Is it illegal to drive naked

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#1 Is it illegal to drive naked

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Is it illegal to drive naked

Did you know you can drink Std epi treatment drive in Mississippi? The site is called Is It Illegal to Drive…and it uses a neat map format to give the answers Is it illegal to drive naked the most-Googled questions about driving law. Checking up on the first fact about Mississippi, I also discovered that open containers for passengers not drivers are legal in Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Mississippi, Missouri, Virginia, and West Virginia. What about driving with a dog in your lap? Illegal in Hawaii and New Jersey and probably the only thing those states have in commonbut fine everywhere else. Those states have specific laws on the books prohibiting slow driving, but other states may also Is it illegal to drive naked you just for being dangerous. Driving a golf cart down the road is cool in Florida of courseand in 26 other states, but not on regular high-speed roads. Driving while pregnant is cool everywhere, but if your bump is too big to stretch the seatbelt around, then you should head to New Hampshire, the sole state where you can drive without one the seatbelt, not the bump. Then again, few other states ever enforce these laws anyway. Driving with Is it illegal to drive naked cracked windshield is only legal in Nebraska and Missouri, and either inadvisable or forbidden elsewhere. A startling 23 Gay car club automobile have laws against passing a funeral procession. Is there anything we can take away from this informal roundup? Stay away from New Jersey, unless you want to speed past a funeral procession while wearing headphones, and with the front bumper missing from your car. By Charlie Sorrel 2 minute Read. Ideas Ideas How far would you go to be able to smile? Ideas Can ridesharing boost public transit,...

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Register Help Remember Me? Forum General discussions Off Topic Driving naked - without any clothes. It is free, and it takes less than 1 minute to register. Subscribe to our daily newsletter. It is free, and it comes with many benefits. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Driving naked - without any clothes. Driving naked - without any clothes Illegal or legal? If you drive around naked , with a roadworthy car and a valid license. With the seat belt firmly in place. I would think this would fall within the public indecency law or something. I would not try it if I were you. Murphy's Law clearly states that should you do it, you will encounter a SAPS road block, you will crap your seat, and will be thrown poedel nakend into the back of the van to land up in a cell, again, naked with bubba that wants to show you manly loving. APoc - "Well apparently I'm Ockie's kinda girl. I dont know what the public indecency laws are like here in SA tho. Cowboy's never cry As a wise man once said, men are from Mars and women like penis. Originally Posted by Helghast. A motor vehicle can be consider a private enclosure, and therefore you should be allowed to do anything you would be allowed to do in your own home. As long as the rules of the public road are kept, there should be no problem. Originally Posted by Balstrome. But dont know if this applies in SA dont cops not like it when the person driving is getting a bj or something? I have heard that you not supposed to drive without a shirt on I don't know, but what about pants? What if they screamed all the time...

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The issue arose after an assistant pro football coach was arrested in the Midwest on suspicion of driving intoxicated and in the buff. Cops and lawyers who phoned in to the radio show said it was not clear whether nude motoring itself constituted public indecency. But one officer said that a naked driver who was otherwise behaving himself might run into trouble if a bus pulled up alongside, affording passengers a surprising view. Naked runs to drive-throughs could also be a problem. The same officer said he once arrested a driver who had taken it all off but that motorist was charged with something else: If it's any consolation to vehicular nudist wannabes, you can still doff your shoes. It is legal to drive barefooted in California. Speaking of feet -- bare or otherwise -- Marna Geisler of Santa Monica chanced upon an unusual warning outside a temple in Myanmar see photo. A Mexican restaurant that seemed to make reference to its noisiness caught the eye of Mildred Berger of Bell Canyon see photo. More food for thought: As for the sign about the type of butchers employed in one West L. Dean Lofgren of Torrance spotted a boat whose name fit its status as a repossessed craft see photo. He was working the rewrite desk for the old L. Daily News in when he received word of the murder of a then-unknown woman named Elizabeth Short. Smith recalled hammering out this quick lead for the next edition: The city editor had added the word "beautiful. But the lesson was clear. On the Daily News, at least, all young women whose nude bodies were found in two pieces in vacant lots were beautiful. Newspapers began calling Short "the Black Dahlia," Smith wrote, when they learned that was what friends called...

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Is it illegal to drive naked

Who needs a front bumper? Not New Jersey residents, apparently.

Sep 7, - A Detroit Lions line coach got pulled over while driving naked. How is THAT illegal? You are in your own vehicle, minding your own business. Sep 12, - Is it illegal to drive while naked in California?The provocative question was raised by sports talk show hosts John Ireland and Steve Mason of. May 27, - Yes and no. Anything that takes place in your car, while in a public place (on the road) still happens in a public place (it is not like your private  Is it illegal to go through a Mcdonalds drive through.

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