Lazytown stephanie butt

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#1 Lazytown stephanie butt

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Lazytown stephanie butt

Taking note of the incredible amount of pain she was in,Stephanie rolled on her side and groped around. She sat up Josh freese the notorious one man orgy the room for her Lazytown stephanie butt, but all she found was empty space. She did,however, find her dress,scarf, and underwear cleaned and hung on a hook next to the bathroom. Pinned to her dress was a note from Sportacus stating he had stepped out to talk to the mayor. She smiled when she read P. Tossing the note away,she walked into the bathroom and climbed in the shower. The hot water felt great on her skin as she scrubbed away her aches and pains. It was so refreshing, especially after last night's workout. Once done,she dried off and put her dress on,ignoring her underwear and scarf,as she placed the ring back on her finger. She walked over to where she knew the food was stored. To her surprise, a breakfast of crepes,fruit and whipped creme, and sausages rose from a hole in the table,still piping hot. Realizing how hungry she was,she sat down to breakfast. Sportacus quietly sneaked back into the airship in time to catch Stephanie cleaning the table of any excess debris as the dishes vanished into the surface. As she did so, his strong arms Lazytown stephanie butt around her waist,lips pressed to her neck as his mustache tickled her ear. She smiled, leaning into his embraced. His hand wandered down her dress,lifting it and groping her ass. You should be worried about being taken advantage of," he said, his Icelandic accent thick with lust. His finger stroked her clitoris before dipping into her. He worked it around,pumping it in and out. She squirmed under his touch,overcome with arousal. She bent over the Lazytown stephanie butt her...

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Lazytown stephanie butt

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