Jeep top straps

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#1 Jeep top straps

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Jeep top straps

View the Vendor Directory. Turn Off These Ads. Karma sutra nude have an idea of what these straps go to? Jeep top straps aren't the ones that roll up the rear window that come with srraps soft top, or the ones that strap it up for sun rider mode. They were making miniscule noises and driving me crazy and then I Jeep top straps out these were Jeep top straps them. I think they were part of the factory delivery that held it together but am unsure as of how they Chancre sore home remedy still be utilized or if I should cut them off? They are the straps that keep your soft Jeepp from "sailing" up when driving. You put the loop around the little metal hook Sexy honky tonks the hinge connects to the rear roll bar when the top is put down all the way. I had a feeling it had to be Jeep something. Maybe I just forgot over the winter too What about the button? Not sure what this is what topher was going for, but they hold the spring bracket of the spring assist in strapw when removing the soft top from the vehicle. The Jeep top straps plastic tab sttraps like a handle and you fish the loop around the hook on the spring assist. Originally Posted by sour. The button snaps up and keeps it from flapping when to in use. Look higher up you'll see it. Here's a pic of mine. Does anyone know where these straps can be purchased? Jeep top straps Tools Show Printable Version. BB code Steaps On. My Final "JK" Build. Late Night Day Walkers - Enter at Replacing Bank 2, Sensor 2 O Color choice for new bumber. Check Engine Light - 2....

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My Specs User Profile. Velcro soft top straps!!! Rampage Recovery bumpers front and rear Accessories: KC slimlite withwindshield mount and Rampage fog lights in rear bumper User Profile. They sell it in small rolls. I lost one of mine but I had a box of bungee cords that I bought a while back and they came with the ball bungee cords and I have been using those to hold the top down in the sunrider position or all the way down. I also use them to tie the rear seat belts to the roll bar so they don't flap in the wind when I have the doors off. Dana 30 Rear Axle: Dana 44 Axle Gear Ratio: Cragar 16 x8 Recovery: Smittybilt XC8 Reciever hitch shackle Armor: Rear bumper;Olympic ,Front Smittybilt Accessories: Lockers ,Rock Rails User Profile. THey dont come undone like the velcro strips. Pro Comp D-Windows Recovery: I had to but those same bungee's since one of my velcro straps came with two male sides Current - Unlimited Wrangler Rubicon. Rock Krawler Stock Mod 2. It is better to keep one's mouth shut and be thought a fool Windshield-mounted KC auxilliary light Future Mods: Armor, Locker, Gears User Profile. I don't bother using them at all. Find More Posts by rjt Any of you guys have a pic of your JK with the top in the sunrider position? Went to put mine back for first time and got it part way and it didn't want to go any farther so didn't try. Going to the dealer this pm to have guy show me. Supposed to be nice weekend here so want to peel that bad boy back or maybe off. Reading the manual it looks pretty detailed. Stock 6-speed Transfer Case: Stock X 17's Recovery: Other than stock...

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User Name Remember Me? View the Vendor Directory. Turn Off These Ads. Howdee folks, The soft top has 2 thick straps attached to the frame bows which assist when raising the roof. Anyhow mine have finally broke, I have read plenty of threads regarding this same problem but do you think I can find them? Tried a search and after looking at 53 pages of threads, still can't find it! Does anyone know what they are called and if they are available seperately? Guess I could ghetto something up but would like to find the correct items. Most folks just put some grommets on it and screw it into the frame. It'll probably get you the name of them, tho' I'm not sure they're really a replaceable item Originally Posted by Kate. Looks like 'retaining strap' is the likely suspect. One of mine is broken as well. What exactly is the point of them? I haven't noticed a difference. They help with the tension on the top, and they help pull the frame up You disrespecting the ghetto boyeee?? Jk jk idk why I wrote that. Give quadratec a call. They used to sell the replacement straps. I can't find the link now, but the part was posted before. Found this, maybe it will help. I ordered one last fall, to replace the drivers side strap. I didn't get around to putting it on before it got cold, and I decided to wait for warmer weather to replace it, since you have to take the top off to get the strap on. I can definitely tell a difference between the two sides. I didn't think the strap was that important, now I know. It was quadratec part , which they don't seem to offer anymore. It's a genuine Mopar part....

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Straps on soft top. Rubicon JL Joined: Apr 21, Location: Any idea what these elastic straps are for on the back of the soft top? Mar 26, Location: You roll up the back window and it loops around it to hold it up. Pretty tough to roll up the rear window of premium soft top? Dec 9, Location: Spring Hill FL Posts: Just guessing here as I still have six days but who's counting before I pick up my Rubi Any chance they're meant to wrap around the top when it's folded down completely? Or perhaps when it's folded and you're removing it so that it doesn't open of flop around too much when it's being carried? Feb 7, Location: I dont have those straps on my Premium Softop. Is that a Premium? Dec 14, Location: I have the straps on my premium soft top. I am told they are so you can roll the rear window up. I messed around with the straps a bit and this is the best I could figure out. Oct 5, Location: Speaking of rear tabs, does anyone have a problem with them popping out all the time? Every time after I drive it I go back there and they are out. Not very secure even at less than highway speeds. I asked the dealer about it. The left one almost always comes out whereas the right one just comes out periodically. For what it is worth, I drove it through a blinding rainstorm yesterday and the whole inside stayed absolutely dry. Just part of Jeep ownership. You must log in or sign up to post here. Similar Threads - Straps soft top. OldGuyNewJeep , Jun 22, , in forum: OldGuyNewJeep Jun 22, Tod13 , Jun 13, , in forum: Tod13 Jun 13,...

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Jeep top straps

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Jeep Wrangler | Pack of 10 Durable Tie Down Straps | 20" x " Hook & Steel Loop Fasteners | Secure Soft Top When Down or Sunrider | Adjustable Cinch. Howdee folks, The soft top has 2 thick straps attached to the frame bows which assist when raising the roof. Anyhow mine have finally broke,  Are the velco straps necessary while in sunrider mode. Anyone have an idea of what these straps go to? They aren't the ones that roll up the rear window that come with the soft top, or the ones that  Soft top straps torn - Jeep Wrangler Forum.

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