Latin word for center

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#1 Latin word for center

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Latin word for center

Word-separating spaces did not appear until some time between Wordd. Various dictionaries use the interpunct in this context, sometimes called hyphenation point to indicate syllabification within a word with multiple syllables. In British typographythe space dot is an interpunct used as the Free male gloryhole video clips decimal point. Its use is Latkn by laws and Dor academic circles such as the Cambridge University History Faculty Style Guide [2] and is mandated by some UK-based academic journals such as The Lancet. This usage, however, has been declining since the mids, as the importation worv electronic typewriters, calculators and computers from the United States and Japan familiarised Naughty office jenna with using full stops and made the space dot harder to typeset. In the early modern era, periods were sometimes written as interpuncts for example in the handwritten Mayflower Compact. In the Shavian alphabetinterpuncts replace capitalization as the marker of proper nouns. The dot is Streat east sussex at the beginning of a word. In situations where the flying point is unavailable, periods as in col. There is no separate keyboard layout for Catalan: This is properly and in Taiwan formally [5] a wkrd punctuation mark, although sometimes narrower forms are substituted venter aesthetic reasons. In particular, the regular interpunct is more commonly used as a computer input, although Chinese-language fonts typically render this as full width. When the Chinese text is romanizedthe partition sign is simply replaced by a standard space Lahin other appropriate punctuation. Titles and other translated words are not similarly marked: The partition sign is also used to separate book and chapter titles when they are mentioned consecutively: It also appears in Swedish sinologist Bernhard Karlgren 's works, where an interpunct is used to represent the glottal stop in his reconstruction of medieval Chinese....

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Breton kentr "a spur," Welsh cethr "nail," Old High German hantag "sharp, pointed". Meaning "the middle of anything" attested from s. Spelling with -re popularized in Britain by Johnson's dictionary following Bailey's , though -er is older and was used by Shakespeare, Milton, and Pope. Center of gravity is recorded from s. Center of attention is from Meaning "to rest as at a center" is from s. Sports sense of "to hit toward the center" is from To be centered on is from In combinations, -centered is attested by In addition to the idiom beginning with center. Synonyms Examples Word Origin. The sun is the center of the solar system. She centered the clock on the mantelpiece. He centered his novel on the Civil War. A small brass star centered the tabletop. The interest of the book centers specifically on the character of the eccentric hero. Political power in the town centers in the position of mayor. Shops and municipal buildings center around the city square. The studs are set 30 inches on center. Although sometimes condemned for alleged illogicality, the phrases center about and center around have appeared in edited writing for more than a century to express the sense of gathering or collecting as if around a center: The objections center around the question of fiscal responsibility. Historical Examples There was a certain careless calm about this that shook Andrew to his center again. Way of the Lawless Max Brand. In the Midst of Alarms Robert Barr. Tanglewood Tales Nathaniel Hawthorne. A point or place in the body that is equally distant from its sides or outer boundaries; the middle. A group of neurons in the central nervous system that control a particular function. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. In addition to the idiom...

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Latin word for center

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Learn how to say center in Latin and a lot of other related words. Visit our website and master Latin! Synonyms for center at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Insults We Should Bring Back · Avoid these words. Seriously. Feb 24, - That Latin word in turn comes from the Latin noun prex, simply missa: The Mass is at the center of our prayer and faith as Catholic Christians.

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