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Hilux new model

For enquiries on Toyota ad hoc models, kindly speak to our Toyota representative at your nearest Toyota showroom. Known for its rugged and reliable image, the Hilux L-Edition now projects that image visually with a stylish new front end that makes a stunning first impression. Behind it, the quiet yet powerful diesel engines and tough 4x4 system ensure that this pick-up truck is just as capable as ever. The hexagonal chrome grille and contoured front bumper provide incredible road presence, so that you'll stand out from the others. Aside from looking tough, the rear step Hilux new model you to step on and reach Hilux new model the bed to retrieve cargo without worry. The inch two-tone alloy wheels gets a machined finish for a brilliant sheen, adding sophistication to the tough design. The all-black interior exudes Diesel washington ass and sophistication, while the combination leather seats with perforation add a touch of comfort to every drive. The Optitron illuminated meter panel with a 4. The Smart Key not only provides convenience with Smart Entry and Push Start, but also let others at the table know that you're driving a tough, yet dependable vehicle. The Hilux boasts a surprisingly quiet diesel engine that offers superior torque at low RPM, great high-speed performance and heightened fuel efficiency. When coupled with the Electronically Controlled VNT that improves engine response and acceleration, and a Timing Chain that reduces maintenance cost and improved durability, it produces an incomparable amount of power and low end torque that is truly worth of the Hilux. Enjoy effortless acceleration and driving, even with a full load, reaching maximum torque at just 1,RPM. This improves acceleration and lowers cruising RPM, to lessen fuel consumption and engine noise. The 6-speed AT even has intelligent controls that identify the right...

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Like an old shoe, the HiLux remains the best-selling ute in Australia. But, is the shine starting to wear off? Paul Maric finds out. Rugged by name, rugged by nature. Toyota has long maintained the HiLux is unbreakable, and its newest flagship, the Rugged X, wears its off-road credentials on its sleeve. But while it may be tough on the outside, the interior plays up its plushness. The Toyota HiLux Rugged is an attempt to tap into the lucrative accessory market in a more holistic way. This factory-backed SR derivative serves as a hardcore halo, and shows off what TMC's Australian engineers and designers can do when given something to sink their teeth into. Nobody would have thought five years ago that the two best-selling cars in Australia would be dual-cab utes. But, they are, and dual-cab utes are going gangbusters with manufacturers keen to capitalise on sales at an all-time high. We've just spent the best part of two days testing Toyota's all-new models aimed at the buyer wanting more features and more off-road ability from their dual-cab ute Dual-cab utes are expected to be more versatile today than ever before. Rough and tough is not enough. The flagship versions must be comfortable inside, safe, and look the part because people want show ponies as well as workhorses. Our team have tested eight key contenders LDV wouldn't give us a T60, and the X-Class hadn't launched in time for this test , to see how they all stack up Read the full article here. Consider, for a moment, that the eight most popular dual-cab models managed , sales in Australia last year, which equals 16 per cent of the entire new vehicle market That means they still need to be fit for hard work. Has the transition to a...

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We knew it was coming, but here's proof - the Toyota HiLux model range is set to expand even further with the addition of new Rogue, Rugged and Rugged X models. Two out of the three models - the Rogue and Rugged X variants - are set to slot in above the current flagship SR5 dual-cab 4x4 model, while the Rugged model might be priced alongside or just below the regular SR5 due to offering fewer of the luxury items. Aussie buyers will be able to see the new HiLux models for themselves sometime in the second quarter of , and pricing and full specifications will be confirmed in the coming months. But for now, we can tell you the following: The Rugged X cops a bunch of different accessories including a high-tensile alloy bash plate and a winch-compatible streamlined steel bullbar. Both the Rogue, Rugged, and Rugged X come with unique alloy wheels. A hard-lid cover for the tub and side-steps add up to a sportier looking option. The Rugged X also adds a black honeycomb grille, high-strength front and rear recovery points, a load-ready sports bar and more. The new top-end offering the HiLux range is the Rugged X, which the company claims is "primed for adventure". As such, it cops a bunch of different accessories including a high-tensile alloy bash plate and a winch-compatible streamlined steel bullbar - and crucially, those are both compatible with the vehicle's airbags and other safety systems. It's not just that stuff that differentiates it: Below the Rugged X sits the regular Rugged model, which is also aimed at offering HiLux buyers who spend a lot of time off-road with plenty of additional equipment, such as a premium steel bullbar. Body cladding and alloy wheels are included, too, but the Rugged model...

