joy turned 16, she went through a ceremony that bound her to the maman by a curse: She believed she would be working in a hair salon. Instead of working for a hairdresser, she fell into the trap set by traffickers who lure women into slavery and prostitution. The rest will have paid the smugglers to get them to Europe, but once they get there, will be unlikely to escape the sex-trafficking rings. She had no papers or passport. All she had was...

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Plus, if he never goes to the same woman twice, he can never be accused of having a relationship outside of his marriage. If he errs and accidentally stops his Fiat beside the same woman two Sundays in a row, he says he apologizes and moves on. Giovanni is a short, balding man with a thick neck full of gray stubble and a potbelly that flops over the top of his trousers, which could easily describe half the Italians who live in and around Castel Volturno. He is around 55 years old and runs one of the little shops along the Domitiana. He dotes on his wife, calling her amore love and tesoro treasure as she minds the till, and seems like the very last person in the world who would frequent the girls on the street. I discovered that Giovanni was a client by accident when I was looking for someone to explain to me just who the patrons of the many women standing on the Domitiana really are. I often stopped at their business whenever I was on a reporting trip as they had an exceptionally clean bathroom, which is a rare treat anywhere around Castel Volturno. I had been there several times before I finally asked his wife about the clients who go to the girls lined up on either side of their shop. She gave a sideways look at her husband standing behind the deli counter and shrugged. I then asked Giovanni, who handed me a sample of smoked cheese and pondered my question. He would try to have someone come to the shop who could help me with my questions. When I returned, he was there alone. He said his wife was at home with their children. He was not at all embarrassed and extremely...

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The Via Domitiana is a busy dual carriageway cutting through the heart of the southern Italian seaside town of Castel Volturno. The less-observant tourist might miss it, but a look to the side of this road built during the Roman empire soon shows that this is no longer the fiefdom of ice cream-eating families and sunseekers. Dotted here and there are groups of Nigerian women and girls, clustered in twos and threes: Illegal immigrants first came to Castel Volturno from Nigeria in the s to work on the tomato farms in the countryside but when those farms went out of business there was no work, legal or otherwise. Some of them soon realised there was a different kind of money to be made — through the importing and selling of both drugs and humans in a district characterised by extreme poverty and high levels of violent crime. Since Castel Volturno sits in the heartland of the Camorra, a criminal network based in Naples, this could not be done without the consent of its local wing, the Casalesi clan. But as Nigerian gangsters extended their reach in a town that is now home to one of Europe's largest concentrations of illegal immigrants, the Casalesi reasserted its authority. That same year, the campaign against the gangs — involving the police, the government and the local community — brought the singer Miriam Makeba to perform at a festival aimed at defying the Camorra and promoting tolerance, but Mama Africa , as she was known, had a heart attack and died backstage. Now the story of Castel Volturno will be told in a film by reporter Juliana Ruhfus, to be shown on Wednesday on al-Jazeera. In it Ruhfus is told that the Casalesi extort money from all illegal activity in the town and that...

Mafia and sex

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Jul 24, - In typical mafia fashion, the mob photographs the sex slaves with clients and threatens to send the photographs to their family members if they. Feb 1, - More than 80% of women brought to Europe from Nigeria are unknowingly “sponsored” by sex traffickers who have paid for their journey. Aug 9, - Film tells story of Nigerian women lured to Campania and forced to become 'modern slaves' selling sex for as little as €

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