Honda goldwing audio harness amateur radio

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#1 Honda goldwing audio harness amateur radio

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Honda goldwing audio harness amateur radio

Closed Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. My wing did not come with the CB. The TM-V7a has a remotely mountable head, so Honda goldwing audio harness amateur radio think this can work out pretty well. I am pretty good technically, but don't want to re-invent the wheel so to speak. If any one has done this or can offer any technical support from their experience, I would really appreciate hear form you. Thank for your time and Merry Christmas to all! Check out these people. Maybe they can help! Welcome Honva the forum Bob Honda goldwing audio harness amateur radio don't have that answer for you, but a Honda goldwing audio harness amateur radio Christmas to you too! I'm sure others are interested too in this as well as something other than the stock setups. Stu To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. Make a trade for a Yaesu FTMR which has the weather proof control head sudio maybe even the Honda goldwing audio harness amateur radio watt version which is all weather proof. You can get the optional BU-1 module which makes it blue tooth. You can also program your amageur public service frequencies like police channels so you can be aware of traffic hazards like radar traps. With the blue tooth module you can feed the mic and ears right into your Blue tooth helmet system such as Senna. Senna has a new option that offers Ham Radio to be connected to their helmet Bluetooth system. I can Latex long table use it for Honda goldwing audio harness amateur radio vehicles. Haness will simply purchase another cable from the head to the main body raxio just unplug the pl, power cable and...

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Post by skiier aol. Quite a few people have their call signs tagged on their message postings Listening to some of the conversations on the radio, it's obvious that quite a few of the people there own and ride Goldwings. My wife got me a little handheld amateur band radio for Christmas, so I decided it was long past time to do something I'd been intending to do since high school: I took the test a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday was issued my license: Do you combine your hobbies? I know I have read about where quite a few people have interfaced their handheld radios into their Goldwing audio systems. Motorcycle Amateur Radio Club. I used to really enjoy amateur radio about 30 years ago, before the internet really took off. Playing with different antennas, trying to build linear amplifiers, up at all hours to get long distance contacts, but as the internet grew and became more reliable and easier to use , I lost the drive to spend all that money and time on radio gear, it's so much easier to send an email!! I am still active with our local club on 2 meters, but I don't see a lot of new blood coming in, so I suspect Amateur radio has become a bit of a dinosaur and is slowly becoming extinct! But despite all the gloom and doom, well done and I hope you enjoy it.. I use my radios more for Paragliding BTW, my mother and both my grand parents were ham radio operators. I remember as a small child, once a week at sharp, mom would dial them in and chat. Grandpa was an electrician by trade. I swear his radio covered almost an entire wall. I still have his "tube" tester....

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These devices do it all: GPS, music, bluetooth cell phone link. We have lots of products to hook this to your bike's audio system. Install this under your Goldwing's left faring pocket, connect it to power, your intercom and a phone. Now, both you and your passenger can talk on the phone through the intercom system. Connect a device harness audio sources to your bike's intercom system and power. When the device sounds its alarm, you can hear it through both headphones of both headsets. Specify bike make and model and device s make and model. Please indicate whether or not you want unswitched power for the GPS. When the GPS or radar speaks, you can hear it on your speakers or headset. Provides ground loop isolation. Connect a satellite radio to its primary input and an MP3 player to its secondary input and the unit automatically switches to the MP3 player in the event of a loss of satellite signal. Listen to music and GPS prompts. Turn off the IWay music and it switches back to satellite. Listen to satellite radio until iWay give GPS directions and the unit switches to the iWay until the voice prompt is over, then switches back to satellite radio. Inputs provide ground loop isolation and are prioritized for signal over rides. We try to be accurate, but sometimes we make mistakes: We can't guarantee that the prices and information shown on these web pages are current and precise. Take or make calls Works with all 5 pin DIN headset. For the Touring Motorcycle Passenger

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Installed the 2 ft model onto our PC Honda. Had to change twist angle a bit to mount across the bottom of the Givi E36 Mount. Counter sunk the screw heads from the top of the rack floor for clearance of the E36 bottom itself. Cut the ground strap back to aproximately 6 " and grounded it right back to the rack itself. That rack made for a great ground plane! If your not a Ham Radio operator yourself, but know one? Installed this on the wife's new VTX see profile pic. The angle of the antenna from that point puts it about a foot behind the trailing edge of the rear fender. I'm going to re-locate it. It does work however. I grounded it to a muffler mount under the saddle bag. Had to adjust the twist to get a similar angle to the radio antenna on a GL With this antenna 2 ft , the radio would not transmit on high power at all and was intermittent on low power. I ended up throwing this antenna in the corner and installing a "Ground Zero" antenna, with great results. Don't buy this antenna unless you also have an SWR meter and know how to use it. Installed on a 07' Shadow Aero Had the use a vise and grips to increase the "twist" in the bracket to compensate, but that wasn't really too difficult at all. Running the CB antenna cable and ground cable presented a challenge, because there is no place to feed it through the back light assembly of the Aero and with the PL Connector "pre-attached" to the CB Antenna cable, you have to drill almost a 1" hole into the back fender just below the back light assembly to feed the cables through and...

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About Radios Shop the large inventory of motorcycle parts and motorcycle audio systems! Skip to main content. Browse Related Browse Related. Also shop in Also shop in. I started it up with no issues. All electronics worked to include radio and air compressor. I will do my best to resolve the issue. Here is the radio amplifier taken from a Honda GL Aspencade. It is in good used condition and ready to install. We may not have all the answers that you are looking for, but we will try to he Radio amplifier, not tested. Parts are intended for year and model stated. I do not know what other years and models they will fit. The item has not been altered in any way. The item has to be in the original condition. We will give your Money Back. We have described this item to the best of our knowledge. Parts compatibility chart is a general reference, I adjusted it for parts I know to be different, but I do not know the enitre interchange on these bi This is in good used condition. This part is not from a wreck, but a nice, well maintained bike, that developed a rod knock in the engine. This radio filter is in very good condition and shows normal signs of wear. We may not have all the answers that you are looking for, but we will t It comes as pictured and is in good used condition. This radio clock is in good condition and shows normal signs of wear. We may not have all the answers that you are looking for, but If you are not fully satisfied, let us know and we will try our best to make it right. We strive to be the best at what we This...

Honda goldwing audio harness amateur radio

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1> Upgraded stock '02 (''05) GL Radio from LarryM: Click here for details. the slab where speeds negate using speakers and wanting to use my HAM radio. .. Take out your DIN harness (under the box where your AUX plug is) by .. Since the GL audio unit puts out 25 watts as specified by Honda, you will. Jan 9, - Would love to see a Goldwing factory audio/CB interface! system and listen to and transmit on the factory CB on my Honda Goldwing! . He is finishing up a product that will connect into the GW harness and tie the SM10 to the . Apparently harder than this 35 year Amateur Extra ham radio thinks. I have been thinking about adding a 2-Meter Ham Radio in the trunk But I am looking for a wiring diagram of the CB switches on the bike to How do you plan to interface to the bike's audio system? purchase the Kennedy FRS interface for the Goldwing which allows you to use the existing PTT Filters.

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