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New flagship Toyota HiLux models add street presence and capability without re-creating the wheel. When is a sticker pack not a sticker pack? Toyota believes the latest additions to its top-selling HiLux utility range stray from the gimmicky marketing employed by most dual-cab 4x4 ute producers. Out here, where the air is dry and the flies plentiful, locals are more worried about durability than a special sticker pack. However, Toyota is eager to prove the mettle of its metal in one of the toughest environments imaginable. Specifically, to blokes like Lachie, that each of new HiLux model is more than meets the eye. What do you get? The new models are full-time additions to the Toyota line-up, having been through an extensive design and engineering program that was done primarily through an Australian development team. Toyota has committed to a new associated assembly line in Port Melbourne that will employ 38 people, fitting the required bespoke parts to Thailand-produced HiLuxs annually. It builds on the recreational feel of the SR5 with extra features including a revised trapezoidal grille also shared with Rugged and Rugged X , new exterior trim colours and a new lockable hard lid that integrates with a sports bar. Of particular note is a new layer of marine-grade carpet that lines its tray — again, another recreational-based piece of spec. The changes on the Rugged X begin with a fully integrated front bar made from high-tensile steel and fashioned to maximise approach and departure angles. The bar also integrates an extended LED lighting strip. Underneath resides a 5mm-thick high-strength alloy bash plate that is winch-compatible, offering off-road recovery hooks that are rated to kg. To compensate for the added kg mostly concentrated over the front, Toyota has introduced new front spring rates. The Rugged X wears inch...

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The Toyota Hilux also stylized as HiLux and historically as Hi-Lux is a series of light commercial vehicles produced and marketed by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota. The majority of these vehicles were sold as pickup truck or cab chassis variants although they could be configured in a variety of body styles. Most countries used the Hilux name for the entire life of the series but in North America, the Hilux name was retired in in favor of Truck , Pickup Truck , or Compact Truck. In North America the popular option package, the SR5 Sport Rally 5-Speed , was colloquially used as a model name for the truck, even though the option package was also used on other Toyota models like the to Corolla. The Hilux started production in March [2] as the RN10 in short-wheelbase form with a 1. In April , a long-wheelbase version was added to the range. The short-wheelbase version also continued in production for many more years. The long-wheelbase version was not sold on the North American market until , allowing the Datsun Truck to maintain a strong market presence. In spite of the name "Hilux", it was a luxury vehicle only when compared to the Stout. The Hilux was engineered and assembled by Hino Motors to replace the earlier vehicle that the Hilux was derived from, called the Briska [4] in the niche beneath the larger and older Stout — it replaced the Stout fully in some markets. For the North American market, the only body style was a regular cab short bed and all were rear-wheel drive. It used a typical truck setup of A-arms and coil springs in front and a live axle with leaf springs in back. A four-speed manual transmission was standard. In May , [2] the model year Hilux...

Hilux new model

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Apr 20, - New flagship Toyota HiLux models add street presence and Specifically, to blokes like Lachie, that each of new HiLux model is more than. Jan 10, - Toyota is introducing three new HiLux models to sit above last year's top-selling SR5. on the HiLux Tonka Truck concept, with a large new front bumper that our concierge service will assist you in finding your next new car. The Toyota Hilux is a series of light commercial vehicles produced and marketed by the In , Toyota introduced a new pickup model, the Tacoma in North America, discontinuing the Hilux/Pickup there. The 4Runner is now a full SUV.

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