Hinata naruto as a couples

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#1 Hinata naruto as a couples

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Hinata naruto as a couples

As a young artist inspired by Akira Toriyama and Katsuhiro Otomo, Masashi Kishimoto dreamed of being a recognized mangaka. Years later, he was able to publish a tale about a boy-fox in Weekly Shounen Jump. The rest, as we know, is history. So we still have Naruto for a long time, as the ever changing dynamics of the Konoha ninja village resist the boredom test. Because, what can have more action and adventure than a ninja world? Still, Naruto is also a success because love and friendship are an important human aspect of the story. But time made him grow and slowly realize there was a wonderful lady waiting for him, not so far from where he actually was: These two went through a lot of things before having the happy ending they deserved. There even were moments where it looked Hinata naruto as a couples fights, misunderstandings and the ever present insecurities and flaws of the human beings were going to keep them apart. Hinata naruto as a couples, they succeeded and even raised a family Hinata naruto as a couples So, how did they do it? Because Naruto is a Protective Boy. Our couple met in their early childhood days, on a particularly cold day when school was starting. He ended up beaten, but this act impressed Hinata Josh wald model skateboarder much that she started feeling admiration for Naruto from that day on. As for him, he never stopped being a good friend, always protecting her when it was needed. Fast forward to some years later, when Naruto was being defeated badly in the battle against Pain. An orphan always ostracized and desiring precisely to be loved, Naruto reacted when our heroine was injured, so he defeated Pain by setting Kurama free High school cheerleader...

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During the written exams, Hinata sees Naruto struggling to complete his test. She offered her own test as a cheating source, but before he responded to her, Naruto pondered if her offer was a trick set by Kiba Inuzuka , her teammate. Realizing Hinata would never do something like that, Naruto nearly agrees, though he does ask her why she would let him cheat off her paper. In reply, Hinata shyly states that it would be nice for all of the nine rookie ninja to stay together. Naruto smiled, and was about to cheat off her test, only to stop himself at the last moment, as he saw the instructor watching him. Finally, Naruto decided not to cheat off her paper, and told Hinata the reason for him refusing was not only would he get in trouble, but she would as well. Blushing, Hinata thinks to herself, " He does care. Seeing her, Naruto asks Hinata why she is by herself. Replying she was fine, Hinata sees a cut on Naruto's face. Wanting to give Naruto her healing ointment, she starts to dig in her pocket. However, before she can hand the item to Naruto, he leaves. After Naruto and Kiba's fight during the preliminary matches, Hinata attempts again to give him some of her ointment. She almost fails, due to Naruto not knowing what she was holding, but Kurenai Yuhi aids Hinata, explaining what the ointment was for. Accepting the ointment, Naruto smiles, thanking Hinata. When Hinata's turn to fight comes, she is matched against Neji Hyuga , her cousin. Though she is discouraged by Kiba and advised to back down from the match, Hinata refuses to do so. Hinata is quickly put down by Neji who continually calls her worthless and tells her that she will always be...

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Naruto and Sasuke had more ship moments. Naruto and Hinata's love was cute but lacked communication in the beginning. Sakura just seemed like some persistent fan girl. She chased and chased him. She did not bring Sasuke back. Naruto fought to go get that boy. If he did the thing that his brother did to him, wouldn't that put her in a sister relationship? If it had been Naruto, people would say it was. The girls really have an unrealistic love. The only real thing I see is the guys marrying them just for their abilities to make children and the fact homosexuality isn't accept. They both don't seem to be truly in love with their wives. Come on people it obvious from episode one that this show is about them and their relationship. I mean those two, care for each other more than anyone else in the show No one will go through that far for a pure platonic best friends and don't try to said otherwise because the amount of pains both physical and mentally that Naruto when through for Sasuke can only be justify by love, and not just any love because normal everyday love would have given up a long time ago, I'm talking about the delusional kind of love that thinks it can change a person. Plus the only name that comes out Naruto mouth more often than not is you guest it Sasuke. The only reason that they are not together is because the Author need to keep on milking the cash cow and needed Naruto to spawn in order to do it nothing more and nothing less. In reality Hinata is an easily replaceable character and the only reason they Hinata was the first person to acknowledge Naruto and the only one who...

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Hinata naruto as a couples

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This story is about all of the couples and all of their love stories. and Sakura, Neji and TenTen, Sai and Ino, and last but NEVER least Naruto and Hinata. Sep 1, - Naruhina is most preferred couple in anime history. They won many awards as best couple. Relationship Naruto met hinata at very young age. He picked a fight  Who has the best pair, Naruto-Hinata or Sasuke-Sakura? Apr 22, - Naruto and Hinata Are the Sweetest Ninja Couple. V Jump. Warning: this article is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk! As a young artist.

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